ERC14800RP General Electric Range/Stove/Oven Timer

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for General Electric timer model # ERC14800RP

General Electric (GE) ERCs and General Electric (GE) stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  General Electric
Part Number :  ERC14800RP
Appliance Type :  Range/Stove/Oven
Color : 
Description :  Electronic Range/Oven Timer

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Recent Service Requests for General Electric Part Number ERC14800RP

CityManufacturerModel NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Molino, FloridaGeneral ElectricJTP17wot1wwOven comes on shuts Oven comes on for approximately 30 seconds then shuts down.Repaired
Gresham, OregonGeneral ElectricF-1Unit just went out. It controls all features on the oven.
Other numbers on this unit are: RP: 346532 and GE: WB27K5046
SN: 2309 and LBL 18-167-18.
Awaiting receipt of timer
New Westminster, British ColumbiaGeneral ElectricJCKP17WP-RPF1When oven is shut off F1 Code appears and oven beeps. When oven is on will heat up partially (to about 280F) then oven shuts off and F1 code re-appears.Repaired
Hamilton, New JerseyGeneral ElectricKP16GOT2BBNO CODETurn it on set temperature fan comes on and after 20 to 30 seconds everything gets cancelled. I already check the elements and the sensor with a multimeter and all of them have continuity. I called here and explain the problem and someone toll me was the control board.Awaiting receipt of timer
Garden city, IdahoGeneral ElectricF1Oven shuts downRepaired
Garden city, IdahoGeneral ElectricJtp16gtNoneOven simply turns off without heat.Repaired
waterbury, ConnecticutGeneral ElectricJKP17WV1WWF1When oven is shut off F1 Code appears and oven beeps. no problems with self clean or bakingAwaiting receipt of timer
Montreal, QuebecGeneral ElectricJCKP16GS-1f2/f3/f8The oven is doing mostly f3 and sometimes f2 and f8 error code intermittently. The temp sensor is okay(1100 ohms at room temp)Repaired
Granite Falls, WashingtonKenmore9114703592N/AI just want the partAwaiting receipt of timer
VILLAGE OF PALMETTO BAY, FloridaGeneral ElectricJKP16G0V1BBnone (blank)display went blank after power surge during Hurricane IrmaAwaiting receipt of timer
Montcalm, QuebecGeneral ElectricJCTP16GV2BBF3F3 error code was intermittent for the past year, but now is always on. Can't use oven. I have checked resistance of temperature sensor, and the sensor circuit and both are at 1090 Ohms, so should be OK.

My limit switch has also recently failed, so I have temporarily replaced it with a mechanical switch to turn on the cooling fan when using the oven. Switch part from GE is: WB24K5126. Might you have this in stock too. Otherwise I can get it from GE. Thanks
Awaiting receipt of timer
Panama City, FloridaGeneral ElectricJkp17w011wwN/ATimer starts preheat then shuts off after 1 minuteAwaiting receipt of timer
Quebec, QuebecGeneral ElectricJCKP16GP-4F1When oven is shut off F1 Code appears and oven beeps. When oven is on will heat up partially (to about 280F) then oven shuts off and F1 code re-appearsRepaired
BURNABY, British ColumbiaGeneral ElectricNoneNo heat from bake/broil/convection elements (convection fan will come on as appropriate). L1 power to elements reads 120V as appropriate. There is 120V L2 in to the control board, but no power out to elements when turned on.Awaiting receipt of timer
Granby, QuebecGeneral ElectricJckp16gp-2F2The oven shut offAwaiting receipt of timer
Pine City, New YorkGeneral Electricjkp16gov1bbno codeoven comes on then shuts down after 30 seconds and will not turn back onAwaiting receipt of timer
Pine City, New YorkGeneral Electricjkp16gov1bbno codewhen put into any heating mode it starts to heat then shuts down and goes back to time of day if I try again it won't even go into the heat mode, just stays on the time of day. I have to turn the power off to the oven then this cycle starts againAwaiting receipt of timer