WP22001180 Maytag Washing Machine/Dryer Timer

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Maytag timer model # WP22001180

Maytag ERCs and Maytag stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Maytag
Part Number :  WP22001180
Appliance Type :  Washing Machine/Dryer
Color : 
Description :  Mechanical Washer Timer

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Recent Service Requests for Maytag Part Number WP22001180

CityManufacturerModel NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Alexandria, VirginiaMaytagLSE7804ACEN/ADoes not go through wash cycleAwaiting receipt of timer
Vancouver, British ColumbiaMaytagLSE7804ADEN/ATimer will not advance ..spin cycle works and washer will fillRepaired
Spokane, WashingtonMaytaglse7804aceN/AWasher will not runRepaired
Spokane, WashingtonMaytaglse7804aceN/AWasher will not runRepaired
Coronado, CaliforniaMaytagLSE7804ACEN/AMy timer is burnedAwaiting receipt of timer
Des Moines, IowaMaytaglse7804aceN/ATIMER NOT ADVANCINGRepaired
Brooklyn, New YorkMaytagLSE7804ACEN/Aburn smell coming from unit.Repaired
Brooklyn, New YorkMaytagLSE7804ACEN/AsmokeRepaired
Brooklyn, New YorkMaytagLSE7804ACEN/Aburnt aroma coming from unitRepaired
Miami, FloridaMaytagLSE7804ACEdon’t knowMachine won’t startAwaiting receipt of timer
NEW YORK, New YorkMaytagLSG7804AAEN/ATimer will not turn on the washerRepaired
Rochester,MN, MinnesotaMaytagN/AIt just clicks rather than move from wash to spin cycle.Awaiting receipt of timer
Fairfield, New JerseyMaytagLSG7804AAEN/AThe timer keeps going around, but does not stop. The washer agitates, but does not rinse and drain properly. A repairman looked at it and it needs a new timer, but the timer is discontinued and I cannot find a replacement.Repaired
Concord, OntarioMaytagLSE7804ADEN/ATimer stops before the rinse/spin - needs to be manually moved and it begins working.Repaired
Edmonton, AlbertaMaytagLSE7804ADEWasher won’t fillWasher won’t fill or agitate. We replaced back piece but did not fix problem. Think it is a timer issue?Awaiting receipt of timer
Los Angeles, CaliforniaMaytagA2442284KFN/AWasher does not finish the Rinse Cycle on the either the Regular or Permanent Press settings. I have to force it to the Spin setting, and even that only works on the Regular wash setting.Awaiting receipt of timer
Apache Junction, ArizonaMaytagLSE7804ACENo codeWasher will not start. Only spin worksRepaired
Los Angeles, CaliforniaMaytagLSG7804AALN/Aallows water in but does not advanceRepaired