4453168 Whirlpool/Whirlpool Range (Stove, Oven) Timer Repair

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Whirlpool/Whirlpool timer model # 4453168

Whirlpool ERCs and Whirlpool stove clocks and timersWhirlpool ERCs and Whirlpool stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Whirlpool/Whirlpool
Part Number :  4453168
Appliance Type :  Range (Stove, Oven)
Color : 
Description :  Electronic clock control

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Electronic clock control timer Part Number 4453168 is used in the following appliances

Recent Service Requests for Whirlpool/Whirlpool Part Number 4453168

CityModel NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Phoenix, Arizonagmc275pdb1N/AAwaiting receipt of timer
Phoenix, Arizonagmc275pdb1N/AAwaiting receipt of timer
Phoenix, Arizonagmc275pdb1N/AAwaiting receipt of timer
Minnetrista, MinnesotaRMC 305 PD 81NONE-darkThe clock panel does not function at all. Following a power issue in the neighborhood with dim lights and a back flow backup, our oven panel stopped working. Fuse was replaced to no avail. Microwave lights inside, but the panel is still dark.Repaired
austin, Texasgmc305pdb1N/Apower is to it but nothing is reading out on the screenAwaiting receipt of timer
rochelle, Illinoisrmc275pdb1f1microwave portion of combo oven/microwave does not heat,all other functions operate properly.Repaired
Troy, MichiganBuilt-in Microwave/Oven combo?Microwave does not heat, but it does run (fan/turntable/timer). Oven works fine. Service technician says it is the "control board" failure relay to microwave component. Including Tech Sheet in package. Spoke with Howard regarding this item on Thursday.Repaired
Towson, MarylandN/ANo readout (time); no sound when buttons pressed; power getting to board.Repaired
Frisco, TexasRMC275PDB2 / RMC305PD (Oven / Microwave combo)NoneBurning smell after oven door switch was stuck. Shutoff breaker, manually opened oven door and cleaned the partially stuck door switch. Next, I removed microcomputer and noticed one of the resistor R175 on the board looks like it was partially burned and the soldered connections had melted. I re-soldered the connection and it works, for now. I'd like to get a reconditioned part if possible.Awaiting receipt of timer
tucker, GeorgiaN/AEverything works but the microwave. Initially, the microwave ran with the door open. It then simply would not run. Checked the door switch and it is OK. Regular oven works correctly and display is OK. Trouble codes indicate faulty timer.Awaiting receipt of timer