Checking Your Dryer Door Switch

Removed dryer door switchIf your dryer is not coming on for any setting it is a good idea to check whether there is a problem with your dryer door switch before you consider sending in your dryer timer. The door switch is a button or a lever that is usually located near the top of the door frame. This switch is engaged by closing the door and released when the door is opened.

Check Dryer Light

One way to rule out the door switch is by noting whether the dryer light comes on when you open the door. If the light is coming on it is likely that the door switch is functioning properly and is not the reason that your dryer is not starting. Note that the corollary is not necessarily true. This is because your dryer light could be burned out and, if so, it will not come on even if the switch is functioning correctly.

Manually Engage the Switch

Sometimes the dryer door may not close tight enough to engage the switch. To make sure this is not the problem try pushing the switch in all the way with your finger. While the switch is in, try turning the dryer on with your other hand. If the dryer comes on it means the switch is working but it is not being engaged properly. You might be able to fix this problem by adding a couple of layers of duct tape to the tip of the switch actuator so that the door pushes it in farther. If this does not work you may need to adjust the door latch or tighten the door switch. In any case, this would rule out the timer as the source of the problem.

Check for Clicking Sound

Normally, when you manually push the dryer switch in you will hear a clicking sound when the switch engages. If you don't hear a click there is a good chance that you have a faulty dryer switch.

Confirming a Dryer Switch Problem

If your switch does not make a clicking sound you can confirm that the problem is with the switch by bypassing the switch altogether. For safety reasons, this should be done as a temporary measure to test the switch, not as a permanent solution to the problem. Watch this video to learn how to bypass the switch.

Here is an example of what a lever style door switch looks like after it has been removed from the dryer. The dryer door switch may be the reason your dryer won't come on.

These switches are generally pretty inexpensive but it pays to shop around since prices can vary widely across various parts stores and internet distributors.