318013700 Robertshaw/Frigidaire/Kenmore Electric Stove Timer

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Robertshaw/Frigidaire/Kenmore timer model # 318013700

Robertshaw ERCs and Robertshaw stove clocks and timersFrigidaire ERCs and Frigidaire stove clocks and timersKenmore ERCs and Kenmore stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Robertshaw/Frigidaire/Kenmore
Part Number :  318013700
Appliance Type :  Electric Stove
Color : 
Description : 

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Recent Service Requests for Robertshaw/Frigidaire/Kenmore Part Number 318013700

CityManufacturerModel NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
guelph, OntarioFrigidairecfes387cfs5f-1when oven is turned on fault code apppears after about one minute.Awaiting receipt of timer
Tillsonburg, OntarioFrigidairenanadoes not power up.Replaced with reconditioned timer
guelph, OntarioFrigidairecfes387cfs5f-1when oven is turned on fault code apppears after about one minute.Awaiting receipt of timer
Trail, British ColumbiaFrigidairePFEF385JHS1F1 once onlyOven works normally for a while (20 to 30 minutes) then shuts off. Display blanks and there is no response to button presses. After 10 to 15 minutes display returns but is flashing. After setting clock oven can be restarted until eventually it shuts off again and we repeat the process.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Toronto, OntarioFrigidairecfd9389wfc1dim digitaldisplayThis order is instead of the one I sent out a couple of day ago. I wanted to upgrade shipping to faster shipping with tracking. Thanks.Repaired
O'Leary, Prince Edward IslandFrigidaireGalleryN/ADoes not light upRepaired
longueuil, QuébecFrigidairepfef385jhs1blank oven not workitimer is blank and oven is not working, we can hear it start and stop.

please send me a price for replacement .
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Windsor Junction, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCGLEF385AS4F1F! error showing up - problem will not clear
Do you have one in stock you can ship right away
Do I have to send in my old and wait for it to be repaired?
Awaiting receipt of timer
Whitby, OntarioFrigidairePFEF385JHT2noneThe oven is not functioning, can see anything on timer and it was verified that power is going to timer.Repaired
Toronto, OntarioFrigidairecfd9389wfc1N/ADim digital displayRepaired
Niagara falls, OntarioFrigidairefrigidairenoneduring lightning storm display went dead and has never worked actually the customer had just got the range and hadn't ever used itTimer inspected, no repairs necessary
Thessalon, OntarioFrigidaireCFES387CFS3F1Flashing F-1 on display and beeping.Repaired
Carignan, QuébecFrigidairecfes387cfs5N/AThe oven doesn't work properly,doesn't keep his temperature, the convection fan doesn't work,
it does only when I use the clean function.
Awaiting receipt of timer
port elgin. ont, OntarioFrigidairepfef385jhs1N/Atemp readout has faded. It's great to see a Canadian company doing this type of work,we usually have to send stuff to the States.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Victoria, British ColumbiaFrigidairePFEF385JHSN/ABake would not work (first) Later the screen went blank. Can hear the contacts close when you hit the button, but clicks off in a coulpe of seconds.Repaired
Port Dover, OntarioFrigidairePFEF385JHS1BLANK SCREENBlank screen. Relays click on then off.

Will pick up tomorrow.
Hamilton, OntarioFrigidaireCGLEF385AS4N/ANo bake or convection heat available. Broil function OK.Repaired
Victoria, British ColumbiaFrigidairePFEF385JHS1N/ABake would not work (first). Later the screen went blank. Can hear contacts close when hiting the buttons, but click off in a couple of seconds.Repaired
Welland, OntarioFrigidaireCFES387CFS5noneOven timer does not light or perform any functions. Stove top was still functional.Repaired
Toronto, OntarioFrigidaireN/AdeadAwaiting receipt of timer
black rock, Nova ScotiaFrigidairefrigidaire CGLEF385AS4N/ATimer does not power up but there is power to timerRepaired
Sherbrooke, QuébecFrigidaireCFES387CFS5no code (blank displLED readout is completely dark and I can ear a ''clicking'' sound when pressing the touch pad however after a few secounds it clics again (off..?) without touching any keys. All elements work fine and there is 220 coming in to the range and good voltage to the timer.Repaired
Edgewater, MarylandFrigidaireCFEF385SIJ1F1Beeps with F1 error code & "Locked " indicator remains lit. Would like to get a replacement membrane for fp switch. I would prefer either an all English or symbols, and would prefer white or black on the membrane.

Thanks in advance,

Jeff Baker
Awaiting receipt of timer
Glenboro, ManitobaFrigidaireCGLEF385AS1F1 and F3Oven Beeps and gives an error code. It started when we used the broil on high then it happened the other day when the oven was being used. We were able to restart the oven after we pressed cancel. But the other day it would not let us turn the oven back on until later after it cooled (2 or 3 hours)Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Courtice, OntarioFrigidaireCFES388RFS3N/AThe timer display does not function at all. The LED display is completely blank. The controls for the surface burners continue to function correctly.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Chicoutimi, QuébecFrigidaireN/AThe plastic in the front panel is broken, and its very hard to see de temp reading, sometime the buzzer is very timid ...
Its a Robertshaw 318013700.
Can`t let my wife without oven during repair so i need to know if you can cross ship one of those ...

Replaced with reconditioned timer
Winnipeg, ManitobaOtherFrigidareBake relay k2Bake RelayK2 not engagingAwaiting receipt of timer
Chatham, OntarioFrigidaireCGLEF385AS4N/AOven only heats to 23o degrees then stopsRepaired
Courtice, OntarioFrigidaireCFES388RFS3N/AThe timer display does not function at all. The LED display is completely blank. The controls for the surface burners continue to function correctly.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Etobicoke, OntarioFrigidaireGallery #CGLEF388AB2noneoven and convection elements do not work - broiler, timer & clock doRepaired
Edmonton, AlbertaFrigidaireCFES387CFS5N/ADisplay is not working, oven controls are not working.Awaiting receipt of timer
Toronto, OntarioFrigidaireCFES387CFS-4naWe experienced a voltage power drop ... one leg of the 240 volt main input was bad. Supply voltage dropped in half. Suspect the transformer was damaged. Also note...one of the OMRON relays has been loosen from the circuit board during my failed troubleshooting.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Keswick, OntarioFrigidaireCGLEF385AS4N/ANo response on timer. while using convection setting pop sound and blue flash from oven then timer went blank and unresponsive.Repaired
Utica, MichiganFrigidaireCFDS389JGB2None--- Dim displayBasically it is just the digital readout that went dim.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Edmundston, New BrunswickFrigidaireCFES387CFB5N/AMy Frigidaire Gallery range is 13 years old and looks like new, except the clock timer is no longer functioning. I would like to know how much it would cost to buy a new one or if you have refurbished. Please send prices for each.

Kamloops, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCFEF385JIS1N/Aoven wont come on...Repaired
St-charles-borromée, QuébecFrigidairecfes 387cfs4no codeLED readout is completely dark and I can ear a ''clicking'' sound when pressing the touch pad however after a few secounds it clics again (off..?) without touching any keys.Repaired
Presidio, TexasFrigidaireCGLEF385AS1N/Ait does not power on at allRepaired
Mission, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGLEF385AS4nilLED display is dim on some areas. Bake will only go to about 300 deg. and the solenode just clicks. Now there is no bakeReplaced with new in-stock timer
Brooks, AlbertaKenmorec970-445235N/Adoes not workRepaired
Port Lambton, Ont, OntarioFrigidaireCFDS389JEB2Display not workingSpeaking with Howard if display cannot be repaired will opt for replacement board for $270.00. Any problems please call 519-381-7727 (our e-mail not working)Replaced with new in-stock timer
Oakville, OntarioFrigidaireCFES388JFS3n/adisplay led is very dimAwaiting receipt of timer
Newmarket, OntarioFrigidaireN/AClock went dead.. so the oven is too!!! Called your office and Howard suggested it may be repairable.Awaiting receipt of timer
oshawa, OntarioFrigidaireN/Ano display & oven does not work. stove top does workRepaired
Ste Anne, ManitobaFrigidaireCGLEF38AS4no codeEverything else works but the bake cycle.....element is good but only 110v to the one side of it. No power coming from the "bake" relay on the control board. (broil relay is cycling and broil element heats) Temperature sensor measure good at approx. 1100 ohms. and F3 sensor failure code comes on display when I disconnect sensor. Pretty sure the bake relay is faulty.Repaired
Quebec, QuébecFrigidaireCFES387CFS5NoneOven controls and clock readouts don't work. Top elements are working fine.Repaired
Summerside, Prince Edward IslandFrigidaireCFES387CFS6Oven temp not pisplaOven temp not displayed, replace white overlay if possibleRepaired
Sturgeon County, AlbertaFrigidaireno heat from bottom no heat from bottom bake, no power when checked suspect bad relay on boardAwaiting receipt of timer
Delia, AlbertaFrigidaireCFES388WGC7N/AConvection bake and bake functions do not work in oven. Element and relay are working.Awaiting receipt of timer
Thunder Bay, OntarioFrigidaireCFES387CFS3N/Aoven will not turn on and no clock displayReplaced with reconditioned timer
Callander, OntarioFrigidaireCFES387CFB5N/Abottom element on my oven does not work, seems like relay is not kicking in. Measured 120v at one side, bake element is goodRepaired
Terrace, British ColumbiaCrosleyCSH388001N/Acompletly deadRepaired
Port Coquitlam, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCFES388WGC6No display (dark)No display and oven don't work.
All other functions (top cookers) still working.
Replaced with reconditioned timer
cal, AlbertaFrigidairepfef 385 jht1N/Avery dim displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Mission, TexasFrigidaireCGLEF 385AS2N/AOven does not workRepaired
St-stanislas, QuébecFrigidaireN/ANot workingReplaced with reconditioned timer
Hanover, OntarioFrigidaireCFEF385JHS2N/AOVEN DO NOT WORK, ALSO FACE IS WORN BADBeyond Repair
Lasalle, OntarioFrigidairegallerydeadWill not light up. Power is going to the timer but no displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Black Diamond, AlbertaFrigidaireCFEF365JHS1noneoven works,but timer led's are very dimAwaiting receipt of timer
Fonthill, OntarioFrigidairePFEF385JHB2N/ADigital temperature display is dim and overlay is worn out.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Flin Flon, ManitobaFrigidairePFEF385JHS1N/ABake element will not turn on. Element tests "OK". Had this confirmed at appliance store. Electrician friend checked out stove wiring and says bake relay is shot.Repaired
New-Liskeard, OntarioFrigidaireN/ABake and convection not working but broil isReplaced with reconditioned timer
Laval, QuébecKenmoreF1F1 is displayed on the timer, and it beeps constantly.Awaiting receipt of timer
Baie D'Urfe, QuébecFrigidairecfes389wfc1N/Awhen i set temp. to 350F the temp.in the oven is less . I have to rais the temp.to 410F to get 350F inside the oven.Awaiting receipt of timer
Louiseville, QuébecFrigidaireCFEF385JFN/AThe timer is dead, no light, no control.Awaiting receipt of timer
Sturgeon County, AlbertaFrigidairepfrf835jhN/ANo bake heat no power to new elementAwaiting receipt of timer
Bath, OntarioFrigidaireCFES388JFSDim displayHoward quoted replacement/rebuilt unit at $149.00 plus taxes.Replaced with reconditioned timer
grand island, New YorkFrigidaireN/Aoven wont bake only broilAwaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidairepfef385jhb1N/ANo display, timer is deadAwaiting receipt of timer
Quispamsis, New BrunswickFrigidaireCGLEF385AS4NoneBake and convection will not work properly. Broil does work. Both the bake and convection elements tested good.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Canning, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCFES387CFB5N/ABlank display, oven will not work.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Petit-Rocher Nord, New BrunswickFrigidaireGalleryblankBlank display, no heat in oven, it does'nt work.Repaired
Petit-Rocher Nord, New BrunswickFrigidaireFrigidaire GalleryBlankBlank display, no heat from oven, cannot use.Repaired
Grafton, OntarioKenmoreF3Temperature of the oven continues to rise to failure regardless of what temperature is dialed in.Repaired
kleinburg, OntarioFrigidairecfes388wgc3N/Acan not see temperature numbers and thin plastic face cover is cracked by cancel button

****** Howard says please rush ********
Petit-Rocher Nord, New BrunswickFrigidaireGalleryblankBlank display, no heat in oven, it does'nt work.Repaired
Hawkesbury, OntarioFrigidairePFEF385JHB1N/ADISPLAY DIMMED, UNREADABLERepaired
Dorval, QuébecFrigidaireCFESS387CFS5NoneClock timer original part was changed back in early 2000 for 318013700. Few weeks ago, smelled burnt plastic. Since then, convection doesn't work (fan doesn't start), oven temperature is incorrect, broil is working, display is fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
calgary, AlbertaFrigidairepfef385jhs1nonedigital display doesn't work, oven doesn't work only the top burnersAwaiting receipt of timer
Petit-Rocher Nord, New BrunswickFrigidaireGalleryBlankBlank display and no heat.Repaired
Oakville, OntarioFrigidaireCFES387CFS1??Bake, Broil, Convection oven and Timer do not work
Temperature reading shows "OFF"
Display is very dim
Burlington, OntarioFrigidaireCGLEF385AB4NoneBake does not work but broil works fine. Continuity of element is good. Relays can be heard clicking on/off sometimes rapidly.Awaiting receipt of timer
Thetford Mines, QuébecFrigidairePFEF385JFS1N/AWhen the oven is running, it stops after 10-15 minutes. If we touch the panel of the timer and push on it gently, sometimes it goes back up running again. Sometimes, it doesn't. Yesterday, it stayed black all night and went up again only this afternoon.Repaired
Westbank, British ColumbiaFrigidaireFrigidaire Gallery Electric RangeN/AThe display is black ..... display has been fading over time and is now unreadable. Oven controls don't seem to be working ( ie elements don't get hot)Replaced with reconditioned timer
Sainte-Julienne, QuébecFrigidaireCFDS389JGS3N/ARepaired
Granby, QuébecKenmoreC970-445222N/Atemperature display is not readable (low intensity)
push buttons are damaged
Surrey, British ColumbiaFrigidairecfef385jhb2F1display has been intermittently dimming then working for the last year. now when using oven after 20 minutes it flashes F1 error and beeps, will work fine once unplugged and replugged back in after waiting 15 minutes then repeats above error Fi and beeping

Im hoping to purchase a rebuilt timer

Thank you
Replaced with reconditioned timer
vancouver, British ColumbiaFrigidairecfef369jfs3N/Aoven clock is blank ,can't turn on oven,stovetop works,did a self cleaning,oven worked after,then one day unplugged range to clean floor,when plugged back in ,clock was blankAwaiting receipt of timer
Blainville, QuébecFrigidaireCFES388WGC3N/Ano clock and no oven control, top stoves are working.Awaiting receipt of timer
Wymark, SaskatchewanFrigidaireCFES387CFB6N/ADisplay doesn't light up and oven doesn't work. Only stovetop works.Repaired
Cambridge, OntarioFrigidaireCFDS389-JFS5no readoutno readout (glows faintly when kitchen is dark), cannot change oven temperatureRepaired
Blainville, QuébecFrigidaireCFES388WGC3N/AThe oven control is no longer working. No clock, no display. Stoves are working properly.Awaiting receipt of timer
Vanderhoof, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCFES388RFS5N/AOven and clock have no power. stove top worksReplaced with reconditioned timer
Carvel, AlbertaFrigidairegalleryN/AExisting timer oven temp. LED failingReplaced with reconditioned timer
Vancouver, British ColumbiaFrigidaireGalleryF1beeps F1 on power upAwaiting receipt of timer
Princeville, QuébecFrigidairePFEF385JHS1ne s'illumine plus dReplaced with reconditioned timer
Dugald, ManitobaFrigidairecglef385ab4N/ABottom element of oven won't come on.
both front elements on the cook top will not heat unless first turned up to highest setting then lowered
Toronto, OntarioFrigidaireN/AburntAwaiting receipt of timer
Stony plain, AlbertaFrigidaireCFES388JFB5F-1Vacuum fluorescent display very dim.
Now goes black and beeps quietly, then will beep loudly if display face pressed on, and will display F-1.
Cowichan Bay, British ColumbiaFrigidairecfds389jgs3N/Afading display.Repaired
Welland, OntarioFrigidaireGallery #CFES387CFS5N/AOven will not reach desired temperature above 200 degrees.Repaired
Gaspé, QuebecFrigidairePFEF385JFS1NoneHi,
I have a current problem with this timer. Temperature display operates but is dimmed. I have to close the lights to see it well. Vary broil, bake and conv are also dimmed but more visible. I would like to make it fix if possible but what would be the average $ and time to send it back? If it's too long to me, I would be interested to by a new one , so how much for it?
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireCglef385ab4NaBottom element in oven not working.Repaired
Georgetown, OntarioFrigidaireN/ALED lights on screen are very dimRepaired
Calgary, AlbertaKenmoreC970-445221NoneDisplay is blank. Stove top works but oven does not. Operating any of the oven buttons causes a clicking noise in the adjacent relay approximately 5 seconds after the button is pushed.Repaired
Halifax, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCFES387CFS5Display blankDisplay blank. Stove top elements work fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
Edmonton, AlbertaFrigidaireN/ADisplay is very Dim.

All functions are fine and operable but cannot read display.
MONTREAL, QuebecFrigidairePFEF385JHB2N/ATimer flashes on and off oven stop heating.Repaired
Candiac, QuebecFrigidairecglef385as4noneBake & convection elements not working but are checked goodAwaiting receipt of timer
Belle River, OntarioFrigidaireCFES388WGC5N/AOven temperature and setting display LEDS too dim to read. Everything else works fine.Repaired
MIDLAND, OntarioFrigidaireCFES387CFB6NoBake dose not work. Grill works OK. Checked Bake coil continuity - OK. Temperature sensor also OK.Repaired
thunder bay, OntarioFrigidaireN/Abake element and convection element do not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Hope, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCFES388WGC6F5Oven quits could be restarted by pressing on face plate.
now it is dead and shows F5 and beeps
Peterborough, OntarioFrigidaireCFEF385JIS1F1Displays F1 error codeRepaired
St. Catharines, OntarioFrigidaireCFDS389JKS2display dimmingWorks well, only issue is dim displayRepaired
Bridgetown, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCFES388JFS6N/ADisplay is very weak and difficult to see in daylight. Touch pad coating on rear is cracked and unsightly.Repaired
VAL DES MONTS, QuebecFrigidaireCFES387CFS6DEAD NO DISPLAYDEAD NO DISPLAYAwaiting receipt of timer
Winnipeg, ManitobaFrigidaireN/ABlank screen. No power no displayAwaiting receipt of timer
chestermere, AlbertaFrigidaireCGLEF385AS4?bottom oven element not working. Element is good.Awaiting receipt of timer
Arnprior, OntarioFrigidaireCFES387CFS5none-lower oven element will not heat-up during oven warm-up
-element OK (continuity test 19 Ohms)
-stove top functions fine
-wiring checked OK
Gatineau, QuebecFrigidaireCGLEF385AS2N/AFaceplate broken (cracked at the location of the most often used buttons), temperature "up" button not working, dim display, and rare intermittent F1 code.Awaiting receipt of timer
South West Margaree, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireN/AInitially the oven door switch was having problems — oven light flickering and there was a bad burning-plastic smell coming from the switch. I found that it was smoking. I replaced the door switch, but then the timer/control panel stopped working. It doesn't even light up. And it also gives off a bad burning-plastic smell.Repaired
Geraldton, OntarioFrigidairePFEF385JHS1N/AThe temperature number indicator light is very faint and almost impossible to read. Also the plastic cover over the unit has been pushed often enough over the temperature regulating button that there is now a hole in the plastic and we just push on the little button. Other than that it works fine.Repaired
Sudbury, OntarioFrigidaireCGLEF386AS1 SER:NF13710022NoneOrange oven temperature display is dim & unreadable? Clock display is fading also?

Oven control, push buttons work fine, just unable to properly read display...
Toronto, OntarioFrigidaireCFDS389WGC3noneAll functions work but temperature display is so dim it is almost impossible to readRepaired
St.Anns, OntarioFrigidaireCfes387cfs5N/AClock will not turn on therefore oven elements cannot be turned on as well.Repaired
Brampton, OntarioFrigidaireN/Aoven stop workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Port Dover, OntarioElectroluxCFDS389JGB2N/ABroil element fails to come on, convection fan and the surrounding element does not work.

The burners on top do not get the spark.
Turner Valley, AlbertaFrigidaireCEFS387CFS6N/AINTERMITTEN LOWER ELEMENT,Awaiting receipt of timer
Dartmouth, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCFES387CFS5N/AAlways has dim, barely readable display in red LED segment sections. Blue segments aren't as good as when the stove was first purchased but they are much better than the red ones.

I have been getting by with it so far by noting that the timer starts at 350F and that the temperature changes by 5F each time I tap the raise or lower button. I am able to see that there is a change even though I can't read the value so pressing UP 5 times gets me to 375F for example.

The timer works well otherwise.

I removed the timer and disassembled it to get access to the circuit boards. I determined that the various DC voltage sources 5V, 12V and 24V are strong and that the capacitors are OK. That's as far as I can take it and I am told this is a fairly straight forward repair so I would like this done if possible.

I would also like to have any parts that are removed to be placed in the small plastic bag that I have sent with the timer. I want to understand what the issues are with things that break so I can be prepared the next time this happens and having access to the faulty parts will help. At some point I will simply have to replace the whole stove.
Dartmouth, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCFES387CFS5N/AAlways has dim, barely readable display. Poor segment illumination. Works well otherwise. I am told this is a fairly straight forward repair so I would like this done.Repaired
Cambridge, OntarioFrigidairePFEF385JHS1F1The timer is going and can't adjust the rest of the oven functionsAwaiting receipt of timer
BLAINVILLE, QuebecFrigidairecfes388wgc7N/AIt started to flicker quickly from time-to-time before going dark. I thought it was a power connector problem so I changed the wall outlet. The rest of the range is working correctly, except the timer.Repaired
Spruce Grove, AlbertaFrigidairePFEF385JHS2N/ABroil relay not closing display dimAwaiting receipt of timer
Casselman, OntarioFrigidaireCFDS389WGC4Dime displayThe display is dime. Can not set oven’s temperature but I’m able to turn on the oven elements.Repaired
Casselman, OntarioFrigidaireCFDS389WGC4Dime DisplayThe display is dime. I’m able to turn on the oven but can not see the temperature setting.Repaired
toronto, OntarioFrigidaireCFEF365JFS3F3OVEN SLOW TO HEAT . HEATING ELEMENTS SHOW ONLY 120 VOLTAwaiting receipt of timer
toronto, OntarioFrigidaireCFEF365JFS3F3oven will not heat upAwaiting receipt of timer
Oshawa, OntarioFrigidaireDim screenDim screen, can't read display.Repaired
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QuebecFrigidaireCFES387CFS5nothing on displayNothing on display.
Stove top is functional (with timer in place or removed).
Cumberland, OntarioFrigidaireCFES388WGCN/ANo power.Repaired
Welland, OntarioFrigidaireNo displayNo display ..requesting a rebuild one in your stockAwaiting receipt of timer
Carrying Place, OntarioFrigidaireCGLEF386AS1F3Oven heats up then an F3 code appears and beeps. Oven must be unplugged to stop code and beep. Happens every time. Temperature probe replaced still goes into F3 code.Awaiting receipt of timer
Peterborough, OntarioFrigidairePFEF385JHS1noneDisplay has dimmed making it difficult to read.Repaired
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireFrigidaire GalleryBlank ScreenBlank Screen, Nothing works. Convection Fan relay turns on when pushing cancel buttonBeyond Repair
Coaldale, AlbertaFrigidairecfes388jfs4noneOven will not heat up. Broiler,stove tops,and warmer draw all still work.Repaired
Langley, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGLEF385ASN/Aonly top element works, no bottom element or convection element. Convection fan does runAwaiting receipt of timer
Kirkland, QuebecFrigidaireCFES387CFB3NoneBake element will not heat. Bake element replaced, still no heat. Broil and all else works fine.Repaired
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireCFES387CFS6N/AControl board completely inopRepaired
Toronto, OntarioFrigidaireCFES388WGC3No display or oven hNo display or oven heat (audible clicks heard but nothing happens). Stove and oven lights and everything else works fine.Repaired
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireGalleryN/ADimmed displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireCFES387CFS5F1 -intermittenHappy of your repairs on the first unit which I have got today.
Now I am sending the second unit which has been working for 15 years but F1 error sporadically shown up (temperature sensor is OK).
-Finally the oven has stopped work ( baking and convection functions).
-Visible reducing of the display brightness
Lasalle, QuebecFrigidaireN/AThe control panel doesn't light up and the oven doesn't work.Awaiting receipt of timer
Toronto, OntarioFrigidairePFEF385JHB1NACannot see digital read out of any functions including oven temp.Awaiting receipt of timer
Alma, QuebecFrigidaireF!I have sent my timer repaired and they are not able to fix it. It gives a code F1 and we hear a relay operated intermittently. Currently I am using my old timer (it has a display problem) and it allows me to compare themAwaiting receipt of timer
Bath, OntarioFrigidaireCFES388JFSPower surge unit notPower surge unit not working.Beyond Repair
Winnipeg, ManitobaFrigidaireCFDS389WFC5n/aThe oven started by itself and would not turn off when the "cancel" button is pressed. The timer was on and the oven was preheating.Awaiting receipt of timer
VICTORIA, British ColumbiaFrigidaireGalleryN/AThe clock will stop working when the oven is on and randomly when the oven is not in use. When the clock stops working the oven shuts down. It is getting harder to reset the clock to get the oven to work.Repaired
Mississauga, OntarioFrigidaireCFDS389WFC5Display not functionHello, I have a Frigidaire Gallery self-cleaning convection oven. The display is blank most of the time, but banging the panel can sometimes bring the display back on temporarily. Controls still work so the oven is still usable. The self-clean starts but then shuts off as the oven is heating up. The timer manual that came with the oven is for model 318130803 (9806) but the label on the timer that is in the oven is 318013700. Would like to repair or replace the timer. Also, do you have the overlay for this timer, ours is falling apart.Repaired
Chicoutimi, QuebecFrigidaireCfes387cfs6Very low lightAwaiting receipt of timer
Ottawa, OntarioFrigidaireCFES388WGC3NoneClock in dim.
Clock/oven reset from time to time. Makes it difficult to cook

This replaces a different request where I got the part number wrong.
Saint-Augustin de Desmaures, QuebecFrigidaireCFDS3B9WFC1N/AOven will quit heating by itself + timer will reset and loose clock setting
Screen brightness is very dim (especially the orange parts)
La Salle, ManitobaFrigidaireCFES387CFS6Black ScreenSuddenly the the screen went black and Oven not operating.

I am able to send it in if you do not have a reconditioned one in stock.

Also wondering if you can source the end plastic pieces for the same range as the small tabs have cracked off.
Three Mile Plains, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCGLEF385AB1F3F3 error
Convection not working
Kelowna, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCfds389wgc2F1Replace or repair please.
Problem started as intermittent and would give an F1 error code during baking that could be reset by flipping the breaker off/on. Never was an overheating issue. Now the F1 code stays on permanently with the beeping as soon as the breaker is flipped on even after being off for a month.
Goderich, OntarioFrigidaireCFES388WGC6No display, oven doeThe problem was intermittent. Now, the oven no longer works and there is no clock display.Awaiting receipt of timer
Goderich, OntarioFrigidaireCFES388WGC6No display, oven doeThe problem was intermittent. Now, the oven no longer works and there is no clock display.Awaiting receipt of timer