KitchenAid KERC607HBS4 Electric Freestanding Range Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the KitchenAid KERC607HBS4 Electric Freestanding Range?

Timer part number 9781980 for KitchenAid KERC607HBS4

The KERC607HBS4 Electric Freestanding Range uses timer part number 9781980.

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KERC607HBS4 are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Whirlpool KERC607HBS4 Electric Freestanding Range, KERC607HBS5, KERC607HBT5, KERC607HBL5, KERC607HBS3, KERC607HBT3, KERC607HBL6, KERC607HBS10, KERC607HBT1, KERC607HBL4, KERC607HBT8, KERC607HBT10, KERC607HBS1, KERC607HBT4, KERC607HBL10, KERC607HBL8, KERC607HBT6, KERC607HBL1, KERC607HBS8, KERC607HBS0, KERC607HBL0, KERC607HBS6, KERC607HBT0, KERC607HBL3

KERC607HBS4 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Cooktop/literature Parts diagram
KERC607HBS4 Electric Freestanding Range Cooktop/literature Parts diagram
Door and drawer Parts diagram
KERC607HBS4 Electric Freestanding Range Door and drawer Parts diagram
Oven chassis Parts diagram
KERC607HBS4 Electric Freestanding Range Oven chassis Parts diagram
Oven Parts diagram
KERC607HBS4 Electric Freestanding Range Oven Parts diagram
Rear chassis Parts diagram
KERC607HBS4 Electric Freestanding Range Rear chassis Parts diagram
Control panel Parts diagram
KERC607HBS4 Electric Freestanding Range Control panel Parts diagram
Hidden bake/optional Parts diagram
KERC607HBS4 Electric Freestanding Range Hidden bake/optional Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
vienna, VirginiaKitchenAidKERC607HBS49781980N/Ano oven function-bake,broil or convectionReplaced with reconditioned timer
Canaan, ConnecticutKitchenAidKERC607HBS49781980N/ABake element was bad burned out replaced it but still not heating up bake or broil what do I do is it control board ?Awaiting receipt of timer
Phoenix, ArizonaKitchenAidKERC607HBS49781980NoneLower hidden bake element fried. Replaced element but also discovered electronic timer board output voltage for element not present. Board relay contacts for element appear burned. Upper bake elements (bake and broil) work fine.Repaired

Common problems for KitchenAid KERC607HBS4 Electric Freestanding Range Timer

Are you encountering a similar problem as them? Contact us now and we will try to help you fix your KERC607HBS4 timer-related problem.
I have a Kitchen aid oven model KERC607HBS4 I am getting an F5E3 fault it the interface membrane or the main relay board
how to change oven door broken inner glass
Dear Expert: I own Kitchen Aid Electric ovenmodel # KERC507HWH3 and I am looking for assistance to determine the cause ofmy oven taking an extreme amount of time to preheat. I have a heating element on the topof the oven, a circular convection element on the back wall with a fan and avent that covers both and a hidden element under the bottom of the range. I thought the problem was that an elementor elements needed to be replaced, so I checked to see if any elements were notheating up. I turned on the oven and opened thedoor while I held in the button that indicates to the range that the door isclosed. I could feel that the elements onthe top of the oven were producing heat and they turned very red, so I assumed thatthey were working correctly. I then took off the grate to theconvection element and tested it the same way. I cannot just turn on the convectionelement without the elements on the top of the oven heating up. So since I really could not check to see if there was any heat co
The oven does not heat. Everything on the oven works including the display. When you turn on the oven you can hear clicking noises but it will not activate the heating elements. I tried all the combinations of convection, bake, preheat and broil. Is this a problem with the oven sensor or the control panel? How do I tell? I can try to turn on self cleaning and the door will lock but it still will not heat up same thing with the boiler wont heat up at all in oven. I just used it fine the couple of days ago. Can some one help me figure out how to fix this?
Not sure exact age of range but a burner has not been working for some time now , although it does seem to only get warm. Not knowing anything about appliance repair I hesitate to mess with the thing but we all need to save some money this thing still under warranty ...We got this in the house we bought 3 years ago. So basically is there anything we can do? Bad connection? Newbie
The keypad control at one point just went blank. The glass cooktop works normally but no oven controls. The surface light works as well as the oven light. At any given time the range chime chirps and the clock is back on and you can use the oven. As soon as you shut the oven off the screen goes blank again and it could take days before it comes back on. I checked all connections and they all are ok. Any idea what my next step should be? Would this be a sensor problem?
Repalcing an infinite switch on Kitchen Aid KERC607HBS4 How do you open the console to replace switch, does the top pop up?
Oven works sporadically.Shuts off by itself.after opening oven door does not turn back on.sometimes does,sometimes not.Burners work.Broiler works.Any suggestions?
I need help with installling a new burner to my oven. The new burner doesn't allow for a brown wire to hook up.
We recently had our Kitchenaid oven "lock". It normally locks itself during cleaning. Now it locks itself and makes rangen noises. We called a service technician and he disconnected the oven, now the oven is unlocked but we cannot use the oven. Would anyone know if we need the sensor or the thermostat??

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