208196 Maytag Washing Machine/Dryer Timer

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Maytag timer model # 208196

Maytag ERCs and Maytag stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Maytag
Part Number :  208196
Appliance Type :  Washing Machine/Dryer
Color : 
Description :  Mechanical Washer Timer

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Recent Service Requests for Maytag Part Number 208196

CityManufacturerModel NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
oakville, OntarioMaytaglat9593abwN/Amotor will not run on reg. cycle but runs on delicateAwaiting receipt of timer
Madison, IndianaMaytagLAT7793AALnonewasher cycles through.
water still in tub
for awhile I could manually turn knob to
spin and the machine would spin out.
then I had to turn to gentle cycle rinse spin out
all the while the timer just makes a soft clicking noise when not
Awaiting receipt of timer
Grand Rapids, MichiganMaytagLAT9593AAWN/AWasher only cycles through on the delicate cycle now. It gets hung up on the permanent press cycle recently...Repaired
Horsham, PennsylvaniaMaytagLAT7793AAWN/AWILL NOT SPINRepaired
waldo, WisconsinMaytagLAT7793AAW serial #A0100906noneWasher stops iin mid cycle does not complete a cycle. if a side load was placed on the knob at times it would start again but quit if the pressure was released.Repaired
East Alton, IllinoisMaytagLAT9593AALN/ATimer does not advance.Repaired
Erie, PennsylvaniaMaytagLAT9593AAWN/Awill not work on normal or permanent press cycle but gentle cycle does work. it stopped mid-cycle in normalRepaired
LAKEWOOD, WashingtonMaytagLAT9593AAW?Timer will not advance.Repaired
O'Neill, NebraskaMaytagLAT7793AALN/Awasher will not run motor on high speed, can only use on delicate settingRepaired
ORMOND BEACH, FloridaMaytagLAT7793AAYN/AWashing machine had only been working in Knits/Delicates for the past year. Tub fills and agitates then advances past rinse cycle to empty/spin and turns off. Tub also fills in Regular Fabrics cycle but does not agitate, etc. Two days ago washer filled but did not agitate and would not empty although timer continued to advance to off position.Repaired
erie, PennsylvaniaMaytagLAT9593AALNaWould fill and not agitate on permanent press or regular fabric cycles, only on delicate cycles. Removed timer and sprayed with electronic cleaner and removed cam guide but when we replaced it the washer wouldn’t do anything and the timer wouldn’t advance anymoreRepaired
El Cajon, CaliforniaMaytagLAT9593AAWN/AWhen in regular wash cycle it stops at rinse/spin and will not function. The timer can be jiggled and gently pushed to the right and machine will empty, rinse and spin.Repaired