KitchenAid Laundry timers

We have over 40 years experience in troubleshooting, testing, repairing and rebuilding most faulty KitchenAid laundry controllers and timers. We also sell rebuilt KitchenAid laundry timers from our stock.

Below are some KitchenAid laundry timer models that we have experience with. If your KitchenAid laundry timer model is not listed below, please contact us now since we should still be able to repair your timer.

We guarantee all of our repaired and stock KitchenAid laundry timers for one full year.

Timer Model Description
33532263356365Mechanical Washer Timer
3946955Mechanical Washer Timer
3351375CMechanical Washer Timer
WP3946455Mechanical Washer Timer
3362771Mechanical Washer Timer
3954848AMechanical Washer Timer
3355226Mechanical Washer Timer
3356396CMechanical Washer Timer
3407134Control Assembly
3946459Timer Control
3362038REPLACEDBY3946476Mechanical Washer Timer
3954915Timer Control
3356365AMechanical Washer Timer
3349207Timer Control 60 Hz,
3946455Timer Control
3950736Timer Control
3392949Timer Assembly
3946476Timer Control 60 Hz
3389865Timer & Resistor