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Last updated: Mar 21, 2024

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Appliance Timers was the perfect solution…

Nov 27, 2023Frigidaire electronic timer 318012929Thank you so very much for repairing the electronic display on our range/oven. It was no longer possible to purchase a replacement module (too old), but, since it was only the display that was faulty, Appliance Timers was the perfect solution. Not only did they replace the display but they cleaned the module and replaced a broken connector pin - all for the agreed upon price! For the first time in 10 years we can see the display clearly and not have to guess at what we were doing. The process was very fast and in less than a week it was sent off, returned and installed! Great job!

Peter Oleskevich
Port Williams, Nova Scotia
Re: Frigidaire Model CFES387CFB6 Part 318012929

…great service…

Dec 01, 2021Repair was perfect A1. Thanks a million What a great service!

John Buchanan
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Re: Frigidaire CGLEF385AS4

…good as new…

Nov 08, 2019This stove is now as good as new. Repair was done promptly and well packed for shipping. We are very satisfied.

Chris Purcell
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Re: Viking Part Number KS730JT-1

Very impressed with the service…

Nov 07, 2019Had a Maytag oven control board go bad 1 week before Thanksgiving. Could not buy a new one so I shipped it half way across the country to get repaired with no expectation of it being back before Turkey day. To my surprise it showed up at my door 1 week later repaired. I installed it and it worked perfectly. Cooked Turkey diner for a crowd and all was good. Very impressed with the service gave me. I would recommend them to anyone having problems with their appliance electronics.

Scott Fraser
Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia
Re: Maytag CWE9000 part 7601P231-60

…nothing short of perfect…

Jun 04, 2019We had problems with our broil element yet it tested fine. Our wall oven is a well made unit and unfortunately the timers are no longer made. I happened upon while doing a supplier's search and their price to repair was very reasonable. The repair was quick and service was nothing short of perfect. Our wall oven is working perfectly!

Peter Johnston
Hantsport, Nova Scotia
Re: Frigidaire CGEB27S7CB1 318010701

All good now…

Jan 09, 2019My timer was suffering with the often reported dim phosphorous display elements. It was especially bad with the red segments. Replacement timers were no longer being made so I sent mine in for repair and they replaced the display as well as a couple of defective relays. All good now!

Thank you.

Scott Hurst
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Re: Frigidaire CFES387CF 318012928

Great service! …

May 30, 2018Great service! Plugged the repaired timer back in and the oven works perfectly. Saved us a lot of money as we live in a rural area far from a repair shop.

Tadhg Curran
West Margaree, Nova Scotia
Re: Frigidaire Gallery 318013700

…very happy…

Feb 21, 2018The timer I sent you was returned yesterday and we are very happy to say that we have installed it and it is working perfectly.

Thank you for your very quick service.

Nina Hoffman
Oxford, Nova Scotia
Re: Frigidaire CFES388RFS5 318012928

…happy with the service…

Jan 25, 2018I am happy with the response and level of service I received from your company. The control board worked as advertised.

Robert Arsenault
Halifax, Nova Scotia

…great service…

Jan 09, 2018Timer was repaired within a day or so of receipt and shipped out fast by next day service. Installed and oven back in service in time for the Xmas baking! Great service.

Bruce Blackwood
Chester, Nova Scotia
Re: Maytag

…highly recommend…

Dec 22, 2017The board in my electric range went BANG one day. Then Sears went out of business and took their spare parts with them. Oh no! What to do? In swoops to save the day. I made some notes and took some photos before removing the bad board and shipped it out. A week later we were up and running again with some new relays and fresh solder joints. I'm hard to please but I'm very happy with the work and the turnaround time. I highly recommend

Jamie VanBuskirk
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Re: Kenmore

I would definitely recommend you…

May 14, 2014I am so happy to have my oven working again thanks to the great service and people at I was experiencing fault codes and the oven shutting off and tried to do some repairs on my own but the error codes kept coming back. A new oven would have cost me around $1800 to replace the one I had and the replacement timer was now obsolete so I couldn't even buy a new part. ApplainceTimers found the problem in my oven control unit that I sent them and they repaired it and sent it back to me very promptly with a very reasonable cost. I hooked it all up again and it has been working perfectly ever since. All the people I dealt with (and there were a few because I kept asking a lot of questions), were all very professional and more than helpful. Thank you all so much and I would definitely recommend you to anyone!

Gail Quinn
Sydney, Nova Scotia
Re: Frigidaire CPEB30S8CC1 318010701

…the service was excellent

Feb 10, 2013I had originally called Sears Canada to ask about a replacement timer for our Frigidaire range which is about 15 years old and still in great shape. They quoted me over $500.00 just for the part! I found and they sent me a timer for around $200.00 after taxes, shipping and the core return refund. The service was excellent and they saved me $300.00!

Highly recommend!

Kirk Hazel
Canning, Nova Scotia
Re: Frigidaire CFES387CFB5 318013700

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