Why don't I just replace my failed timer with a new timer?

There are several reasons why it is often better to rebuild your timer than to replace it.

  • Many timers have inherent production flaws that cause them to fail. When you replace your timer, the new timer is likely to suffer from the same flaws that caused your current timer to fail. Often we are able to correct these production flaws as part of our repair process so it is unlikely to fail again.
  • Each timer we repair is fully-tested for complete functionality, we don’t limit out testing to the circuits that were repaired. This guarantees that our rebuilt timers perform as well as new timers.
  • We warranty our reconditioned timers for a full year. Most manufacturers only offer a 90-day warranty on new parts. We also sell optional Extended Timer Warranties for up to 10 extra years of warranty coverage.
  • It is generally much cheaper to repair your timer than to replace it with a new one.
  • Many of the timers we rebuild are NLA (no longer available) from the manufacturer. If this applies to your timer, you won't be able to buy a new timer but we can still repair your obsolete timer saving you the expense of a new appliance.