Appliance Timer Shipping Instructions


Please try to wrap your timer in anti-static material before shipping it to us

It is important to wrap and package the timer carefully prior to shipping. Certain materials cause static build up that can further damage the board. If you are using bubble wrap to package your timer, make sure that it is the anti-static grade (this is usually pink in color). Do not use styro-foam since this also creates static. If you have an anti-static bag, such as the ones used for computer components, these are ideal. If not, loosely wrapped paper towel or crumpled newspaper is better than plastic materials to minimize static build up.

Use the smallest box you can find that is big enough to hold the wrapped timer. If the box in not a very good fit you should pad the box with tissue or newspaper so that the timer remains stationary within the box.

Shipping Method

Be sure to complete an Appliance Timer Service Request before sending us your timer and include a copy of the request form with your order. This form also includes a mailing label with our address that you can tape to the outside of the box. When selecting your shipping method, it is worth noting that, for most ranges, the burners/cooktop will continue to function even after the timer has been removed. Therefore, any urgency primarily pertains to the use of the oven. To learn more, read question 23 in our frequently asked questions.

US Customers

When shipping your timer to us please use the United States Postal Service express mail service. This generally costs $20 to $30 and takes a week to 10 days to get your timer to us (the reverse is not true as noted below). If you are not in a hurry, you can save some money by sending to to us by regular mail. US residents should be sure to inform the postal service that the timer is to be repaired and returned and has a declared value of less than $50. In such a case, no duty applies. When US customers ship to us via a courier service (such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.), we are charged a brokerage fee of $30 or more to receive your timer. Any brokerage fees will be added to your invoice so it is much cheaper for you to use the United States Postal Service since they don't charge this fee.

When selecting the return shipment method, we recommend that US customers choose Express Economy. This FedEx Express Service is only $32.50 to all US destinations (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) and this service offers delivery within two business days. You should not be charged any customs fees, taxes or duty to receive your timer. If you urgently need your timer within one day you should choose Overnight Express, but this can be rather expensive. You can save a little money by choosing Ground Courier, which costs $25.00 but the delivery times are not very reliable unless you live within a few hours from Detroit or Buffalo.

Canadian Customers

Within Canada, ground courier generally takes less that one week between most destinations. If you live outside of Ontario and Quebec, you should choose one of the air options if you are in a rush to get your timer. You are usually safe to ship your timer to us using regular mail.

When selecting the return shipment method, Ground Courier is generally expedient enough for customers from Ontario and Quebec. Outside of these provinces, we recommend Express Economy. This FedEx Express Service is only $42.00 to most Canadian destinations. This service offers delivery within two business days. Repair Centre Address

Send your timers to be repaired to the following address:
1539 Boulevard de Tadoussac
Chicoutimi, Quebec
Canada G7G 4X9