Maytag Laundry timers

We have over 40 years experience in troubleshooting, testing, repairing and rebuilding most faulty Maytag laundry controllers and timers. We also sell rebuilt Maytag laundry timers from our stock.

Below are some Maytag laundry timer models that we have experience with. If your Maytag laundry timer model is not listed below, please contact us now since we should still be able to repair your timer.

We guarantee all of our repaired and stock Maytag laundry timers for one full year.

Timer Model Description
22001692Mechanical Washer Timer
22002718Mechanical Washer Timer
91992Mechanical Washer Timer
WP22001530Mechanical Washer Timer
160301Mechanical Washer Timer
WHIRPOOL22001180Mechanical Washer Timer
207377Mechanical Washer Timer
EAP2020126Mechanical Washer Timer
AP4290673Mechanical Dryer Timer
244991204499Mechanical Washer Timer
2202203Mechanical Washer Timer
2200961Mechanical Washer Timer
25652AND25652Mechanical Washer Timer
WP22001026Mechanical Washer Timer
WP206230Mechanical Washer Timer
62083440Mechanical Washer Timer
EAP2017470Mechanical Washer Timer
PR6023230VWP23001065SPPRI343000059Mechanical Washer Timer
PS2019421IWASTOLDWHIRLPOOLISWP22001180Mechanical Washer Timer
207376Mechanical Washer Timer