Whirlpool Electric Oven Microwave Combo GMC275PDB1 Timer Repair

What is the timer/clock part number for the Whirlpool GMC275PDB1 Electric Oven Microwave Combo?

Timer part number 4453168 for Whirlpool GMC275PDB1

The GMC275PDB1 Electric Oven Microwave Combo uses timer part number 4453168.

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GMC275PDB1 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Oven Parts diagram
GMC275PDB1 Electric Oven Microwave Combo Oven Parts diagram
Control panel Parts diagram
GMC275PDB1 Electric Oven Microwave Combo Control panel Parts diagram
Oven door Parts diagram
GMC275PDB1 Electric Oven Microwave Combo Oven door Parts diagram
Latch Parts diagram
GMC275PDB1 Electric Oven Microwave Combo Latch Parts diagram
Internal oven Parts diagram
GMC275PDB1 Electric Oven Microwave Combo Internal oven Parts diagram
Cabinet and stirrer Parts diagram
GMC275PDB1 Electric Oven Microwave Combo Cabinet and stirrer Parts diagram
Microwave door Parts diagram
GMC275PDB1 Electric Oven Microwave Combo Microwave door Parts diagram
Microwave compartment Parts diagram
GMC275PDB1 Electric Oven Microwave Combo Microwave compartment Parts diagram
Top venting Parts diagram
GMC275PDB1 Electric Oven Microwave Combo Top venting Parts diagram

Common problems for Whirlpool Electric Oven Microwave Combo GMC275PDB1 Timer Repair

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Frigidaire (GLSW179AS4) top load washer goes straight to rotating the agitator when turned on to any wash cycle, without filling with water.Faucet's have water supply ( hot & cold)available. I tested the voltage to the water valve & only get 15.0 vac when I first turn the cycle switch on ( to any cycle)for several seconds, then it drops to 2.0 vac.Problem occurred overnight, was ok mid week/ not ok today.Agitator does respond to different cycle speeds ( norm'/gentle').
The clock is stopping after the agitation cycle and will not spin or pump. There is electrical chatter coming from the clock. I have read some answers of posts to problems like the one my washer is having. Some of them mention a control board. Does my washer have a control board or does the clock do what the control board does on other models?May I add...It does agitate. The pump does work. I pulled the plug off the clock and put 120V on the pump to drain the tub. It free spins by hand. These symptoms are leading me to the clock being bad, but I would feel really dumb to buy a clock and it end up being a switch stuck.
The front loader i have seems to be having the usual problems, in need of a clock and or speed control. Parts with me doing the labor is almost half of a new unit. Without knowing whether or not the problem was caused by a power surge or resistive mechanical issues i hate pouring money into something that may or may not last through the week let alone another year.
I am working on a Frig. toploader that won't drain or spin.The pump and hoses are clear and the clock is new since the former owners broke it trying to fix this problem.The machine fills and agitates and the clock keeps cycling but nothing else happens.I checked the lid switch and it has good continuity when activated.Help
Whirlpool GMC275PDB1 microwave oven combo Last week during a pre-heat which was less than a minute, the oven suddenly had sparkle inside and some flame was happening inside. We were about to call the fire department, not knowing what to do. Then, it stopped. By that time, our house smoke alarm went off and we checked the circuit breaker inside the house had swtitched to off position for the oven. The oven came with our new house which is about 9 years old now. I know may be it is time to change the oven but to have failure like this. Isn't this is a safety issue? I am afraid to use the oven again. I called the whirlpool customer services and they told me this is how the wire normally burn out inisde the oven! I am shocked this can actually pass UL regulation. Any comments on what whirlpool told me? The technician is coming today and check it out. What should I ask him? Please advice.
First off, this is an awesome site. I found this site through google and it guided me to the problem and solution to fix my washer. My wife is a happy camper. Anyway, here is my second issue: as anyone knows, who owns one of these, when you make a selection using the clock/selector knob, each setting beeps then lights up the corresponding lights and cycle time. When I try to select "Normal", there is no "beep" and does not show lights or time. It acts as if it is a dead spot on the dial. Anyone else had this issue ? If so, what fixed it ? My07Bobber
I recently moved and I just hooked up my washer and I find that it will fill with water, it will spin, but it won't drain. Can someone please tell me what to do or what the problem is.
Hi. My washer won't spin or agitate. It's a frigidaire gallery top load with model number GLWS1233AS2. I don't know what to do to fix it but am usually smart about following directions. I can't afford a new washer right now and am hoping someone can help me by telling me what the problem might be. The washer fills with water fine and the water drains but it won't agitate to actually wash the clothes and it won't spin. My basement did recently flood and I don't know if that's why my washer doesn't work now. I used it about 2 days before the flood and it was fine. Please help.
Sometimes during rinse cycle the water will drain out as it is filling. This is an intermittent problem.
What do the fault codes E1 F5 mean for a Whirlpool GMC275 Wall Oven? They appear when I try to run the Self Clean function.
I have a Whirlpool GMC275PDB1 in wall microwave/oven combo unit. We did a self clean and the heat escaped at the latch area and melted the lactch mechanism which is plastic and the oven ceased to function because closing the door no longer engaged the little switches on the plastic latch mechanism. I have replaced the latch assembly and everything works (blowers, lights, panel sensors, etc.) excpet the elements will not get hot at all. It does not appear that any of the original latch swtitches shorted out or anything. In fact they look brand new inside. Any ideas? I can post pictures if that will help. Here is the link to the part I replaced. http://www.appliancepartspros.com/part_details.aspx?part_id=3132716 Thanks, Carl XXX@XXXXXX.XXX