Diagnosing a Failed Appliance Timer

At ApplianceTimers.ca, we want to ensure that our clients don't incur the cost and suffer the inconvenience of sending in timers unnecessarily. This can happen for one of two reasons:

  1. Your timer is functioning normally (the problem lies with some other component)
  2. Your timer cannot be economically repaired due to the nature or severity of the problem

Please review the information here to try to assess whether your timer is in need of repair and, if so, whether it is repairable.

Ruling Out Timer Problems

Check the Failure Code

If your appliance has an LED display that is showing a failure code, you should always refer to your owner's manual to check the reason associated with the code being shown. If you can't find your manual, please try to find the failure code on our Common Appliance Failure Codes page.

If the failure code description does not indicate that the problem pertains to your timer, then you can usually rule out a timer issue.

If the failure code speaks to a timer problem or refers to your ERC - Electronic Range Controller or clock assembly, control board, relay panel, etc., then there is a good chance that the problem is related to the appliance timer. Nevertheless, even problem descriptions that seem to implicate the timer, can be caused by a faulty sensor, keypad short, meat probe failure, door lock assembly or even a loose connection.

Dryer Door Switch

If your dryer is not coming on at all please review this page to learn how to diagnose dryer door switch problems.

"Dead" LED Readouts

If the LEDs on your appliance are completely dark you should first check your owner's manual to see whether your appliance comes with a Display/Hide feature. If this is not enabled, and if there is no sound when you push the touchpad, there is a good chance your problem is related to the power supply. If you are handy with a volt-meter you can determine whether power is being sent to your timer. If the timer is getting power, then the problem is likely with the timer, otherwise it could be a problem related to the wiring or components between the outlet and the timer board.

Disconnect and Reconnect Power

Some problems can be corrected simply by disconnecting the power for an hour or so. Often this will only correct the problem for a while and then you will experience the same failure. In any case, this symptom can be helpful in the final problem diagnosis since it will tell us whether this is an intermittent problem or a constant problem.

Contact ApplianceTimers.ca For Further Assistance

If you can't determine whether the problem you are experiencing is related to your appliance timer, it is best to call one of our appliance timer specialists. We can advise you as to whether the problem could be timer related and also inform you as to which peripherals you should send to us.