318019820 Frigidaire/Kenmore Stove (Oven, Range) Timer Repair

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Frigidaire/Kenmore timer model # 318019820

Frigidaire ERCs and Frigidaire stove clocks and timersKenmore ERCs and Kenmore stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Frigidaire/Kenmore
Part Number :  318019820
Appliance Type :  Stove (Oven, Range)
Color :  White
Description :  Electronic Controller

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Recent Service Requests for Frigidaire/Kenmore Part Number 318019820

CityModel NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Lansdowne, OntarioN/Athe display beeps and display comes on. on occasion oven can even come on its ownAwaiting receipt of timer
St. John's, Newfoundland and LabradorPGLEF387CS1F1ORIGINAL PROBLEM: In early September, my Frigidaire Gallery Range, Model PGLEF387CS1, began beeping on its own for no apparent reason. It was an ongoing and intermittent problem. The range would sit quietly for hours, then it would beep on and off for the remainder of the day. I tried unplugging it overnight, but the pattern repeated itself the next day. Sometimes when the beeping occurred one of the display lights flashed on as well; usually it was the "TIME" light (not "TIMER"), sometimes "START STOP TIME", "ERR", "LOC", or "BROIL HI". Although displayed, the door never locked, and the broiler didn't come on, During the beeping/flashing the keypad buttons worked intermittently. At times, I could manage to preheat the oven using BAKE or CONVECTION BAKE and the temperature climbed, but if the beeping started again, the oven shut off. Usually, the bake element only stayed on for 2-45 seconds until the beeps and "TIME" flashing started again and the oven shut off. If the beeping stopped long enough, the oven timer could be set and kept counting down even when the beeping and display acted up. You repaired my Control Panel approximately 10 years ago, so I thought you might be able to help again. I called your phone line and spoke with a technician who said the erratic behavior sounded like a short in the keypad and he suggested I try to find another used keypad, as they were no longer being made. I managed to find a replacement on eBay, which was supposedly tested and working. It's the flat glass panel with the membrane keypad mounted on the back (original part number 318032140 (white) and used replacement part number 318032120 (gray) ). THE NEW F1 PROBLEM: When I substituted the "new" used keypad, it too acted erratically, allowing some keys to sometimes work, allowing several hours of bake time, and then settled on an F1 error message, with no other keys responding until the range was unplugged. Since getting the F1 message, the pattern is always the same when the range is plugged in -- a seemingly random time is illuminated along with the orange function lights; usually the keypad does not work (although you may be able to preheat or bake for 1 or 2 seconds); and then the oven will beep 3-4 times and the F1 message is illuminated again until the range is unplugged. If I plug the "old" or original keypad panel back in, it now behaves just like the "new" one -- a brief flash of the display lights, the keys don't work, and there are a few beeps followed by F1. Based on what I've read on the internet, an F1 message may indicate a problem with the Control or TImer Panel. When two different keypads are giving the same results (??), do you think requesting an examination of the Control Board is justified in this case or am I just throwing my money away? Are there any tests I can perform to narrow things down? If you have any questions, or want me to call, send me an e-mail and I'll respond. Thank you. FOLLOW UP E-MAIL CORRESPONDENCE: [HS]: If the touchpad is good then the small board which is diagonal to the main board is defective. It is also quite possible that both touchpads are bad [DG]: Thank you for getting back to me. Are you able to test and repair the small board? If so, what parts would I have to send? [HS]: You can send it in with the small board still attached Regards, Howard Simons ApplianceTimers.com ******** If you are able to perform any repairs, please use the least expensive shipping option when returning the Timer.Repaired
New Hamburg, OntarioPGLEF388CS3N/AOven will not heat Broiler will not turn onRepaired
Vanier, OntarioPGLEF387AS4noneCPU, display, keyboard, clock, temperature readout all okay. Oven does not come on. Almost certianly a relay problem, the corner of K5 looks a bit burnt. AlexRepaired
Maple Ridge, British ColumbiaPGLEF387AS1F1F1 error code showed up, unplugged appliance and then reconnected it. F1 code gone, however, display now shows the time and loc (like the oven is locked for cleaning which it is not). The keypad, timer, start, clear, clock buttons all work. none of the oven control buttons workAwaiting receipt of timer
Pembroke, OntarioC970-441835 ser# NF10318326F10oven over heats, beeping and F10 code shows then all buttons including stop button stops working. Stove must be unplugged.Repaired
Mississauga, OntarioC970698083Noneoven is not heatingAwaiting receipt of timer
Geraldton, Ontariopglef387cs2N/AAfter installing a new bake element the mount screws were not secured properly and shorted out. It may have done damage to the control board. The baking, convection and boiler element stopped working.Repaired
North Bay, OntarioC970692651N/ABoth elements in Oven do not turn on. The display on mother board timer shows that they are working but they dont.Repaired
Cowichan Bay, British ColumbiaPGLEF387AS4NAJune 18, 2020 As per our discussions about the electronic 318019820 oven control board. 1. Convection Bake 2. Bake 3. Convection Roast 4. Broil ALL WORK MOST OF THE TIME – Oven starts when cold, and comes up to temperature normally -Intermittently the oven temperature control stops cycling and the temperature drops, despite the read out saying it is at 350 or whatever it was set at. When in this (Bozo mode) condition it will not restart any Mode 1,2,3,4, and the temperature continues to fall. When testing in this (bozo) mode. The buttons seem to work properly clear select temperature start, it registers the existing temperature but no element gets turned on. If persistent enough it will eventually start and continues to work properly for a few hours or days. -Curious thing 2 times when testing in this (Bozo Mode) the Bake element did come on when I pressed the Pre heat button. I don’t know if that was coincidental or not. I didn’t try clean as my digital temperature gauge was in the oven. Thank you Richard Cargill 250 748 1240 1106 Fairbanks Rd Cowichan Bay B.C. V0R 1N2Repaired
ST Cyrille de Wendover, QuebecC970-698083F1ELECTRIC SHORTAwaiting receipt of timer
East St. Paul., ManitobaPGLEF387AQ4LockOven does not work. Permanently shows "Lock"Repaired
East St. Paul., ManitobaPGLEF387AQ4LockOven does not work. Indicator permanently shows "Lock"Repaired
Montreal, QuebecPGLEF387CS1none appearedThe oven and the broiler do not heat up, so it is impossible to use these. Paquette who services Frigidaire came and said it was the timer but could not replace it as they said this part is no longer available.Repaired
Toronto, Ontarioc970-689242N/Aoven will not heat. clock and elements working fine.Repaired
Pointe Claire, QuebecPGLEF387CS2NoneTimer screen indicates oven on and shows 70F . Element never gets red. Temperature never goes up.Repaired
Bathurst, New BrunswickC970692621NILTimer starts beeping by its selfAwaiting receipt of timer
middle sackville, Nova Scotiac970-692081N/Aclock display changes by itself and starts beeping and loc displayed on the screen. I have replaced touch pad control assembly couple of years ago. can you give me a cost for a rebuilt timer and if I send my timer for repair cost thank youAwaiting receipt of timer
Saskatoon, SaskatchewanC970-698082N/A- F1 code came in after power outage - re cycling power didn't fix - oven light doesn't shut off, suspect relay - can't set clock, tested keypad by unplugging and re-powering, code came back in. - oven sensor tested 1085 ohms at room tempBeyond Repair
Hanover, OntarioPGLEF387AQ1F1Oven function/display was random beeping for a few years. I cleaned inside panel glass, and now only F1 displays.Awaiting receipt of timer