5303935110 Electrolux/Frigidaire Range (Stove, Oven) Timer Repair

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Electrolux/Frigidaire timer model # 5303935110

Electrolux ERCs and Electrolux stove clocks and timersFrigidaire ERCs and Frigidaire stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Electrolux/Frigidaire
Part Number :  5303935110
Appliance Type :  Range (Stove, Oven)
Color : 
Description :  Clock/timer

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Clock/timer timer Part Number 5303935110 is used in the following appliances

Recent Service Requests for Electrolux/Frigidaire Part Number 5303935110

CityModel NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
orange park, Floridafef367catano codesno preheat,no broilAwaiting receipt of timer
Richfield, Ohiofef367cataN/ADoes not control bake temperature.Awaiting receipt of timer
cameron, Ohiofef367cataF 1Goes to code F 1 each time you try to preheat oven, set time , etc.Awaiting receipt of timer
Princeton, FloridaFEF367CATAF3Initially, oven would heat well beyond set temperature. Replaced temperature probe and tested using multimeter, resistance checked out okay. After installing new temperature probe, the oven would continue to heat beyond set point. Most recent attempt to turn oven on resulted in an "F3" error being displayed on board. Any attempts to turn oven on since have resulted in the same "F3" error being displayed.Awaiting receipt of timer
Hayes, VirginiaFEF367CATABlank ScreenScreen is blank. A service technician diagnosed the problem as a bad timer (there was an electrical storm right before failure)Repaired
Sterling Heights, MichiganFEF 367 CATANoneOven will not bake or broil or clean. I have 240 volts and 120 volts at the timer. No trouble codes are set. When you try to select the temperature the display will read 105 for a few seconds and then turn off. The same for preheat and broil. When selecting self clean it will lock the oven door and then turn off and unlock the door. The diagnostic chart in the oven tray says for ho heat from oven- check voltage between term 1 and term 7 shoulfd be 240V If yes then replace timer.Awaiting receipt of timer