12001661 Maytag Range/Stove/Oven Timer Repair

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Maytag timer model # 12001661

Maytag ERCs and Maytag stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Maytag
Part Number :  12001661
Appliance Type :  Range/Stove/Oven
Color :  White
Description :  Clock Assmbly

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Recent Service Requests for Maytag Part Number 12001661

CityModel NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Edmonton, AlbertaGeminiN/AWon't turn off after use. If you have a control unit in stock, please call. I am open to exchanging for a reconditioned unit. (780) 619-0910Awaiting receipt of timer
cote st. luc, QuebecMER6550ACWN/Aoven temperature does not riseAwaiting receipt of timer
Winnipeg, ManitobaMER6770ACWF1-1; F1-2; F3-2Note, a month ago you said you didn't have any reconditioned timers in stock. If that has changed, we'd take one instead of sending in the old. Following an error code I have been able to get the oven working again by disconnecting the power or reset the breaker switch. The problem recurs eventually in both ovens. I get different error codes. I checked the resistance of my temperature probes and they seemed to be around 1080ohms.Repaired
PORTLAND, Oregonmer6550aawF1-H,F1-E,power failUpper oven won't work(F1-H EEPROM) & when I use burners power failure comes up & I have to reset clock. Have updated wall socket to 4 wire & cord on range. Had F1-1,changed upper sensor seems ok. Changed this control in Feb 2020 with part purchased from Reliable Parts due to "dim read-out" only problem.Awaiting receipt of timer
Bettendorf, Iowamer6770aawF1-1F1-1 error code for small top ovenAwaiting receipt of timer
Bettendorf, Iowamer6770aawF1-1F1-1 error code for small top ovenAwaiting receipt of timer
Montgomery Village, MarylandMER6770AABF1-1, many othersPlug in oven and fail code comes up after a few minutes. Cancel and reset, but code reappears after a few minutes. Previous to this failure, the oven would appear to work, but would not hold the indicated temperature.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
magog, Québecmer6770accN/Aerratic oven temperatureAwaiting receipt of timer
BIBLE HILL, Nova ScotiaN/Atop oven not heatingAwaiting receipt of timer
Gainesville, GeorgiaMER6771AAQF1-8Stove beeps erratically, and some functions on top oven and timers become inactive, but will return to functioning when stove is rebooted.Awaiting receipt of timer
Vienna, VirginiaMER6700AAWf1-2Failure code f1-2 repeatedly appears. I cut off power to the oven to reset, and then the oven sometimes works for a short while before giving the failure code again. This is a gemini model with a small top oven and larger bottom oven. I have replaced both thermometers and two elements but problem continues. Control board seems to be the problem. Howard Simons responded to my email inquiry on whether the part was in stock, saying "I have one with an extra relay(wiring is the same)"Replaced with reconditioned timer
Bend, OregonMER6550AAWF1-1getting a falt code F1-1 have replaced the upper temp. prob but still getting the falt code. sometimes even with just using the stove top. ( with 3 or all burners working ) Thanks - GregRepaired
sobieski, Wisconsinmer6770aacf 1-2diagnostic tech sheet suggests that the double ovens are overheating. I found that when they are both runing at the same time they come to temperature set. hold the temp without overheating for about 30 minutes. and then the fault code shows up so it isn't overheating which would rule out the therostates because they both have good resistance too. this leads me to believe that the control itself is either overheating or possible a bad/miscommunication from board to thermostate..Replaced with reconditioned timer
Webster, WisconsinMER6770AAWF1-2Upon baking in lower oven unit shuts down and displays f1-2. Replacing sensor didn't repair it.Repaired
Altamonte Springs, FloridaMER6770AAQF1-2Oven temp runs wild. Low heat at times or shuts down and error code comes up. Color is off-white/bisque.Replaced with reconditioned timer
BIBLE HILL, Nova Scotiamer6770acwF1-1 and F1-2 and F3oven will preheat, then beeps, flashes error code and shutts down.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Windsor, OntarioMER6770ACWF1-8Shorted ketpad- cannot program clock or ovens.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Parker Ford, PennsylvaniaMER6770AACF1-2Failure codes and buzzerAwaiting receipt of timer