Frigidaire CPES389CC2 Range Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Frigidaire CPES389CC2 Range?

Timer part number 318183603 for Frigidaire CPES389CC2

The CPES389CC2 Range uses timer part number 318183603.

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CPES389CC2 are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Electrolux CPES389CC2 Range, CPES389DC4, CPES389DC5

CPES389CC2 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Backguard Parts diagram
CPES389CC2 Range Backguard Parts diagram
Body Parts diagram
CPES389CC2 Range Body Parts diagram
Top/drawer Parts diagram
CPES389CC2 Range Top/drawer Parts diagram
Door Parts diagram
CPES389CC2 Range Door Parts diagram
Wiring diagram Parts diagram
CPES389CC2 Range Wiring diagram Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
St-Lazare, QuébecFrigidaireCPES389CC2318183603N/ABlown power relay and bottom right buttons of keypad no longer workRepaired
Ajax, OntarioFrigidaireCPES389CC2318183603no power to timerCan you please ship me out a new timer and i will ship you mine back? Also, do you have the overlay (318214601) or can I use my existing overlay?Replaced with reconditioned timer
Dartmouth, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCPES389CC2318183603N/AWhile oven was pre heating heard a "POP" then oven elements no longer worked. Clock and all functions of timer and oven controls show to be working, however oven does not heat.Repaired
Dartmouth, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCPES389CC2318183603N/AWhile oven was pre heating heard a "POP" then oven elements no longer worked. Clock and all functions of timer and oven controls show to be working, however oven does not heat.Repaired
Langley, British ColumbiaElectroluxCPES389CC2318183603noneoven does not turn on but the timer and display on the stove continues to operate effectivelyRepaired
Langley, British ColumbiaElectroluxCPES389CC2318183603noneoven does not turn on but the timer and display on the stove continues to operate effectivelyRepaired
Port-Cartier, QuébecFrigidaireCPES389CC2318183603N/AThe oven does not workRepaired
st.albert, AlbertaFrigidaireCPES389CC2318183900BURNED AT THE FRONTI PRESS BROIL AND SOON ALL RED LIGHTS WENT ON AND BURNING SMELLAwaiting receipt of timer
Port-Cartier, QuébecFrigidaireCPES389CC2318183900N/AThe oven does not workRepaired
Toronto, OntarioFrigidaireCPES389CC2316272204F1not all buttons seem to accept input. for example pressing bake is ok then entering a tempature is ok but pressing start does nothing. Same with say setting the clock time. The time works it's just wrong, you can input new numbers but the start button will not set the new time.
We courried the unit to you and you should have recieved it yesterday Nov 26, 2014
Newport, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCPES389CC2318183603N/AAll stovetop, timer and control functions work properly. Neither oven elements or lower warming drawer work.Awaiting receipt of timer
Montreal, QuébecFrigidaireCPES389CC2318183603N/ABlown timerReplaced with new in-stock timer
Anjou, QuébecFrigidaireCPES389CC2318183603n/aWhen I turn on my stove model CPES389CC2, the stove only preheats but does not actually get to the temperature I requested. This is for baking and broiling. My stove top elements work fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
Toronto, OntarioFrigidaireCPES389CC2318183603N/AA POP was heard and then the elements no longer worked. Digital display does.Awaiting receipt of timer
Maple, OntarioFrigidaireCPES389CC2318214601N/AThe Timer is no longer functional.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Cardston, AlbertaFrigidaireCPES389CC2PS899772NONEoven stays in pre-heat, and never fully heatsAwaiting receipt of timer
St-Jerome, QuebecFrigidaireCPES389CC2318183900N/AInternal electronic burnedAwaiting receipt of timer
Trenton, OntarioFrigidaireCPES389CC2SF5501003AN/Atimer caught fire and burnt upAwaiting receipt of timer
Toronto, OntarioFrigidaireCPES389CC2318183603noneControl appears to work normally turning on broil, bake or convection. Convection fan runs but no heat is generated on any setting - does not seem to be power coming to elements which have all been tested for continuity. Cooktop works fine.Repaired
Parksville, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCPES389CC2318183903PFShuts off when bake is used
Appliance tech said he thought the bake relay was bad as unit works on the broil relay
Awaiting receipt of timer
St Eugene, OntarioFrigidaireCPES389CC2318183603N/ATimer is non responsive and oven is not functioning. Timer readout is no longer legible.Awaiting receipt of timer
Carignan, QuebecFrigidaireCPES389CC2316272204F1When we press the clock or time button we are receiving an F1 error code.Awaiting receipt of timer
Charlottetown, Prince Edward IslandFrigidaireCPES389CC2318183900PFThe failure Code "PF" often, but not every time, appears after the oven has been heated for awhile.Awaiting receipt of timer
charlottetown, Prince Edward IslandFrigidaireCPES389CC2SP5501-003APFPF code often but not always appears after I start oven.Awaiting receipt of timer
Charlottetown, Prince Edward IslandFrigidaireCPES389CC2SP5501-003APFThe failure code often appears even when the range is idle.Repaired
Markham, OntarioFrigidaireCPES389CC2318183900N/AWas using the oven for about 3 hours. Heard a pop and breaker tripped. I reset the breaker and it showed the code F1. I unplugged it after. Plugged it back after a day and it shows no code. But, some buttons on the right bottom side don't work such as "Start", "0", "9", "Clear". This effective rendered the oven inoperable.Repaired
Sainte-Julie, QuebecFrigidaireCPES389CC2318183603N/ABurnt element made a big spark in the oven and may have burned some component on the control board. Troubleshooted temp probe and all element in the stove and all ok. Display still work but no heat in the oven.Awaiting receipt of timer
Bailieboro, OntarioFrigidaireCPES389CC2318183603PFAny oven operation results in a PF (Power Failure) response.Repaired
Sherbrooke, QuebecFrigidaireCPES389CC2318183900No codeElements bake and broil not heating
Convection fan turning
All Stovetop elements heating
Awaiting receipt of timer

Common problems for Frigidaire CPES389CC2 Range Timer

Are you encountering a similar problem as them? Contact us now and we will try to help you fix your CPES389CC2 timer-related problem.
frigidaire proffesional series range. model# XXXXX range top works fine, however oven wont work at all (bake or broil) digital settings to control the oven and temperatures.
Frigidare professional CPES389CC2 the oven would not heat up. no error code.

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