318019810 Frigidaire/Kenmore Range (Oven, Stove) Timer Repair

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Frigidaire/Kenmore timer model # 318019810

Frigidaire ERCs and Frigidaire stove clocks and timersKenmore ERCs and Kenmore stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Frigidaire/Kenmore
Part Number :  318019810
Appliance Type :  Range (Oven, Stove)
Color : 
Description :  Timer

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Recent Service Requests for Frigidaire/Kenmore Part Number 318019810

CityModel NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland and LabradorC970-416153F1Oven won’t heatAwaiting receipt of timer
St. John's, Newfoundland and LabradorC970-416141NAThe oven very often fails to heat up, though sometimes it will. I took the timer board out once and noticed some solder joints that looked "cold". I touched those up, and the oven started working again for several months, before returning to its intermittent working state. I guess the cold joints might have been a symptom of a large problem.Repaired
frenchfort, Prince Edward Islandc970-416153noneoven heats up to about 300 then resets just like someone trips a breaker. clock resets and flashes 12:00 and oven is off can turn back on and everything seems fine until it hits about 300 degress.Repaired
North Battleford, Saskatchewanc970416121N/AI called you a while back about this. It heats up to certain temperature the does not heat.Repaired
North Saanich, British ColumbiaC970-416142either F1 or F4,Intermittent (seems to know when we have company coming). Often will not respond -- or respond correctly -- to the number buttons being pressed, will not continue to maintain heat (if we can manage to get it set to work)Awaiting receipt of timer
Saint-Lazare, QuebecN/ATemperature does not go higher than ~200FRepaired
Duncan, British ColumbiaC970-416181N/AWhen the timer fails to bring the oven up to the requested temperature, it seems to stop at about 150-175 deg and the clock begins to flash a time of about 12:15 to 12:20. If the bake button is pushed again, it usually returns to heating, but sometimes takes a few minutes to resume increasing the temp. Occasionally, having achieved the bake temperature, it fails to hold it there and again the time begins flashing 12:15 or so.Repaired
Creston, British ColumbiaV970-41618no codeelements will not heat including convection element , all other functions on touch panel work normallyRepaired
Creston, British ColumbiaV970-41618no codeelements will not heat including convection element , all other functions on touch panel work normallyRepaired
Calgary, AlbertaC970-416151N/ATimer resets randomly when heating up (The displays flash to 888, ceasing all other functions then shuts off)Repaired
vittoria, Ontarioc970-416151N/Anot heating to programmed temp.Repaired
Abbotsford, British ColumbiaC970-416151N/AWill stop warming up off and onRepaired
Laval, QuebecC970-4161N/ATurn off before reaching the temperature desiredAwaiting receipt of timer
Hannon, OntarioC970-416142F1 (only had it disSometimes comes up to temp, sometimes not. Time does not hold. Sometimes if I just slightly tap the face all of display temporarily light then shuts off and clock resets.Have tried pulling main fuses and resetting but it does not make a distance. I have had the timer out and checked for cold solder joints (just guessing but I could not see any)Awaiting receipt of timer
sturgeon county, AlbertaKenmore Elite C970-416142n/aThe oven won't heat up past 200 degrees celsius.Repaired
Russell, Ontarioc970N/AOven will not reach temps above 190F. All elements have continuity. There is a clicking noise like a relay cycling off and on. Display occaisionally starts to blink and requires a power off cycle to reset.Awaiting receipt of timer
Repentigny, QuebecC970-4161N/AClock resets by itself after a few minutes like if there was a momentary power loss. Oven shutts-off and time starts flashing and returns to its default time.Awaiting receipt of timer
VICTORIA, British ColumbiaC970-416141noneGround fault4th pin on right to chassisRepaired
Courtenay, British ColumbiaC970-416121N/ADLB RELAY NOT WORKINGRepaired
Blenheim, OntarioC970-416121N/AWhen running the cleaning cycle, heard a loud pop. Now heating elements do not work. All other functions work. It sounds like it's working, I hear normal clicking sounds when turning on the oven but no heat. I've taken the timer out of the oven and can clearly see a burn mark around the failed component on the board which is a somewhat large black plastic box attached to the circuit board.Repaired