316207620 Frigidaire/Electrolux/Kenmore Range (Oven, Stove) Timer Repair

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DESKTOP Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Frigidaire/Electrolux/Kenmore timer model # 316207620

Frigidaire ERCs and Frigidaire stove clocks and timersElectrolux ERCs and Electrolux stove clocks and timersKenmore ERCs and Kenmore stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Frigidaire/Electrolux/Kenmore
Part Number :  316207620
Appliance Type :  Range (Oven, Stove)
Color : 
Description :  Clock/Timer, EOC

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Recent Service Requests for Frigidaire/Electrolux/Kenmore Part Number 316207620

CityModel NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Schwenksville, PennsylvaniaPLEF398CCDF1Oven element will not turn offAwaiting receipt of timer
Tillsonburg, OntarioCPLEF398CCBN/AThis Request Service form is for the timer delivered to you in person by Carl Jailall on Monday, August 16, 2010. If it is not repairable, please check your inventory to see if you have one in stock. <br /> Please inform me when it is ready (by phone or by email at ) and Carl will pick it up in person to avoid shipping charges.<br /> Thanks!Repaired
Cambridge, OntarioCPLEF398CCBF09Stuck on code F09, beep. Will not reset using cancel button, nor after power removed for hours. Door motor replaced with no change in error. Cancel button operates door lock motor, but returns to F09 error with beep. Thank you.Repaired
Kimberley, British Columbia52 393 h1no codeoven does not work, in bake it turns on the broiler unitAwaiting receipt of timer
Toronto, OntarioProfessional seriesnoneF7 popping up.<br /> now it does not turn onAwaiting receipt of timer
Montreal, QuebecCPLEF398CCDN/ATimer and over not functioningAwaiting receipt of timer
Allentown, Pennsylvania-F1- ERRError code began about 1 week ago. Tried to turn power off for 30 sec. After removing PF tried any command and resulted in error code above. <br /> <br /> Not sure if coincidence, but stove cleaned by hand the day before and could have been cleaned aggressively?<br /> <br /> Please call before shipping back if beyond repair.<br /> <br /> Thanks,<br /> <br /> Ken<br /> (484)239-0218Repaired
brampton, OntarioCPLEF398ACAf7I pick up a timer from you today but it is incorrect.<br /> The board that was change was replace with the incorrect board.<br /> when the serviceman put in the new timer he had an extra wire but no were to plug it in. My original timer had the connections on the right side of the board. However all the connection on this board is on the bottom of the board. I would like to come in early in the morning and exchange for the correct one. Please call me at 7am 905-654-5950. Thanks HowardAwaiting receipt of timer
LONGUEUIL, QuebecCPLEF398CCDTHE RELAY JUST BLOWAwaiting receipt of timer
CROMER, ManitobaCPLEF398CCDnilmy timer just blacked out, no responseTimer inspected, no repairs necessary
carleton place, OntarioCPLEF398CCBN/Aoven dose not workRepaired
Rimouski, QuebecCplef398cceFPAwaiting receipt of timer
Ridgeville, Ontariocplef398ccbPFNo heat in oven. Oven light does not work, makes a clicking noise when you try to turn it on.Repaired
Herndon, VirginiaFEFL89CCBBoth oven elements dBoth oven elements stopped heating at the same timeRepaired
Kirkland, QuebecCPLEF398CCDN/ADoesn't workAwaiting receipt of timer
Caledonia, OntarioCPLEF398CCBnoneHeard a pop and puff of black smoke and now portions of the timer no longer function. Can only heat oven to 170 as number pad is non-functional.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Delson, QuebecCPLEF398CCBPF + F9 none stopPF code when trying to use the Oven. i tcheck the current 240v, the resistance of 3 oven Elements, everything is good. i reset the EOC, then the timer starts beeping and F9 code flashing. i did look a at my door latch. its closing and opening none stop. i tested my NC and NO switch on door latch actuator, everything is working fine (current is there and switch is doing there job). i am now at the EOC.... that all there is left.Repaired
Kanab, UtahGalaxyNoneBoth oven elements won't work. Everything else works.Awaiting receipt of timer
Burlington, OntarioCPLEF398CCBN/AOven is not heating upReplaced with new in-stock timer