Common Appliance Failure Codes

Please note that the failure descriptions shown here are generally those provided by the manufacturers. Often these codes are not very specific when dealing with appliance timer problems. A code may imply that the timer or ERC needs to be replaced when the actual problem is in one of the peripherals. If you are not sure whether your timer has failed, call us and one of our customer service technicians can help you diagnose the problem.

ManufacturerElectronic RangesElectronic WashersElectronic DryersElectronic Dishwashers
AdmiralAdmiral ERC   
AmanaAmana ERC   
CaloricCaloric ERC   
DacorDacor ERC   
EstateEstate ERC   
FrigidaireFrigidaire ERC   
General ElectricGeneral Electric ERCGeneral Electric Washer Controller General Electric Dishwasher Controller
GibsonGibson ERC   
Hot PointHot Point ERC   
Jenn-AirJenn-Air ERC   
KelvinatorKelvinator ERC   
KitchenAidKitchenAid ERC KitchenAid Dryer Controller 
Magic ChefMagic Chef ERC   
MaytagMaytag ERCMaytag Washer ControllerMaytag Dryer Controller 
RoperRoper ERC   
TappanTappan ERC   
ThermadorThermador ERC   
WestinghouseWestinghouse ERC   
WhirlpoolWhirlpool ERC