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Last updated: Mar 21, 2024

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…very satisfied…

Oct 03, 2023 I have a nearly 40 year old Whirlpool oven that was working for many years until the timer failed. I searched the internet for repair companies and discovered ApplianceTimers.com.

I chose this company to repair my timer and was very satisfied with how well the entire process was handled: from completing the online service request form, to returning the timer for repair, to the return of the serviced unit.

I have a timer that works again. Thanks, Howard!

Dan Gibson
Portland, Oregon
Re: Whirlpool RB260PXK1

…highly recommend…

Oct 11, 2022I am very pleased with your service! There was a very frustrating delay in shipping to your facility, but that was due to the extremely slow mail service from Oregon. Once you received the timer, your service was very timely! I installed the unit myself and it works perfectly. In fact, I believe our range works as well as when it was new. I highly recommend ApplianceTimers!!

John W Jones
West Linn, Oregon
Re: Thermador RDDS30VQW 486752

Great Job…

Sep 01, 2021Appliance Timers Co. was Superb! They repaired my 28 year old Kitchen Aid oven timer 2 days after receipt and returned it to me. The oven timer is like new! Fortunately my oven worked w/out the timer, and accounting for professional removal & re-installation, repairs, and shipping, I was only without the timer less than 30 days. Great Job, Thank you!

Mike Balansi
Hillsboro, Oregon
Re: KitchenAid KEBS277XAL-2 Part 4173071

…can't say enough good things about your company…

Dec 07, 2012I wanted to tell you that the service you provided was an absolute game saver. When the power outage knocked out my oven controller, I was starting from scratch. The local appliance stores told me that my timer was obsolete, and no longer available. New ovens ran between $1200 - 1600 USD. I found your company, online, by running the part number of the controller, and called you. In a few short sentences, we verified that the controller was bad, and I sent it back to you. We needed it back, quickly, so my teacher wife could bake brownies for her classes. Communication was great, and next day air got the repaired controller back in time. Fifteen minutes after receipt, the oven was powered up and working. My wife got an additional bonus, because I mixed up the brownies as a first test, and the timer worked as new.

I can't say enough good things about you, your company and the service you provide. (I'm not a Facebook subscriber, but will certainly tell others about your excellent company.)

Thank you,

Frank ODonnell
Oregon City,, Oregon
Re: Whirlpool RB760PXYQ-5 WP# 3169257-A

Thank you for saving us a lot of unnecessary costs and time…

Nov 07, 2012After dealing with unsuccessful attempts at trying to order a new electronic timer/clock for our oven, we came across Appliancetimers.com. We sent in both our electronic timer board and our relay board. They diagnosed the problem, repaired our board, and for half of the cost of what a new board would cost, we have a working oven!! Appliancetimers.com not only is quick in their response to their emails, but the repair, payment and shipping is also done efficiently. Thank you for saving us a lot of unnecessary costs and time, and repairing our oven timer quickly. We will definitely be recommending your company to others.

Richard Bennett
Canby, Oregon
Re: Magic Chef 6892VVV

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