Standard Warranty

Unlike most new appliance retailers which only offer a 90-day warranty, Macro Point Ltd. provides a full one-year warranty on all repair services as well as one-year on all in-stock recondition timers and new timers. What's more our guarantee covers new problems unrelated to our repairs. Our warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of a failed rebuilt timer. The customer is responsible for return shipping and any other costs that may arise due to the failed timer. We also offer extended warranties to add up to 10 years of additional warranty coverage (see below).

This warranty only applies to the repair and/or replacement of the serviced timers. Macro Point Ltd. shall not be held liable for any indirect or incidental loss or damage that may be, in any way, related to a component we serviced.

Electronic timers that are inspected and shown not to require repair, are not covered under warranty.

Extended Warranties

On top of our standard 1-year warranty, you can purchase additional warranty coverage in 1-year increments for periods from one to ten years. Extended warranties can be purchased for timers we repair as well as new and reconditioned timers purchased from us. Learn more about our Extended Warranty Terms and Pricing.