Dacor W305 Oven Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Dacor W305 Oven?

Timer part number 82648 for Dacor W305

The W305 Oven uses timer part number 82648.

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W305 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Door assy Parts diagram
W305 Oven Door assy Parts diagram
Trim/chassis Parts diagram
W305 Oven Trim/chassis Parts diagram
Oven assy Parts diagram
W305 Oven Oven assy Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Holland, MichiganDacorW305W86600wN/AWhen I select oven temperature or selector switch to any setting the oven will not turn on.

I also need a new selector nob (nob you turn to adjust temperature)
San Diego, CaliforniaDacorW305W86600WnoneWhen using rotating knob to set: oven temperature, minute timer, or clock the display is erratic, going from 000 to 99:00 to :50 to 27:58, etc. with oven timer, with temperature it would go from --- to brl to 120 to 485, etc. with no logical increase nor decrease. Also oven temperature is somewhat off, so please check the temperature calibration. As we discussed on phone, a setting of 325 degrees F would usually give an actual reading of about 285 degrees.Repaired
Fountain Valley, CaliforniaDacorW30586600WN/AThe display is very difficult to read. It is dim. The green for the clock is barely readable, but the red for the temperature is not readable.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Long Beach, CaliforniaDacorW305 Convection Plus86600WN/AOven won't turn on. The clock works but when I turn the oven on digital display says off.
If you have any parts in stock and the repair is unsuccessful....replace it!
Awaiting receipt of timer
LOS ANGELES, CaliforniaDacorW30586600WN/ALCD DISPLAY DARK NOMBERS NOT SHOW UPAwaiting receipt of timer
Westport, MassachusettsDacorW305w86600wtemperature &timer-ndigital temperature and timer were intermittent and then went completely deadRepaired
Ajax, OntarioDacorW305B (B=Black)82648N/ATime/Temp control knob does not work properly. Instead of allowing you to dial in the temperature setting you want, the numbers bounce around up and down!
Note that this is the original type of clock apparatus. It is NOT the W305 - ERCIII Control retrofit part # 86600B that they came out with after the fact.
Palm Springs, CaliforniaDacorW305B86600BNo Code ShowingSuddenly stopped working, both the oven and broiler heating units only get luke-warm, they won't get hot. The actual display works fine, but neither the oven or broiler will heat up.

We had a repairman out to the house who said it was the board, part 86600B. If it cannot be fixed and you have an alternate part that would make it work, please let me know.
Port Chester, New YorkDacorW305B86600BN/AOven doesn't workAwaiting receipt of timer
Dugald, ManitobaInglisWBW305213182393noneProblem started after a 4 hour power outage. A number of the buttons are non-functional-bake and broil. some buttons cause a beep but wrong/temporary function.
note: I am in a rural area and can only use Canada Post
note: price quote $89 as per Howard (I operate a rural appliance repair business)
Beyond Repair
Elmwood Park, New JerseyDacorW30586600WnoneDim DisplayRepaired
Hampstead, MarylandDacorW305W86600wNot heatingUnit not coming on in bake modes. Element checked ok as well as power to the unit.Awaiting receipt of timer
Maumee, OhioDacorW305b82648Does not make heat.Oven display is functional. User input to change hear is functional. When setting oven temps on panel oven does not respond.Repaired
Jackson, WisconsinDacorW305W82648NoneKnob was bumped and the shaft under it was broken. This knob was for the clock and temp adjustment.Awaiting receipt of timer
Quakertown, PennsylvaniaDacorW30582648dim displaydim fluorescent display, unreadable in bright sunAwaiting receipt of timer
San Anselmo, CaliforniaDacorW30582648N/AUnable to change time on clock. Unable to adjust temperature above 100 degrees.Repaired
Pepper pike, OhioDacorW30582648N/AMain electronic chip defectiveAwaiting receipt of timer
Winnipeg, ManitobaDacorModel W30582648Various: "88-88" / EOven more than 25 years old - oven works fine.
Time Control Unit slowly acting up over the past year. Twice timer stopped oven for no apparent reason. Just this past week timer went from clock time to timer. Had to "fiddle" with buttons to reste to clock. A few hours later back to timer. Turned breaker off / waited / on. Timer had difficulty resetting to clock("88:88") - then went to timer under "Cook Time" 34:52 which counted down ~ 5 seconds and reset over & over. No real Error codes - checked Owners Manual- No help. Oven Control shows power on. Checked main 20W fuse - Good. Control does not allow oven to set a temperature. I do not care about the Timers - I would be happy to be able to set the Oven temperature. Can use an external timer.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Oakland, CaliforniaDacorW305B82648N/ANumbers bounce around. Difficult to set time and temperature.Awaiting receipt of timer
TORONTO, OntarioDacorW30582648cannot set- jumps alTimer jum,ps all over on temp; cannot set it ; will not hold temp; locks and I have to shut off power fro 5 minutes to reset itRepaired
Sausalito, CaliforniaDacorW30582648no failure, LED veryLED very dimAwaiting receipt of timer
Edmonds, WashingtonDacorW30582648N/ADigital numbers blink erratically. Can not set temp or time.Awaiting receipt of timer
Chicago, IllinoisDacorW30582648N/AThe potentiometer "Pot" is shot and has carbon tracing that makes it goes wild when any adjustment to time / temp are made.

Do you repair / replace / exchange these Borg B-408 ECR units?

Can send pics to you.
Need repair for Holiday baking duty...
Awaiting receipt of timer
Chicago, IllinoisDacorW30582648n/aTimer does not work and oven does not workRepaired
Berkeley, CaliforniaDacorW30586600bN/AClock set shaft and button missing. If you have the shaft and button only, that would suffice. Otherwise, the whole timer would be necessary.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Caledon, OntarioDacorW30586600bnot workingnot workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Edmonton, AlbertaWhirlpoolWBW305003182394F1Oven displays "F1" even after turning breaker off for 5 minutes and back on. Oven will not work at all.Repaired
Potomac, MarylandDacorW305Do not knowTimer kit is burned The timer kit (or mother board) was burned out by an electric power surge which passed through our whole house surge suppressor. The surge also burned out a DVR and a supplementary surge suppressor for a microwave.

Awaiting receipt of timer
Palo Alto, CaliforniaDacorW30582648 Model B-408Rot. control knob meRotary position sensor to control temperature etc. is broken off, and now stuck as a result of repeated temporary repairs. It needs to be replaced. The electronics have been working fine.Repaired
Newport Beach, CaliforniaDacorW30582648 Model B-408None - temp dial skiWhen I turn either the time or temperature dial, the digits skip around.Repaired
Macungie, PennsylvaniaDacorW30582648 model B-408N/AStem broken off for temp set control knob and digital display doesn't light up.Repaired
Escondido, CaliforniaDacorDacor W30582648/model B-408N/AWhen using rotating knob to set; oven temperature, minute timer or clock the display is erratic.
Part number is from the back of the module I'm sending to you. Not sure if that is the Dacor Part Number
Berkeley, CaliforniaDacorW30586104noneLEDs have dimmed and are difficult to read in brigght light. The timer works otherwise.

Please return all parts replaced if possible.
Berkeley, CaliforniaDacorW30586104noneThe red temperature and the green clock LEDs have dimmed and cannot be easily seen in daylight. Other than that the unit is fully functional.

The capacitors and other parts have been replaced with no improvement.
Gatineau, QuébecDacorW305WC82648 B-408N/Aerratic temp settingRepaired
Savannah,, GeorgiaDacorW305w86600w retrofitN/ACan not read oven tempsReplaced with reconditioned timer
La Mesa, CaliforniaDacorW30582648, Model B-408 on white stickerNot availableSet time/temperature dial increases or decreases the time or temperature in a spuratic manor. Turning the dial the temperature will increase in 5 deg increments then suddenly jump to a much higher temperature setting. Same is true while setting the clock.

The oven will come up to temperature 200 or 325 and hold while testing for 15 to 2o minutes. It is not known whether the temperature setting will stay as set for extended periods. The same is true for the timer, it is not known whether it any longer counts down accurately.
Cleveland, OhioDacorW305B82648N/ATemperature knob does not workRepaired
Cleveland, OhioDacorW305B82648N/ATemperature knob does not workRepaired
San francisco, CaliforniaDacorW30582648N/ACan’t set anything but clock. When I try and set temperature it reverts back to clock
Also white pegs ( used for setting timer, cook time, self clean, etc. have broken off
LONG BEACH, CaliforniaDacorW305W82648don't knowThe controller display went dark, following a blackout (power surge?) in my neighborhood. The heating elements don't work. Controller is non-responsive.Repaired
Arcadia, CaliforniaDacorW305B-408 (Part Number 82648)none, display is outTimer display is out. Separate Rotary switch still turns oven on and red oven on indicator light still illuminates.

Note: 1 timer button broke off. Please remove stem and provide replacement black button if available. Thank you.
Los Angeles, CaliforniaDacorDacor W305 Black82648N/AOven timer and temperature are erratic, jumping around temperature settings, unable to set the timer or the oven temp.Awaiting receipt of timer
Doylestown, PennsylvaniaDacorW30582648 model B408SEO & SE1First had error code SEO . Replaced Sensor.
Oven heated to pre set temperature, ran for a while then turned off. Received. error code SE1 . Oven also turned off before reaching pre set temperature.
Temperature sensor resistance reading including wires is 1.084
K ohms.
Temperature. Setting knob also broke off and needsto be replaced
Medina, OhioDacorW305B86600BCan not read numbersCan not read numbers - very dimAwaiting receipt of timer
Oakville, OntarioDacorW305WC82648no codesRotary switch causes digital readouts to jump numbers. Difficult to set Temp., Clock, Timer etc.Repaired
Los Gatos, CaliforniaDacorW30582648N/ATemperature control won't go past 100 degrees.Repaired
Alexandria, VirginiaDacorW30582648SEOWhen on broil or bake, oven heats to about 350 degrees and then SEO message appears and element is shut off.Beyond Repair
Solana Beach, CaliforniaDacorW30582648N/AEverything works except the knob to set the temp (and time) does not go up and down linearly when turned. It hops around, eventually landing on the correct temp (time) by trial and error.Repaired
Los Angeles, CaliforniaDacorDacor W30582648N/AOven is controlled by a digital panel that is blinking. We can't heat or use the oven in any way.Awaiting receipt of timer
Encinitas, CaliforniaDacorW305W82648N/ADisplayed temperature changes erratically when temperature knob is turned, making it nearly impossible to set the desired temperatureRepaired
Encinitas, CaliforniaDacorW305W82648N/ADisplayed temperature changes erratically when temperature knob is turned, making it nearly impossible to set the desired temperatureRepaired
Minneapolis, MinnesotaDacorW305Board 86104 Assembly 86600WNABAKE CONTROL DOES NOT WORK - BROIL DOES

Could you please clarify my options:
- send and repair
- purchase new or reconditioned unit

Howard did say they could repair my control board
San Anselmo, CaliforniaDacorW305?? With Rotory dialN/ATemperature and Timer are difficult to adjust. Electronic display move erratically.Awaiting receipt of timer
West Orange, New JerseyDacorW305W86600wnawhen setting temp or time, it's impossible, just jumps all over the place no matter how slow or careful I try to turn dialRepaired
Madison, WisconsinDacorW305Borg Instrument 82648 Model B-408Time/Temp control doIncreasingly difficult to set the digital temp or time with the time/temp control rotating knob. Erratic value will show up or refuse to set at all.Repaired
Orange, CaliforniaDacorW30582648 Model B-408SE1Heats for approx 10 minutes. Then goes to SE1 code
Reset circuit breaker
Worked for 10 minutes
Then 8888 symbols appeared and heating stopped again
Most of the time it... fails to SE1 code
Note: was repaired about 5 years ago for failure problems
Timer inspected, no repairs necessary

Common problems for Dacor W305 Oven Timer

Are you encountering a similar problem as them? Contact us now and we will try to help you fix your W305 timer-related problem.
Have a Dacor W305, no power to upper or lower elements in oven, how do I check fuse before calling for more help?
We have a Dacor model W305 Convection Plus oven. The oven door is difficult to open and will no longer lock to self clean the oven. Is there a service company near Little Rock, Arkansas who can service this model? The dealer who sold and installed this oven is no longer in business. Also, are parts still available for this model? I might try taking the door apart if I could diagnose the problem, and could get the parts. Do you have available a diagram of the parts? None of our documents we got with the oven have a parts list or diagram. It feels like something on the right hinge has come loose and the door is sagging 1/4 inch on the right side.
I have a Dell W305 printer. hen I turn it on. it gives me a message that states "Cartridge Jam" I checked the ink holders and they are OK. It makes a noise when the printer is on. How can I fix it? I only have one hand so that is a problem also. Pat Slapnick
I have a Dacor W305 wall oven. The control board works fine except for the red light that comes on when you set the temperature. The light can barely be seen. Dacor no longer makes the replacement part, 86600B. Is it possible to fix the present board so the temperature light can be set without turning off all the lights in the kitchen?
I have a dacor "Convection Plus" oven, Model W305. The panel control was retrofitted with ERCIII control after the main power fuse was blown secondary to a storm. The new panel contains a few more buttons than the old panel. Somehow, the "Bake" and "Convection" buttons broke off, therefore, I am no longer able to use my oven. I glued the "Bake" button on thinking that the feature may then work, however, this did not help. I set aside the other button in case it can be repaired. Please provide me with the appropriate information necessary in order to have my oven function, once again. Thank you.
Dacor W305 Error code SEO. What does it mean and how do I fix it.
dacor w305 electric oven. I asked this question and so far there has been no response. Brioler stopped working. I replaced the broiler elemnet and when I turned the oven back on it shorted out. I ordered a new broiler element and installled it but it still doesn't heat up. The oven works fine. When you try to put the broiler on it indicated that the broiler is on but it still doesn't heat up. I also replaced the broiler relay board. The entire unit is about 17 years old. Also the convection unit works fine as well. Mark F
Re: Dacor W305 wall oven (from 1992)-The door will not close tightly. We have had this problem before and I believe that was when a hinge was replaced. Unfortunately, it's almost Thanksgiving and I cannot expect a repair in time for the cooking I need to do. We have tried gentle bending etc but nothing works. I also cannot find specs so that we can try to understand what needs to be fixed. Any suggestions?
Hi,my w305 does not suport YOUTUBE.Can it be updated to access the you tube?
When I close the door, the light stays on and the tray rotates - even when I haven't turned on the microwave or oven. The clock panel works fine (I can choose minutes or the temperature for the oven) but the 'start' and 'easy minute' switches are non-responsive so I can't use the microwave or oven. Please advise.
I would like a manual for my sony sub woofer model sa - w305. hELP! hOW DO i HOOK IT UP?
Last night my oven seemed to be working correctly. Than I smelled a faint burning plastic odor and the coil behind the convection fan seemed to be glowing too bright. When I was done cooking I turned the oven off. 5 Min. later I noticed the control panel was out completely, no clock nothing worked. I checked and the circuit breaker needed to be re- set. However this did not solve my oven problem, the oven still shows no sign of life whats so ever! Any suggestions?
Sony SA-W305 Please Help Hello, my uncle gave me a Sony SA-W305 Surround Sound System, I am trying to set it up on my TV and I am having difficulty, the only sockets on the back are Line in and Line out, how do I connect this to my tv? I believe my uncle received this product with a DVD player.
sony super woofer sa-w305 fried How do I replace
I had some problems with the water/ice dispensor a while back and didn't resolve that issue. Now the temperature indicator lights in the refrigerator compartment go off intermittently and there is a noise coming from the right side that sounds like a low growl that comes and goes. could this be a control board issue? Was there a recall/replacement program on these boards from GE?
sony sa-w305 hi was wondering if you have the manual for this subwoofer? cant figure out how to hook up this speaker. thanks

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