82648 Dacor Range/Stove/Oven Timer Repair

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Dacor timer model # 82648

Dacor ERCs and Dacor stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Dacor
Part Number :  82648
Appliance Type :  Range/Stove/Oven
Color : 
Description :  Electronic Range/Oven Timer

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Electronic Range/Oven Timer timer Part Number 82648 is used in the following appliances

Recent Service Requests for Dacor Part Number 82648

CityModel NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Toronto, OntarioW305No power to eleme tsTimer temp set has been wonky last 6 months, then today no power to elements at all on any selected operating position. This is your timer sent to me Nov 19, 2014Repaired
Porter Ranch, CaliforniaW305BNoneWe had a power outage which seems to have cooked the control panel. It no longer allows temp, timer, etc to be set.Repaired
WARREN, New Jerseyw305bnone/dim readoutDim time/temp read-out. Two button posts broken off inside holes, I will mark with tape to indicate.Repaired
WARREN, New Jerseyw305bnone/dim readout/wilBake element will not activate. Element has been tested and is working. Broil works fine. Unit has voltage into timer but not out to bake element.Repaired
San francisco, CaliforniaW305N/ACan’t set anything but clock. When I try and set temperature it reverts back to clock Also white pegs ( used for setting timer, cook time, self clean, etc. have broken offRepaired
Encinitas, CaliforniaW305WN/ADisplayed temperature changes erratically when temperature knob is turned, making it nearly impossible to set the desired temperatureRepaired
Encinitas, CaliforniaW305WN/ADisplayed temperature changes erratically when temperature knob is turned, making it nearly impossible to set the desired temperatureRepaired
Los Angeles, CaliforniaDacor W305N/AOven is controlled by a digital panel that is blinking. We can't heat or use the oven in any way.Awaiting receipt of timer
Solana Beach, CaliforniaW305N/AEverything works except the knob to set the temp (and time) does not go up and down linearly when turned. It hops around, eventually landing on the correct temp (time) by trial and error.Repaired
Alexandria, VirginiaW305SEOWhen on broil or bake, oven heats to about 350 degrees and then SEO message appears and element is shut off.Beyond Repair
Los Gatos, CaliforniaW305N/ATemperature control won't go past 100 degrees.Repaired
Oakville, OntarioW305WCno codesRotary switch causes digital readouts to jump numbers. Difficult to set Temp., Clock, Timer etc.Repaired
Los Angeles, CaliforniaDacor W305 BlackN/AOven timer and temperature are erratic, jumping around temperature settings, unable to set the timer or the oven temp.Awaiting receipt of timer
LONG BEACH, CaliforniaW305Wdon't knowThe controller display went dark, following a blackout (power surge?) in my neighborhood. The heating elements don't work. Controller is non-responsive.Repaired
Cleveland, OhioW305BN/ATemperature knob does not workRepaired
Cleveland, OhioW305BN/ATemperature knob does not workRepaired
Seattle, Washingtonw-3058888Similar symptoms as Jamul in California -- a repair you did in January of 2010 -- he wrote, During oven use clock display will commonly and randomly switch to the blinking, all red LEDs showing an "8888" configuration that is typical of power loss or interruption. The oven heating elements will be automatically switched off. No error code is displayed. The problem has been occurring with increasing frequency, such that oven is presently not usable. Display may be reset by setting time, or pressing time and temp set buttons simultaneously, or resetting may require the circuit panel breaker to be clicked on and off first. Then oven will run for a while and the problem will likely reoccur. Additional Observations: - Problem only occurs when oven is in use. When display shows only time, the display never switches to the blinking configuration. - We think the problem may be triggered when the oven temperature reaches set-point. Normally there are several bell chimes to signal oven temp. has been reached, but sometimes (but not at all times) we hear only one chime and look at the display and it is flashing. - Otherwise, all oven functions appear to work properly, door gasket is tight, cooling fan comes on normally, convection fan works. - Problem occurs using a variety of element configurations (broil, bake, preheat), but I do not recall it happening during cleaning.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Chicago, IllinoisW305N/AThe potentiometer "Pot" is shot and has carbon tracing that makes it goes wild when any adjustment to time / temp are made. Do you repair / replace / exchange these Borg B-408 ECR units? Can send pics to you. Need repair for Holiday baking duty...Awaiting receipt of timer
Los Altos Hills, CaliforniaN/Atimer adjust knob broken time / temp "jumps".Repaired
Sausalito, CaliforniaW305no failure, LED veryLED very dimAwaiting receipt of timer