318183603 Frigidaire/Electrolux Stove (Oven, Range) Timer Repair

Please Note: We stock new replacement timers for Frigidaire ERC 318183603 at a competitive price. The original manufacture's timer is prone to failure due to a bad solder joint. Our replacement timer does not suffer from this design flaw. We also warranty our parts for 1-year whereas the normal Frigidaire warranty is only 90-days.

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Frigidaire/Electrolux timer model # 318183603

Frigidaire ERCs and Frigidaire stove clocks and timersElectrolux ERCs and Electrolux stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Frigidaire/Electrolux
Part Number :  318183603
Appliance Type :  Stove (Oven, Range)
Color : 
Description :  Clock-Timer

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Clock-Timer timer Part Number 318183603 is used in the following appliances

Recent Service Requests for Frigidaire/Electrolux Part Number 318183603

CityModel NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Bailieboro, OntarioCPES389CC2PFAny oven operation results in a PF (Power Failure) response.Repaired
Victoria, British ColumbiaCPDS389CC2noneUnit activates and shows it is baking but no heat comes on. Same goes for the upper element on broil as well. If the part is non-fixable, I will take a refurbished one! Thank you.Repaired
Sainte-Julie, QuebecCPES389CC2N/ABurnt element made a big spark in the oven and may have burned some component on the control board. Troubleshooted temp probe and all element in the stove and all ok. Display still work but no heat in the oven.Awaiting receipt of timer
Lanoraie, QuebecCpes389ac3N/ASorry, i don't remember the probleme, this is an old timer . Do you give me a discount if i send you 2 timers?Repaired
Montreal, QuebecCPES389AC4F-9Stop beeping and show f9 on the boardAwaiting receipt of timer
VERDUN, QuebecCPES389DC5N/AWhile oven was pre heating heard a "POP" then oven elements no longer worked. Clock and all functions of timer and oven controls show to be working, however oven does not heat.Awaiting receipt of timer
Brockville, OntarioDon't have it right now. Can model made by electron/aHoward said he will install boards 3162722104603 for $215 all in.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Elizabethtown, OntarioGallery CPES389AC3N.A. No power to oNo power to oven. Clock and timer work. If unrepairable, we would like to order another unit in trade.Repaired
Toronto, OntarioCPES389AC2none - display not wError on last clean cycle, but oven worked for about 2 weeks afterward. On switching to convection bake, heard pop and display went off. Stove top, warming drawer functioning OK.Beyond Repair
ASCOT CORNER, QuebecCPES389CC1pfWhen using Temp selctor of oven, works for a few minutes then, it pops up , code on display : PfRepaired
Ascot-Corner, QuebecCPES389CC1PfNewRepaired
St Eugene, OntarioCPES389CC2N/ATimer is non responsive and oven is not functioning. Timer readout is no longer legible.Awaiting receipt of timer
Vancouver, British ColumbiaCPES389AC1N/ANot working at allRepaired
Toronto, OntarioCPES389CC2noneControl appears to work normally turning on broil, bake or convection. Convection fan runs but no heat is generated on any setting - does not seem to be power coming to elements which have all been tested for continuity. Cooktop works fine.Repaired
Limehouse, OntarioCGDS388CBInone, electric oven Dual fuel stove Gas portion works fine Clock and timer work on panel, but nothing associated with heating of the oven works Checked incoming voltage Checked thermal switch Checked upper and lower elements Tried sweet talking to the oven, but that didn't work eitherRepaired
Brossard, QuebecCpes389ac31Error 1Awaiting receipt of timer
terrebonne, Quebeccpes389cc1burnOven not workingAwaiting receipt of timer
mirabel, Quebeccpes389ac3when put broil its swhen put broil its stop workinAwaiting receipt of timer
Toronto, OntarioCPDS389CC1NoneOven won't work. By the look on the timer it looks like it is, but no heat.Repaired
Surrey, British ColumbiaCPDS389603N/ASome of the buttons do not work. Please send and bill me for $255.00 unit.Replaced with new in-stock timer