Appliance Timer Manufacturers

In most cases, the timer in your appliance is not made by the same company that made your appliance. The timers are usually made under contract by supply companies. We have experience in servicing mechanical and electronic timers manufactured by these timer manufacturers.
Appliance Control Technology Genrad Remco, Spain
Borg Goldstar Robertshaw
Capable Controls Inc Harper-Wyman SAE
DIEHL Inglis SanKen UK
Digital Appliance Controls Invensys Appliance Controls Siebe Appliance Controls
Dreefs Jabil Circuit inc Siemens
DRS Kenmore Sigmayton
EAC Technologies Corp Maytag Spitfire Controls
Eaton Winterset Motorola Inc Tottori Sanio Electric
Electrolux Natron corporation Whirlpool
FSP Paragon Electric Co Worldtronics
Gabriel Pressenk Instruments