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Earn Cash for your Failed Range Timers

Help the environment, don't throw away bad timersYou can contribute to the reduction in electronic waste and even profit from your good deeds. Rather than discarding your customers' failed range timers, collect them to earn extra revenue. Once you have collected 10 or more electronic range timers, send them to us by standard mail and we will send you a check for $10 per timer. This offer only includes electronic range timers (ERCs). Laundry timers, dishwasher timers and mechanical stove clocks are not included in our timer purchase offer.
Only complete stove timer assemblies will be accepted and we will not pay for clocks upon which repairs have been attempted.

Free Timer Offer for Service Firms with a Website

If your service firm has a website, just add a link to appliance timers to your website and we will repair your next timer absolutely free of charge. Alternatively, we will send you a reconditioned timer from our inventory if you prefer this. You must agree to keep this link in place for at least one year.

Learn how we can help you increase revenue and customer satisfaction!

Appliance service firms that recommend new replacement timers, rather than repairing failed timers, are typically missing out on a significant amount of revenue, while not instilling stong customer loyalty. Consumers generally won't repair an appliance if the repair costs exceed 40%, or so, of the replacement cost of the appliance. It is not uncommon for a new timer and your service fee to exceed this threshold.

Let's look at two typical outcomes of an appliance service call by comparing the cost to replace a timer versus the cost to have the timer repaired.
Activity Scenario 1 – Replace Timer Scenario 2 – Repair Timer
Initial Diagnosis Fee $75 $75
Estimate to complete repairs $350 $225
Customer Decision Replace with new appliance Repair the appliance
Cost of new Appliance $700 n/a
Delivery Cost of New Appliance $30 n/a
Disposal Cost of old Appliance $25 n/a
Total Cost to Customer $830 $300
Your Cost to have timer repaired n/a $146
Your total profit $75 $154
Customer Satisfaction Low High
In the first scenario, you provide an estimate of $350 to replace the faulty timer. At this point, the customer will often decide against performing the repairs since the repair costs are more that half of the perceived replacement costs. In this scenario, the customer must pay your $75 inspection fee plus buy a new appliance for a total outlay of say $830. This customer is very dissatisfied with your service because you could not repair the appliance at a reasonable cost. There is a good chance you will lose this customer since you charged them a fee but they received no perceived value. You bill $75 but you will likely lose a customer.
In the second scenario, the customer will typically agree to proceed with the repairs. You have repair the timer and you are able to pass our fee on to the customer plus charge an additional fee for handling and reinstalling the timer. In this case, your profit more than doubles to $154 plus you have a very satisfied customer.

You have just turned a lose-lose service call into a win-win!

Other Benefits of

  • We offer volume discounts to service firms
  • Since we repair both electronic and mechanical timers, we can handle all of your timer repair needs
  • We can invoice approved service firms monthly on a net-30 basis
  • Our straight-forward timer repair price list means that you can quote your services without calling a part supplier
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