131725300 Electrolux Laundry Timer Repair

DESKTOP Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Electrolux timer model # 131725300

Electrolux ERCs and Electrolux stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Electrolux
Part Number :  131725300
Appliance Type :  Laundry
Color : 
Description :  Spin control board

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Recent Service Requests for Electrolux Part Number 131725300

CityModel NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Lindsay, OntarioFWT 445 GES2NANo motor movement.<br /> Pump runs<br /> Have replaced lock assembly . Ran for 2 loads and then will not agitate or spin<br /> Previous to replacing door lock machine would agitate but not do high speed spin.Beyond Repair
Ravenna, Michiganwsxh208v0wwN/Awasher timer goes through cycles but motor does not spin always.Awaiting receipt of timer
Mount Ida, ArkansasGalleryN/AThere has been a progression of symptoms, most noticeable in the spin cycle.<br /> 1) First, would spin at low and high speed in one direction only (lost the reverse direction spin).<br /> 2) then, motor would spin at low speed, with occasional high speed spin (about 1/2 of the time).<br /> 3) then, would only spin at low speed. (lost high speed spin), and with weak agitation.<br /> 4) now, will not spin at all. I haven't check the agitation at this point.<br /> <br /> With no load (belt removed), Motor starts to spin very slowly, and then a 'click' is heard from the board, and the motor stops. after a few seconds, symptoms repeat.<br /> A new motor was installed, but same symptoms.Awaiting receipt of timer
Williamsburg, MassachusettsFWT 449GFS1no failure code capathis front load washer doesn't spin or agitate.<br /> The water pump, dispenser pump and mechanical clock timer appear to work.Awaiting receipt of timer