316418701 Electrolux/Frigidaire Range (Stove, Oven) Timer Repair

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Electrolux/Frigidaire timer model # 316418701

Electrolux ERCs and Electrolux stove clocks and timersFrigidaire ERCs and Frigidaire stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Electrolux/Frigidaire
Part Number :  316418701
Appliance Type :  Range (Stove, Oven)
Color : 
Description :  Clock/timer

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Recent Service Requests for Electrolux/Frigidaire Part Number 316418701

CityModel NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
VANCOUVER, British ColumbiaGallery SeriesF31Got a F31 error. A technician came, checked the sensor (as he and we thought it was the issue) and it turns out the sensor was fine. He said it has to be the timer and recommended we contact you to repair the timer.Repaired
Mirror, AlbertaNo codeIt would not light the Gas igniter in the oven. It began to smoke and my wife cancelled the Bake command. When I returned later it and tried to Bake at 350 the board did not smoke, but it did not light the igniter.Beyond Repair
Maple, Ontariocplgf390dcF30Hello, I have an oven that keeps showing the error message F30. I have tried changing the temperature probe and that did not solve the problem.Awaiting receipt of timer
Berkeley, CaliforniaPLGFZ390ECBNo power, clock/dispTimer/control board went dark. There is power to the board and the rest of the oven (e.g. electric range igniters still function)Awaiting receipt of timer
chilliwack, British ColumbiaCPLGF390DCGF-30F-30 Code sets even after installing new temp prob. F-30 code sets during cooking sometimes but not always. F-30 code set in the middle of the night even when not using the oven. overlay pad looks a bit worn and has slight tear. Wanting to replace this at the same time if you could provide one great! If not I will order one .Repaired
Hamilton, OntarioCplgf390dchF11Keep writing pf then f11Awaiting receipt of timer
Harrington, DelawareFrigidaire Gallery Series Gas RangeN/ARight side buttons do not work therefore unable to turn oven on.Awaiting receipt of timer
Mesa, Arizonaplgcf390ecbblack0everything works except the oven will nit light and only 32 volts is getting to the oven ignitorAwaiting receipt of timer
Gurabo, FloridaPlgfz390ecbN/ANo start nothingAwaiting receipt of timer
Chester, Nova ScotiaCPLGF390DCHf11replaced overlay for non responsive keypad after power outage F11 flashes and beeps still.. looking for refurb controlAwaiting receipt of timer
Binbrook, OntarioCPLGF39ODCHNoneStove burners work. Lower drawer works. Convection fan turns on. Will not turn on oven burner or broiler top burner.Repaired
London, OntarioCGLGF388DBCN/AThe clock and all electrical functions of the stove are dead. The burners still work and the electric start works. Okay last night dead this morning. Checked all circuit breakers and obvious electrical problems. Hopefully the clock/timer can be repaired.Beyond Repair
London, OntarioCGLGF388DBCunknownThe stove is gas. The burners work and the click start works. The clock and all functions of the oven and lights do not. Circuit breakers and all obvious electrical related options were checked. Cause of failure unknown. Worked one day and next morning the clock and electrical functions of the stove were dead. I am hopeful you can repair the clock/timer attached.Beyond Repair
Brooklyn, New Yorkplgfz390echN/Anot workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Toronto, OntarioCPLGF390DCFN/ASmoke and burning smellBeyond Repair
edison, New Jerseyplgf390dcbN/Ano time in display, none of the control buttons work. stove top burners work, heating tray works and oven light doesnt work.Beyond Repair
Semmes, AlabamaPLGFZ390ECBF13Started with F11 after it was not used for a while; removed control unit to clean it and F13 error began. Oven will turn on but on at 288 Degrees.Awaiting receipt of timer
East Sandwich, MassachusettsPLGFZ390ECDDeadThis unit was replaced about 4 years ago.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Freeport, New YorkEs510F 11Timer will beep continuously and show err but no code, also will go into lock mode by itself and will not be able to reset as none of the control buttons will work!...sometimes if the plug is pulled out for a period of time the timer will reset for a good while but then when you least expect it it will happen!Awaiting receipt of timer
Lompoc, CaliforniaPLGF390DCCN/Aoverlay had warped. customer attempted to repair with Elmers glue. IIt worked for a day or two then would not respond to any selection. I used a pencil eraser to remove the glue and it took the line structure off as well. I have a new overlay. I need to replace the main control board.Awaiting receipt of timer