Pricing & Terms

At, we offer three main services:

  1. With our repair service, you send us your failed timer, we fix it and send it back to you.
  2. Depending on availability, we can send you a replacement reconditioned timer from our inventory.
  3. We also have a selection of new timers that you can order.
Before we discuss our pricing it is important to explain how our service differs from other firms. Some firms offer low prices to entice users to send them their timers for repair. Often such firms hold these timers for "ransom" requesting large sums of money to send the timer back. Another ploy is to go back to the customer for more money claiming that extra parts are needed to complete the repairs. At, our repair fee covers "whatever it takes" to repair your timer. We will never ask for more money to complete the repairs. With our service we also go beyond simply fixing the problem that caused the failure. We also replace additional components that are prone to failure to minimize the risk of a second failure in the near term. This is not to say that we can fix every timer, we can't. In the event that we cannot fix your timer there is no cost to you unless you would like to have your timer back. In such a case you only need to pay for the return shipping cost (with no handling or markup).

Another way that we differ is with regard to our warranty policy. Firstly, our standard warranty term is one full year. Secondly, it is all inclusive. Other firms stipulate that the timer will only be covered under warranty if the timer component involved in the original repair fails during the warranty period. This is like having no warranty at all since you have no way of knowing whether the failure was caused by the replaced component. Our warranty pertains to the timer as a whole, irrespective of whether it fails due to a component that we replaced. Our only stipulation is that we won't continue to replace a timer that repeatedly "blows up" due to a short or some other failure in your appliance. In other words, if the source of problem is not actually the timer but rather a wiring problem in your appliance this other problem needs to be corrected before you reinstall your repaired timer.

Refer to the headings below to see the pricing for each type of service.

Timer and ERC Repair and Return Fees

We utilize a very simple fee schedule so you can easily determine how much it will cost to repair your appliance timer. Use the table below to determine the cost to have us repair your timer. There is no service charge if we are unable to repair your timer. The inspection fee only applies in cases where we determine that there is nothing wrong with your timer. We don't charge any handling fees, however, we do charge for return postage (see Shipping Costs below).

Electronic Range Timers $176 $101
Mechanical Oven Timers $176 N/A2
Mechanical Dishwasher Timers $126
Mechanical Washer Timers $126
Mechanical Dryer Timers $126

The prices shown are in Canadian Dollars.

  1. Special pricing applies to GE Double Oven Timers, for these the repair cost is 2 times our standard repair fee. There are a few other exceptions to our standard repair prices.
  2. If we determine that there is nothing wrong with your electronic timer, we only charge an inspection fee. This inspection fee does not apply when repairs are performed. Since mechanical timers are subject to wear, we always rebuild them to replace all worn components. Therefore, the Inspection Only Fee does not apply to mechanical timers.

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In-Stock Reconditioned Timers and ERCs

In addition to our "Repair and Return" service described above, we also sell rebuilt timers from our inventory. This service enables you to restore your appliance to working order faster, since there is no delay in sending your failed timer for repair. We do request that you send us your failed timer once your appliance is functioning with the reconditioned timer that we send you. Use the table below to determine the cost of our in-stock reconditioned timers and ERCs. We don't charge any handling fees, however we do pass along our cost to have the timer sent to you (see Shipping Costs below).

Electronic Range Timers $196
Mechanical Oven Timers $196
Mechanical Dishwasher Timers $156
Mechanical Washer Timers $156
Mechanical Dryer Timers $156

The prices shown are in Canadian Dollars.

  1. To take full advantage of these prices, you must send us your failed timer within 30-days of receiving the reconditioned timer from us.

    In addition to the price shown for reconditioned timers, we charge a $50 core charge which is refunded once we receive your returned core (broken timer).

    Some timers are hard to find so we have a few rebuilt ERC price exceptions.

To check whether your timer is in stock, please use this Inquiry Form.

New Range Timers and ERCs

We carry a handful of new timers for popular range manufacturers. If you are looking for a new timer, please email or phone us to check availability of your timer.

Shipping Costs

The cost for us to send your timer to all places within continental USA is $32.00 for FedEx Ground and $48.00 for FedEx Express Economy. In Canada, Express Economy is generally $48.00. When you choose this option we give you a tracking number so you can track your return timer in transit. Ground courier is little less ($32.00) but this can take up to 10 days so don't use this if you are in a rush. We only charge what it costs us to send the timer to you, we don't add any handling fees.

If you are a US customer, please be sure to use the United States Postal Service to mail your timer to us. The couriers all charge brokerage fees that we will have to pass on to you. There are no duties or customs fees when using the US Postal service. Oddly enough, the mail delivery from the US to Canada is pretty fast and reliable (when using priority mail) but going in the other direction it is very slow. This is why we strongly suggest that you mail your timer to us and request that it be returned by Express Economy Courier. Also, you should not be charged duties or taxes, even if we send by courier. When sending your timer to us for repair, be sure to declare that its value is less than $50 to avoid any duty.

In the unlikely event that our courier loses your shipment, we will refund your payment to us but we are not liable for the cost of a replacement timer.

Standard Warranty

Unlike most new appliance retailers which only offer a 90-day warranty, Macro Point Ltd. provides a full one-year warranty on all repair services as well as one-year on all in-stock recondition timers and new timers. Our warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of a failed rebuilt timer. The customer is responsible for return shipping and any other costs that may arise due to the failed timer. We also offer extended warranties to add up to 10 years of additional warranty coverage (see below).

This warranty only applies to the repair and/or replacement of the serviced timers. Macro Point Ltd. shall not be held liable for any indirect or incidental loss or damage that may be, in any way, related to a component we serviced.

Electronic timers that are inspected and shown not to require repair, are not covered under warranty.

Extended Warranties

On top of our standard 1-year warranty, you can purchase additional warranty coverage in 1-year increments for periods from one to ten years. Extended warranties can be purchased for timers we repair as well as new and reconditioned timers purchased from us. Learn more about our Extended Warranty Terms and Pricing.


Payment is due prior to us sending the repaired or reconditioned timer to you. Online payment is performed using PayPal, the most popular payment method used to conduct secure transactions over the internet. PayPal supports all common credit cards including Visa and Mastercard (you do not have to set up a PayPal account to use PayPal). As with Macro Point, Paypal has strict standards of confidentiality to guarantee the privacy of your information. PayPal does not provide credit card information to Macro Point or any other online retailer.

If you do not have a credit card, please contact us to arrange other payment options.

Service firms have the option of establishing an account with Macro Point Ltd. and settling their account on a net-30 basis by check or credit card.


Any taxes, duties and other governmental charges required to be collected shall be remitted by the customer. US customers are not subject to any taxes. However, if you send your timer to us using a courier service, we are going to be charged a duty to receive it. This will be charged back to you so it is best to avoid this by sending your timer to us using the US Postal Service. In this case if the indicated value is less than $50, no duty applies.

For Canadian customers, HST applies to timers shipped to Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, P.E.I, Newfoundland and Labrador. Only GST is charged to customers in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, PEI, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.