318010102 Electrolux/Frigidaire/Kenmore/Sears Range (Stove, Oven) Timer

Failure codes, problems, and resolutions for Electrolux/Frigidaire/Kenmore/Sears timer model # 318010102

Electrolux ERCs and Electrolux stove clocks and timersFrigidaire ERCs and Frigidaire stove clocks and timersKenmore ERCs and Kenmore stove clocks and timers Manufacturer :  Electrolux/Frigidaire/Kenmore/Sears
Part Number :  318010102
Appliance Type :  Range (Stove, Oven)
Color : 
Description :  Clock/timer

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Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Massapequa, New YorkKenmore790.99503993318010102unknownOven does not heat.Repaired
Covington, KentuckyElectroluxPLEF489CCC318010102N/ANo voltage to bake element.Awaiting receipt of timer
Markham, OntarioKenmoreC970330036318010102N/ALower Element does not heat up, broil function works on the top heating element.
Service Technician said that the control board needs to be replaced.
Buffalo, MinnesotaFrigidaire100-00753-16 40inch electric oven and range318010102N/AOven baking does not work. No heat is created. Baking element tested out fine so it appears to be the timer. Broiler appears fine also, but might be good to test it.

Rick 612-817-6686
Farmington, MinnesotaFrigidairePLEF489CCD318010102N/AOven temperature does not match display temperature.
The oven does not heat up to display temperature, it remain in lower temp.

I had a stove repair person that tested and ruled out temp control sensor and concluded the issue is with the:
Electronic Clock/Timer Control Board

Frigidaire Model PLEF489CCD Electronic Clock/Timer Control Board, Part Number: 318010102

Please let me know if warranty can be purchased on the repair
If you need anything additional please contact me at:
Ravit Berg
Awaiting receipt of timer
Manchester, VermontKenmore79075503202318010102N/ANo power to main oven heating elementRepaired
McBee, South CarolinaKenmore79099513304318010102N/ABake element does not heatReplaced with reconditioned timer
bronx, New YorkFrigidaire318010102N/AWant new oneAwaiting receipt of timer
auburn, MaineKenmore318010102Dosent heat ovenAre oven dose not heat after losing powerRepaired
Sturgeon County, AlbertaFrigidaireCplcf489dc3318010102NoneBake element will not come on. Can here relay on control panel cylcing open and closed.Repaired
Sturgeon County, AlbertaFrigidaireCplcf489dc3318010102None.Bake element not heating. Relay on control panel cyles on and off.
Please advise if you have a reconditioned in stock and will send our in as core.
If none in stock will send in ours for repair.
Christina Lake, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCPLCF439DC4318010102N/AOven will not heat up.Repaired
Nellysford, VirginiaFrigidairePFEF0017743129128235318010102N/ABake does not work in the large oven. Already replaced the Bake Element. Issue is the Range Control Board. All other range functions work.Awaiting receipt of timer
RALEIGH, North CarolinaFrigidaireDLCF489CCC318010102N/ACan you tell me if you have any of these refurbished timers?Replaced with reconditioned timer
Delmar, New YorkFrigidaire318010102N/AHeating element will not work.Awaiting receipt of timer
Bloomifield, OntarioKenmoreC970-330036318010102noneBeen told that there is no danger in operating the range, but it will not reach temperature (takes two hours to reach 100 degrees). The clock/timer work, it's just not able to heat the oven.Repaired
Columbus, OhioFrigidaire318010102N/AfhjfjAwaiting receipt of timer
Adolphus, KentuckyWhirlpool79075503206318010102N/AHave already had this board rebuilt in Dec of last year. It has failed again that company has diagnosed it as a main computer failure and state it cannot be repaired. My only choice is to get another board. I am now looking for a replacement board. Just checking to see if you can help?Beyond Repair
Lansing, IllinoisKenmore790.75503207318010102N/AOven does not heatReplaced with reconditioned timer
london, OntarioKenmorekenmore elite318010102N/AStove will not startReplaced with reconditioned timer
St Joseph du Moine, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCPLCF489DC4318010102N/AStove will not reach high tempertureReplaced with reconditioned timer
Southaven, MississippiKenmore799.75503207318010102N/Aoven would not heat above 150 F. Called your business. I was instructed to test continuity between BR and L1 in broil and BA and L1 in bake. BA to L1 was over 100 ohms.

I will send unit back to you to recieve core charge
Victoria, British ColumbiaKenmoreC970-330035318010102NoneBroiler in large oven no longer heats up.Replaced with reconditioned timer
solvang, CaliforniaFrigidaireplcf489ccc318010102N/Aoven will not heat over 200 degreesReplaced with reconditioned timer
pittsfield, MassachusettsKenmore79099503993318010102nonemother board only passing 110 volt to heating element. heats to 150 degrees with new elementAwaiting receipt of timer
Jackson, WisconsinFrigidairePlcf489acb318010102N/ANo power going thru relay for bakeAwaiting receipt of timer
Clovis, CaliforniaFrigidairePLCF489CCD318010102N/ADuring installation, the electrician mis-identified the ground wire, thus frying the control panel. Upon a quick examination, a different electrician determined that the transformer had melted somewhat. We flipped the breaker off so no electricity is currently going to the range.Beyond Repair
Ardrossan, AlbertaFrigidaireFPDF4085KF318010102noneThe main oven does not heat up, bake element was replaced as well as thermostat....still no heat. Advised by technician that the P9 on timer needs to be replaced. Broil element works and self clean does not work because my model of oven only uses bake element in the clean process.Repaired
madison, FloridaKenmore318010102N/Ano timer to send in. we spoke on phone this morning. please let me know if you have one you can recondition.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Adair, OklahomaKenmoreKenmore318010102N/ANo power to bottom bake element.Repaired
Solon, OhioFrigidairePLCF489CCA318010102no codeControl panel does not illuminate nor the oven operate. There is no audio either when the buttons are pressed.Beyond Repair
Cary, North CarolinaFrigidairePLCF489CCF318010102N/Amain over will not heat beyond 200 degreesAwaiting receipt of timer
Salem, MassachusettsFrigidaireplcf489acb318010102N/Alower heating element does not heat, the problem is not the heating element (had it replaced w/brand new heating element and it still does not work)Awaiting receipt of timer
surrey, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCPLCF489DC4318010102N/ABake function does not workRepaired
Manchester, New HampshireFrigidaire318010102N/ATimer is fried. We are an appliance dealer looking for remanufactured part. Original part is no longer available.Awaiting receipt of timer
San Pedro, CaliforniaKenmore790.75503318010102F1Displays Failure Code F1 and sounds Beep. main oven and clock does not work. Gas stove top and small electric oven work normally.Repaired
Colorado Springs, ColoradoKenmore790.75503202318010102nonebake element will not turn on. new element and new temp control sensorRepaired
Thornhill, OntarioFrigidairecplcf489dc4318010102N/AThe timer is not linking up to the baking function. When the oven is set to bake, it will heat very slowly to a maximum of 200 degrees.Repaired
Okeana, OhioKenmore790.74503318010102Bake and Broil do noBake and Broil do not heat. Control functions and buttons work.Repaired
Bismarck, North DakotaKenmore790.75503207318010102nonebroiler element works but heating element does notRepaired
El Paso, TexasKenmore79075503207318010102n/aoven will not heatAwaiting receipt of timer
Canastota, New YorkFrigidaire318010102N/AMain oven element will not heat upRepaired
Denman Island, British ColumbiaKenmorec 970 330035318010102N/Alower main oven (bake) does not work. Have replaced lower heating unit.Repaired
Point LisasKenmore790.74503.992318010102N/APurchase of over timer, part number #318010102 to replace repaired timer that was never received when shipped.

This timer is to shipped via FEDEX using A/C #17569072-7
Cedarville, OhioFrigidairePLEF 489ACB318010102N/AI have replaced oven element and thermostat. Oven will only heat to about 100 degrees and no further. Broiler and fan still work in oven. Small oven still works. I suspect the timer control may be bad, but I'm not sure. Please test and repair. Thanks.Repaired
Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaKenmore79075503202318010102N/AOven won't turn onRepaired
calgary, AlbertaKenmoreC97C 330036318010102N/AThis is the range control board for a kenmore elite dual fuel oven. The bottom element does not heat.Repaired
Newark, TexasKenmore79074503992318010102N/AJust not functioning. The previous owner said he hooked up a couple wires wrong and zapped the control board.Awaiting receipt of timer
Ralston, WyomingFrigidairePLEF489CCG318010102no code showingWill not energize main oven element. Broiler works by separate knob. Convection fan turns on. Clock works.Repaired
PHILADELPHIA, PennsylvaniaFrigidaire318010102318010102N/ADOES NOT WORKRepaired
Middleburg Heights, OhioFrigidairePLCF489CCB318010102f1Flashing F1 code after a power outage then power restored.Repaired
Village of Lakewood, IllinoisFrigidaire318010102N/Abake burner doesn't workRepaired
Fort Collins, ColoradoKenmore790.75503318010102NADigital display is very dim, hardly readable.Awaiting receipt of timer
Pasadena, TexasKenmore79074503992318010102N/Aled readout is dimAwaiting receipt of timer
Albuquerque, New MexicoFrigidaireFrigidaire Elite318010102NoneDimmed display only. It works fine other than difficult to read the display.Repaired
Timberlake, North CarolinaKenmore79099503993318010102Saw circuit board arCircuit board arcAwaiting receipt of timer
surrey, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCPLCF489DC4318010102NO BAKEThe customer's oven bake doesnot come on
I suspect relays K1 and K2 but I leave it in your expert hands
We wud like it ASAP
Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaKenmore79075503202318010102N/AOven will go to 250 degrees then goes to broiler and oven shuts offRepaired
Coldstream, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCPLCF489DC4318010102N/AMain baking element not working. Element has been checked and it is good. A local appliance center has said the problem is the control board module.Repaired
Red Bay, FloridaKenmore40'' Dual Fuel318010102N/AElement in oven not heating up. Replaced with new element and no change. Repair man came out and said clock timer was bad but new parts were no longer available.Repaired
Elkton, VirginiaKenmore790.99513301318010102N/ABake does not work....relay not closing.Awaiting receipt of timer
Canastota, New YorkFrigidairePlcf489ccf318010102N/AMain oven element won't heat upRepaired
Knoxville, TennesseeKenmore318010102F1Oven doesn't workAwaiting receipt of timer
Sierra Vista, ArizonaKenmore790.75503207318010102N/Aoven not heating up from the baking element only the broil element.
We've replaced the sensor and baking element and its not the problem.
I would like to get back to you about extending a warranty but I need to
discuss it first.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Linden, TexasKenmore790.75503202318010102N/ADisplay is dim Broil element will not heatAwaiting receipt of timer
Sand Lake, MichiganFrigidairePLEF489CCD318010102F1F! fault code displayed able to clear code heats for a few minutes then F1 displays again and stops heating.Repaired
Orlando, FloridaKenmore79075503202318010102noneOur Kenmore Elite Dual Fuel Range Oven will heat but it will not shut off. We have to go outside the house and turn the breaker off to the oven to get it to shut off. I would like to buy a new timer/control board or a refurbished one.Repaired
Gatesville, TexasKenmore790.75503206318010102n/aDisplay dimReplaced with reconditioned timer
Goulds, Newfoundland and LabradorFrigidairecplcf489dc4318010102N/AOven not heating properlyRepaired
leominster, MassachusettsKenmoreelite318010102N/Aoven does not workBeyond Repair
Colton, OregonElectroluxPLEF489CCD318010102F1Oven over heats lower element not heatingRepaired
Pierson, MichiganKenmoreElite318010102F1Range is beeping and flashing F1.Beyond Repair
Clarks Summit, PennsylvaniaKenmore318010102N/ANot heat the bake element. Replaced element and probeAwaiting receipt of timer
Wyckoff, New JerseyKenmore790.99503993318010102N/Amain oven wont heat beyond 160 degrees. Sears repair said it was the electronic control boardAwaiting receipt of timer
Bradford, PennsylvaniaKenmore79099503991318010102N/AHome had a power surge [neutral drop] timer has no functions since.Repaired
Dallas, TexasKenmore76503318010102N/AOvens won't turn onRepaired
Brampton, OntarioFrigidaireCPLCF489DC4318010102N/AOven not heating Main processor chip damage as per repair techRepaired
Allendale, New JerseyKenmore79075503200318010102N/Astove does not heat up all timer controls do not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Flat Rock, MichiganKenmore790.75503207318010102n/aOn the large oven side, the lower element fails to heat when the over is set to "bake". The lower element itself has been tested OK. The upper element (broil) is OK and functions normally.

The small side oven is OK on all settings.
Point LisasKenmore790.74503.992318010102N/AWe were told that the IC on the board is not functioning.Repaired
Colton, OregonElectroluxPLEF489CCD318010102F1Oven over heats lower element not heatingRepaired
Oakdale, CaliforniaFrigidairePLEF489CCC318010102F1It is blinking intermmitent at times, other times it just stays off for a few minutes and I cannot use the oven I have only gotten an F1 code onceRepaired
River Forest, IllinoisKenmore318010102N/Aoven won't heat upAwaiting receipt of timer
Lawrenceburg, IndianaKenmore79075503200318010102NOT FUNCTIONALGot hit with voltage spike from loose neutral on service. Quote both repair service and a replacement board. Probably needs a transformer.Awaiting receipt of timer
port coquitlam, British ColumbiaFrigidaire318010102N/AHello Howard
Thank you for saving me a clock timer.
Awaiting receipt of timer
wall township, New JerseyKenmore79075503207318010102N/Anot working at allAwaiting receipt of timer
Pittsford, New YorkKenmore790 75503318010102f1Please inform Howard that this part has arrived before proceeding.... thanks. Initial failure showed F1; Push 'Bake' and temp up causes clock to flash w/relay clicking in sync. Eventually all goes dark and non-functional clock&oven. (Side oven& gas cooktop no problem) Unit sent out and supposedly repaired elsewhere. On return, clock illuminates, oven settings work ONCE, problems recur, w/clock and relay clicking in sync, eventually going dark on 'reset'. Return for warranty repair, 'No problem with your unit, look elsewhere for trouble'. Unit installed, seems functional again; Overnight, with all functions OFF, clock goes dark, oven non-functional again. (There were many iterations of on/off/reset, so this is an abbreviated description.)Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Bismarck, North DakotaKenmore790.75503207318010102noneheating element in oven doesn't workRepaired
Port Allen, LouisianaKenmore790.75503202318010102N/ABottom heating element in the main oven is not working. I had the element tested and it is good.Repaired
Mount Kisco, New YorkFrigidaireplef489cch318010102nonemain oven won't heat, voltage only to one leadAwaiting receipt of timer
leominster, MassachusettsKenmore790.99513.307318010102bad contactBottom heating element will not heat bad contactRepaired
Grosse Ile, MichiganKenmore790.995.13305318010102bake element relay bBake element only is not working. Service call results stated that bake element relay is broken on the part #318010102Repaired
NopoloKenmore79075503206318010102N/AOne relay was totally shorted and burnt the board. I discussed with Howard Simons and most likely the board is beyond repair.
Request a reconditioned or new board
Awaiting receipt of timer
Colton, OregonElectroluxPLEF489CCD318010102F1Oven over heats lower element not heatingRepaired
Lake Clarke Shores, FloridaFrigidaire318010102no power - no error I was cooking dinner and the oven/back of stove lost power. Nothing obvious, just went black. no error codes. no prior issues.
Stove has a second oven with an old fashioned rotary dial. this oven is completely unaffected. Electronic igniters for gas cook top are unaffected.
Beyond Repair
Bellevue, WashingtonFrigidaireplcf489ccb318010102N/AOven will not heat up properly. Temperature stays low.Repaired
Newcastle, CaliforniaKenmore79099503990318010102N/AOven used to just turn off randomly. Now, nothing works - except warmer burner. Sometimes display would dim, When clock would just go off, oven went off. Now oven doesn't go on at all. Ovens are side-by-side.Repaired
Newcastle, CaliforniaKenmore79099503990318010102N/AI am sending back the timer you just repaired, Inv 109476, the
Stove still does not turn on - not oven or burners. The clock display is brighter, but the clock doesn't stay on either. Please check it again. Thanks
Beyond Repair
leominster, MassachusettsKenmoreelite318010102N/Aoven does not workBeyond Repair
Hornell, New YorkSears79075503207318010102Bake cycle won't worBroil works but bake cycle does notAwaiting receipt of timer
Mukilteo, WashingtonFrigidaire318010102no displayOven element failed and caused timer to shortAwaiting receipt of timer
HOHENWALD, TennesseeKenmorekenmore dual fuel elite318010102no code dispplay doeThe display will not work, so we cannot use the stove or oven.Repaired
Bloomington, IndianaKenmore79075503318010102NoneOven will not heat, bottom element is not workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Maplewood, New JerseyFrigidairePLCF489CCD318010102Oven does not heat uOven does not heat up; clock works, I hear a clicking sound' Convection oven worksRepaired
Cold Lake, AlbertaFrigidairePro Series318010102N/AThe oven stopped working on our range and so we called in an appliance service man who advised us that the problem was the Electronic Oven Control.Repaired
Georgetown, DelawareKenmore790.75503207318010102N/ANo bakeRepaired
Oro Station, OntarioFrigidaireC970-330031318010102F1Seeking new/refurbished model to replace failed EOC unitReplaced with reconditioned timer
duluth, MinnesotaFrigidaireplcf489ccd318010102no codeoven does not reach desired temperature and I've replaced the sensor and heating element.Repaired
Weat creek, New JerseyKenmore79099503993318010102NoneOven does not reach desired temperature due to lower heating element not receiving voltage from control panel. Also, display of oven temperature is very dimRepaired
Columbus, OhioKenmore79075503206318010102N/ABelieve that it has had some sort of surge. It doesnt turn on therefore cant control oven.Repaired
San Jose, CaliforniaFrigidairePLCF489CCF318010102N/AOven will not heat past 170*f. Range is gas, Oven is electric.Repaired
Milwaukee, WisconsinKenmoreKenmore Elite Dual Fuel oven 790.75503200318010102N/ABottom heating element not heating. No failure codes. Broiler and convection elements both operate normally.Replaced with reconditioned timer
lindsay on, OntarioFrigidairecplcf489dc4318010102no broilno broil no bake at timesReplaced with reconditioned timer
Medford, MassachusettsFrigidairePLCF489ACB318010102N/AMain oven relay will not activate. Will send in this broken timer for refund core charge.Awaiting receipt of timer
LITTLE COMPTON, Rhode IslandFrigidaireplef489ccd318010102no bakeNo power to bakeRepaired
WYNNE, ArkansasKenmore79075503207318010102N/AOVEN ELEMENT WON'T WORKAwaiting receipt of timer
Pearl City, HawaiiKenmore79075503206318010102N/ABroiler and Bake Oven elements OK but not getting power from controller board. High temp cutout and relay OK, I suspect the 2 Element Relays: Omron 047-00060-00 G8P-UA-006203 1384H1 which I can not find online or at Newark, Digi-Key or Mouser. Board looks good, no burns or bad solder joints.Awaiting receipt of timer
Merrill, WisconsinKenmore790.75503204318010102N/Awill not turn on element....relay is burnedRepaired
Merrill, WisconsinKenmore790.75503204318010102N/Awill not energize the bake element.....relay burnedRepaired
Beebe, ArkansasKenmore790.74503318010102unknownOven will not heat up, Stove top works and the bread oven works. A repair technician determined the problem was a bad clock/timer boardRepaired
North Providence, Rhode IslandFrigidaireplcf489ac318010102N/Abake element not heatingAwaiting receipt of timer
Metairie, LouisianaKenmore790.7553206318010102N/ANeither to oven element or broiler element in main oven workAwaiting receipt of timer
Olean, New YorkFrigidaireplcf489cc318010102N/ANo voltage to bake element.Repaired
apple valley, CaliforniaFrigidaireplcf489acb318010102N/ALights inside oven came on by themselves while the appliance was not in use. Pop sound. Burning smell.Awaiting receipt of timer
Chaplin, ConnecticutSears318010102N/AMain oven bake element does not comeonRepaired
Arab, AlabamaElectrolux318010102noneThe bake element receives no electrical power, convection and broil elements work.Awaiting receipt of timer
brookshire, TexasKenmore318010102N/AOVEN WILL NOT WORKAwaiting receipt of timer
Lafayette, IndianaElectroluxPLCF489CCC318010102N/AMain bake element will not turn onAwaiting receipt of timer
North Barrington, IllinoisKenmore79075503318010102noneheating element (both baking and broiler) not working in main oven. Side oven worksAwaiting receipt of timer
Edmonton, AlbertaFrigidaireCPLCF489DC4318010102N/AOven not getting to full heat. Appliance repairman has diagnosed this unit. I have since soldered a dry joint but the problem persistsAwaiting receipt of timer
Woodstown, New JerseyKenmore790.75503207318010102N/ANot sending signal to main oven elementAwaiting receipt of timer
wayne, New JerseyFrigidaireunknown318010102oven does not heatoven will not heatAwaiting receipt of timer
Lewisburg, West VirginiaKenmore318010102318010102N/AThe broiler element heats but not the bake element.Awaiting receipt of timer
saint Joseph, MissouriElectroluxplcf489ccd318010102noneoven not heating up checked elements and voltageReplaced with reconditioned timer
saint Joseph, MissouriElectroluxplcf489ccd318010102noneoven not heating up checked elements and voltageReplaced with reconditioned timer
Hopewell, New JerseyFrigidaire79099513305318010102N/AOven does not heatAwaiting receipt of timer
Malta, MontanaKenmoreKemore Elite Dual Fuel Range318010102noneTemp of oven will not go above 240F. Stove is in an Assisted Living Facility so needs repaired asap. I will mail the old one but if you have a new or reconditioned time please let me know. So I can purchase it without waiting for repairs.Repaired
Lafayette, IndianaElectroluxPLCF489CCC318010102N/AMain bake element will not turn onAwaiting receipt of timer
Aubrey, TexasFrigidairePLCF489CCD318010102F1Oven not heating properly gets no hotter than 220 deg. Seems bottom element was not heating then we got the F1 code unplugged the oven waited till it was cool and replugged the oven in. We do not get error code anymore but problem persists. I then replaced the bottom element since it would not heat up and the terminal block. Problem persists.Repaired
Miami, FloridaFrigidaireplef489ccd318010102unknownoven not workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Louisville, KentuckyKenmore318010102N/AOven does not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Winston-Salem, North CarolinaKenmore790.99503318010102F3Oven overheats and will not shut off.Repaired
Hamilton, OntarioFrigidaire318010102N/Ano bakeReplaced with reconditioned timer
Tyler, TexasFrigidaireplcf489ccc318010102n/ano power going to bake element from controlRepaired
cuba, New MexicoKenmore318010102N/Adim led and oven doesnt get up to tempReplaced with reconditioned timer
Woodland Park, ColoradoKenmore790.75503200318010102N/AOven burner not coming on and some of the clock digits are dim.Repaired
MIAMI, FloridaFrigidairePLEF489ACB318010102OVEN BURNER STAYS ONOVEN BURNER STAYS ONAwaiting receipt of timer
Nashville, TennesseeKenmore79099503993318010102N/APart is missingAwaiting receipt of timer
Lebanon, PennsylvaniaKenmore790.75503207318010102N/Aoven does'nt heatReplaced with reconditioned timer
Minneapolis, MinnesotaKenmore790.75503207318010102NoneNo bakeReplaced with reconditioned timer
St Joseph du Moine, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCPLCF489DC4318010102N/ATemperture not accurateReplaced with reconditioned timer
bristol, IllinoisElectroluxplcf489ccd318010102nonerelay for heating element on convection side not working and im only getting 120 vac to heating elementAwaiting receipt of timer
OWEGO, New YorkKenmore79099503993318010102nonebake burner will not heat relay keeps trippingReplaced with reconditioned timer
Ann Arbor, MichiganFrigidaireplcf489acb318010102N/Awon't turn on bake mode, dimmer than when newAwaiting receipt of timer
cuba, New MexicoKenmore318010102N/Adim led and oven doesnt get up to tempReplaced with reconditioned timer
lexington, North CarolinaElectroluxPLEF489CCA318010102NANO POWER TO BAKE ELEMENTRepaired
Toronto, OntarioFrigidairecplcf489dc4318010102N/Abottom element in the stove is not working. door locking mechanism is not workingRepaired
Vancouver, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCPLCF489DC4318010102noneThe bake relay is no longer working. We would like to place the ERC.Replaced with reconditioned timer
El Cerrito, CaliforniaKenmore790-75503207318010102N/AOven doesn't heat to set degreeAwaiting receipt of timer
Emerald Park, SaskatchewanFrigidaireCplcf489dc4318010102N/aOven will not reach tempRepaired
Durham, North CarolinaFrigidairePLCF489CCD318010102NoneOur oven is having a problem with not being able to get up to the temp. we set it for if it's over 300 or 350 degrees. The appliance repairman told us we need to get this particular part fixed or replaced. Thanks!Awaiting receipt of timer
Spanish fort, AlabamaFrigidaire790.75503207318010102N/ANo power to timer and have been told it cannot be repairedAwaiting receipt of timer
Mt. Laurel, nj, New JerseyElectroluxPlcf489ccd318010102F1Oven does not turn onAwaiting receipt of timer
mt.enterprise, TexasKenmore790.75503200318010102N/Amade a pop noise while bakingReplaced with reconditioned timer
Cortland, New YorkFrigidairePlcf489ccf318010102N/ANo bake/no broilAwaiting receipt of timer
Dallas, TexasKenmore790.75503207318010102missingTimer was removed and not included with the stove.Awaiting receipt of timer
Dartmouth, MassachusettsFrigidaireKenmore elite318010102N/AOven won't hear up over 260. Diagnosed by SearsAwaiting receipt of timer
Pukalani, HawaiiKenmore790.75503202318010102N/ABake element does not heat.Repaired
Payson, ArizonaSears318010102N/ALighting hit and and now oven won't work.Beyond Repair
Wilmington, North CarolinaFrigidairePLCF489ACB318010102N/AThe light on the display is very dim.Awaiting receipt of timer
Girard, PennsylvaniaKenmore318010102F1Code f1. Cannot find model number but found part number. 814-88-5788. JoeAwaiting receipt of timer
Tucson, ArizonaKenmore318010102N/AdimAwaiting receipt of timer
Lakewood, WashingtonFrigidairePLEF489CCF318010102N/ALarge oven will not heat. I do not want to send it back in if other parts go wrong. Is there a way to replace all parts since these are not available for purchase?Awaiting receipt of timer
Suisun City, CaliforniaKenmore790.75503318010102N/ABroiler stuck onRepaired
Campbellcroft, OntarioFrigidairecplcf489dc3318010102N/Aoven does not heat up to temperatureRepaired
Orillia, OntarioKenmoreC970-330035318010102N/ABake selection not working - Bake Element OKRepaired
Medicine Hat, AlbertaFrigidaireCplcf489dc4318010102Display dimDisplay is dim.Repaired
Lynchburg, VirginiaKenmore318010102N/AOven will not maintain temp set.Repaired
Enterprise, AlabamaKenmore79075503200318010102Display very dim.Dim display.Awaiting receipt of timer
bronson, TexasKenmore318010102N/Anot workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Havertown, PennsylvaniaKenmore790.99513304318010102N/Aits a kenmore dual oven. the main oven has no heat in bake mode. broiler works fine. side oven works fine. all top burners work fine.Repaired
Madoc, OntarioKenmoreC970-330036318010102N/AWhen oven bake selected bake element is not working. Oven heats to only 175-200 degrees. Bottom element is cold. Oven relay keeps cycling on and off. A Sears Appliance tech. confirmed the oven bake relay is not working.Repaired
Madoc, OntarioKenmoreC970-330036318010102N/AWhen oven bake selected bake element is not working. Oven heats to only 175-200 degrees. Bottom element is cold. Oven relay keeps cycling on and off. A Sears Appliance tech. confirmed the oven bake relay is not working.Repaired
Loxahatchee, FloridaKenmore790.99513302318010102F1top and bottom element will not heat. Lighting strikeAwaiting receipt of timer
White Hall, ArkansasFrigidairePLCF489CCD318010102None. Board is blowHad a relay issue on board, but while I was troubleshooting, I shorted two terminals and blew the board. Trying to find a remanufactured controller.Awaiting receipt of timer
Crystal lake, IllinoisKenmore79099503990318010102N/ANothing works except warmer and light in ovenAwaiting receipt of timer
Mt Holly Springs, PennsylvaniaKenmore790.75503202318010102N/Abake element does not come on. All other elements work. thermostat is tested as goodAwaiting receipt of timer
Sarasota, FloridaFrigidairePLEF489CCB318-010-102N/ABaking Element not coming on.
Element has continuity.
Relay is Clicking and no amps or voltage during checking.
West Roxbury, MassachusettsFrigidaire97075503206318010102N/AOven is not heating to set temperature. Bake relay is dead.Awaiting receipt of timer
La Canada, CaliforniaFrigidairePLCF489CCA318010102N/ATemperature display is very dim. Almost disappears when oven is hot.Repaired
Ottawa, OntarioKenmoreC970-330035318010102N/Afaulty relayRepaired
forney, TexasKenmore79099513307318010102noneWill not heat ovenAwaiting receipt of timer
Madera, CaliforniaKenmore790.99513305318010102N/AStove will not operate.Beyond Repair
Madera, CaliforniaKenmore790.99513305318010102N/AStove will not operate.Beyond Repair
capital, TexasKenmore79095513307318010102noneWill not heat ovenAwaiting receipt of timer
Surrey, British ColumbiaKenmoreC970-330036318010102N/ABottom Element not heating up.Awaiting receipt of timer
Surrey, British ColumbiaKenmoreC970-330036318010102N/ABottom Element not heating up.Awaiting receipt of timer
Palestine, TexasFrigidaireplef489ccf318010102N/Alower element in main oven doesnt workRepaired
Palestine, TexasFrigidairePLEF489CCF318010102N/ABottom element in main oven not workingRepaired
St. Andrews, ManitobaKenmorec970-330033 (Kenmore elite dual fuel)318010102n/aMain convection oven was in use, heard loud pop sound and main display went dead, no power! After checking breaker, tried oven controls and nothing worked. Gas range and side (small oven) still work. Appliance tech. called to look at and informed electronic range control required PN 318010102 but no longer available from Mfg.Awaiting receipt of timer
Surrey, British ColumbiaKenmoreC970-330036318010102N/ABottom Element not heating up.Awaiting receipt of timer
Edmonton, AlbertaFrigidaireCplcf489dc3318010102noneBake element will not come on. Can here relay on control panel cylcing open and closed.Repaired
ORANGE, ConnecticutKenmore790.99513306318010102N/Aset to self cleaning and heard loud pop. large oven will not work.
small oven still works
Beyond Repair
Edmonton, AlbertaFrigidairecplcf489dc4318010102noneoven bake element not warming up.Repaired
Westmount, QuebecFrigidairePLEF489CCF318010102does not heat bottomThe part the controls the 220V parts of the oven doesn't work (Bottom Element). All other parts work (Broil, cooktop, small oven).Repaired
Rochester Hills, MichiganKenmore790.75503207318010102N/A - complete failuRelay connection failure, caused significant damage to the board and components.Beyond Repair
Shenandoah, TexasKenmore318010102N/AOven will not heatAwaiting receipt of timer
Orchard park, New YorkFrigidairePLCF489CCD318010102UnknownOven overheats. Timer control board has a melted relayRepaired
Tunkhannock, PennsylvaniaKenmore79075503201318010102N/AOven does not workAwaiting receipt of timer
grand Junction, ColoradoKenmore790.74503992318010102N/Ashort circuit burned the relays. no failure codeAwaiting receipt of timer
Spokane Valley, WashingtonFrigidairePLEF489CCC318010102NoneOur bottom burner was not turning on. We replaced the element, and that didn't solve. Had HVAC company come out, and they said it was the control board, which is part of the timer.Awaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidairecplcf489dc4318010102N/Ano function at all.Beyond Repair
Farmington, New MexicoFrigidairePLCF489CCF318010102NoneThe display is blank and none of the buttons work on timer/controller. all other power functions operate.Awaiting receipt of timer
Manchester Ctr, VermontKenmore79075503202318010102F1Oven wouldn't heat up ,board popedAwaiting receipt of timer
Rockland, OntarioSearsC970-330036318010102N/ADisplay is getting dim. The red portion is nearly unreadable. I have replaced all of the electrolytic capacitors as this was a suggested fix. When I was finished installing the caps, there was no difference in the display. The oven works fine and is properly controlled by the EOC, but the display is getting dim.Repaired
Middleburg Heights, OhioFrigidairePLCF489CCG318010102NONETHE UNIT IS COMPLETELY DEAD. NO DISPLAY, NO RESPONSE TO PUSHING ANY OF THE BUTTONS.Awaiting receipt of timer
Novato, CaliforniaKenmore790.75503201318010102F3While preheating oven timer started beeping and threw an F3 code. Broiler element would not shut down until unit was unplugged. Electronic board has burn and broiler relay case is partly melted.Repaired
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireCPLCF489DC3318010102N/AClock getting fader and difficult to read, oven broil not working due to existing clock board failure.Repaired
st philips, Newfoundland and LabradorFrigidaireC970-330036318010102no power to timerWill not power up. Power is going to the timerBeyond Repair
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireCPLCF489DC3318010102N/AClock Temperature reading has faded and cannot read the whole number eg. 375 looks like 315 so unable to get true temperature reading. OVEN BROIL not working.Repaired
Irving, TexasKenmore790.75503-200318010102N/Adim displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireCPLCF489DC3318010102N/AClock and Temperature Display poor reading (not bright enough and not clear), eg temperature reading of 375 degrees looks like 315 degrees.Repaired
Newmarket, OntarioKenmoreC970 330035318010102F1Oven wont start heating, F1 error occurs with a loud beepingAwaiting receipt of timer
Charlottetown, Prince Edward IslandKenmoreC970-330036318010102N/Awont turn oven on. Gets stuck in clean oven modeRepaired
Garwood, New JerseyKenmore790.75503207318010102N/AThe main oven's heating element will not receive full voltage and does not heat.Repaired
Cold Lake, AlbertaFrigidaireFrigidaire Electrolux318010102N/Abottom element in stove did not work; electrician said it was part # 318010102 that required to be replacedRepaired
Novato, CaliforniaKenmore79075503207318010102N/ANo power to one of the elements, looking to purchase replacement partRepaired
Holden, MassachusettsFrigidairePLCF489CCA318010102N/AOpen controlAwaiting receipt of timer
Tarpon Springs, FloridaKenmore79099503318010102N/AThe display is faded and the oven will not heat up or reach temperatures over 200.Awaiting receipt of timer
Glenford, OhioFrigidairePLCF489CCC318010102None ShowingDual Fuel gas/electric. The electric main oven element is not heating and deduced that it must be the timer board. The side oven bottom and top elements heat as well as the main oven broiler. The oven has 220 and was verified through a multi-meter.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Loveland, ColoradoKenmore79075503207318010102NoneUnit popped and there is no power to that side.checked and there is power to the boardReplaced with reconditioned timer
haverhill, MassachusettsFrigidairePLCF489CCC318010102N/Aoven won't reach temperatureAwaiting receipt of timer
Galveston, TexasKenmoreKenmore Range 79075503204318010102N/ADisplay is dimReplaced with reconditioned timer
Moravian Falls, North CarolinaKenmore79099503993318010102noneoven would get over 250 degrees, and then it stopped workingRepaired
noth hills, CaliforniaKenmore79075503206318010102N/Ano power for bake elementAwaiting receipt of timer
Medford, OregonFrigidairePLCF489CCD#318010102F 1The oven and broiler are not working. The F 1 light is blinking. We turned off the stove and removed plastic buttons but it still is not working.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Moravian Falls, North CarolinaKenmore79099503993318010102noneoven would get over 250 degrees, and then it stopped workingRepaired
HAMBURG, New YorkFrigidairePLEF489CC318010102NoneThe clock/temperature settings/timer stopped. The oven and stovetop worked but I was unable to tell what temperature was being used, to set a timer or to see the clock.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Noblesville, IndianaFrigidairePLEF489CCD318010102N/ATimer was shorted out.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Medford, OregonFrigidairePlCF489CCD#318010102F 1Main oven and broiler do not work. The little oven on the side and burners all work.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Moravian Falls, North CarolinaKenmore79099503993318010102noneoven would get over 250 degrees, and then it stopped workingRepaired
Marshfield, MassachusettsKenmore790.75503201318010102No code, black screeOven does not work. No display in the control board.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Brooksville, FloridaKenmore790.75503202318010102UnknownThe oven is not heating up.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Gibsons, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCPLCF489DC4318010102noneBake element in oven will not heat.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Noblesville, IndianaFrigidairePLEF489CCD318010102N/AInvoice Number: 112102
Returning Purchased timer for warranty repair. Howard said it can be repaired as a courtesy.
Also sending a second timer for core reimbursement.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Jackson, MichiganKenmore790.74503.990318010102NoneDiagnosed by Sears that I need a new one.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Saint Louis, MissouriKenmore790 74503 992318 010 102N/AOven turns on and overheads and will not turn off. Used breaker to turn off. When the breaker was turned back on, the oven automatically turns back on and overheats.Repaired
Seattle, WashingtonKenmore79075503200318010102N/ADisplay does not light up at all. Gas range and oven operates normally. Just no indication on panelReplaced with reconditioned timer
Grantville, PennsylvaniaFrigidaireKenmore 790.7550.3202318010102N/AOven will only heat to 250 degrees. Broiler seems fine as well as side warmerRepaired
Mobile, AlabamaFrigidairePLCF489ACB318010102N/ANot turning baking element on , dim displayReplaced with reconditioned timer
Lynnwood, WashingtonKenmore79075503202318010102N/ANo Heating OvenAwaiting receipt of timer
Cold Lake, AlbertaKenmoreC970-330031318010102NARelay has failed on the board.Repaired
Paris, IllinoisFrigidairekenmore elite dual fuel range #790.75503202318010102N/Atemperature values are unreadable unless you turn off the lightsAwaiting receipt of timer
Mobile, AlabamaFrigidairePLCF489ACB318010102N/ANot turning baking element on , dim displayReplaced with reconditioned timer
INDIANAPOLIS, IndianaFrigidairePLEF489CCG318010102N/AOven not heating on bake mode.Awaiting receipt of timer
Inglside, IllinoisCaloricPLCF489CCA318010102N/AMain oven not workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Lynnwood, WashingtonKenmore79075503202318010102N/ANot heating ovenAwaiting receipt of timer
Palestine, TexasFrigidaireM#PLEF489CC318010102N/AAfter supper on 3/3/2018, attempted to put main oven in self-cleaning mode. When put in self-cleaning mode there was a pop and clock went blank and main oven quit working. Stove top eyes and small oven still worked. (There was no failure code on clock)Beyond Repair
Wanchese, North CarolinaKenmore790.74403.995318010102N/Afading display cannot see oven temp or controlAwaiting receipt of timer
Palestine, TexasFrigidaireM#PLEF489CC318010102N/AAfter supper on 3/3/2018, attempted to put main oven in self-cleaning mode. When put in self-cleaning mode there was a pop and clock went blank and main oven quit working. Stove top eyes and small oven still worked. (There was no failure code on clock)Beyond Repair
PInecrest, CaliforniaKenmoreElite Duel Fuel318010102no displayThere was an electric problem to the house which cause huge electrical fluctuations that fried the display on more than one of our appliances. This is a vacation home that we rent out to vacationers, so want this repaired ASAP if possible.Repaired
Annapolis, MarylandKenmore790.75503318010102Nonewill not allow us to turn Oven on. Started out with allowing us to partially heat oven. Would only get up to 200 degrees. Now nothing. This happened after loss of power in our neighborhood.Replaced with reconditioned timer
pcsp, Newfoundland and LabradorFrigidairefridigdiare318010102N/Awill not heat oven. Relays clicking, power intermittentRepaired
Olalla, WashingtonFrigidairePlef489ccf318010102N/AThe oven will no longer heat. I was told I need a nee clock control but that they are no longer available and to send it to you to be fixedAwaiting receipt of timer
Alameda, CaliforniaKenmore79099513305318010102Display DimA repair is difficult as the range is in service at a rental property. Would like to buy a reconditioned timer/display.Awaiting receipt of timer
Enid, OklahomaFrigidairePLCF489CCG318010102UnknownMain oven will not turn onAwaiting receipt of timer
keremeos, British ColumbiaFrigidaireDualFuel318010102processor failed notprocessor chip failed - not repairableAwaiting receipt of timer
nicholasville, KentuckyKenmore79075503200318010102N/AService tech says the range electronic control board needs to be replaced.Awaiting receipt of timer
Redondo Beach, CaliforniaFrigidairePLCF489CCC318010102Oven doesn't heat upThe oven just stopped heating up. After setting it to bake at 350, an hour later the temperature only reads 130.Repaired
Vancouver, WashingtonFrigidairePLEF489CCH318010102N/ALarge oven will not heat. The rapairman says we need a new clock/timer control board.Awaiting receipt of timer
Glendale, CaliforniaKenmore318010102N/Aconvection not working but it relay clicks, not able to set clock, last digit of temperature is blank and display is dimAwaiting receipt of timer
Carrollton, GeorgiaKenmore318010102N/AOven will not heat. Repair service says it is the control board.Repaired
Underwood, MinnesotaElectroluxPlcf489ccc318010102NoneNot heating elements ok thermastat okAwaiting receipt of timer
Underwood, MinnesotaElectroluxPlcf489ccc318010102NoneNot heating elements ok thermastat okAwaiting receipt of timer
Glendale, CaliforniaKenmoreelite318010102N/Aconvection oven not heating, lights on clock dim and cannot adjust clockAwaiting receipt of timer
Thornhill, OntarioKenmorec970-330036318010102No displayNo displayRepaired
arcata, CaliforniaFrigidaire790.75503201318010102N/Adim display and no bake element power for big oven. broiler comes on for preheat. small oven ok.Repaired
Thornhill, OntarioKenmorec970-330036318010102No displayNo displayRepaired
Burlington, IowaKenmore79075503204318010102burnt transformerOven was on and began sparking and smoking. Pull off back of ranger and found one of the bottom transformers melted.Awaiting receipt of timer
Houston, TexasSears790.75503202318010102doesn't light upWas bad relay solder point.. but.. i tried to fix it.. got impatient.. made it worse. :)Awaiting receipt of timer
Mccall, IdahoFrigidairePLCF489CCD318010102N/ANot heating upAwaiting receipt of timer
El Sobrante, CaliforniaKenmore790.75503207318010102no code indicatedeverything works but not the Bake cycleRepaired
Chesterfield, MichiganKenmore790.75503318010102N/ADisplay is dim.Awaiting receipt of timer
Live Oak, FloridaFrigidairecan't find one318010102can't read some of tcan't read some of the display. clock can be read but not tempatureRepaired
Oro-Medonte, OntarioKenmoreDual Fuel Range318010102UKRange will not function specifically lower element does not heat up. Temperature will not go past 240.
Element checked. In apparent order
Lilburn, GeorgiaKenmore790.99503993318010102LED display failureTemperature LED (red) faded out.Awaiting receipt of timer
Wilton, ConnecticutFrigidairePLEF489CCG (H)?318010102N/AOven does not heat - all other functions work as normalAwaiting receipt of timer
Montague, MassachusettsFrigidairePLEF489CC318010102doesn't turn the oveTimer will not turn oven or broiler on. It does still keep time.Repaired
Chilliwack, British ColumbiaKenmoreKenmore elite dual fuel318010102N/ABaking element does not workAwaiting receipt of timer
east cleveland, OhioFrigidaire318010102N/AWon't bakeAwaiting receipt of timer
Oro-Medonte, OntarioSearsDual Fuel Range318010102U/KOven will not heat up past 200 degrees.Repaired
Sturgeon County, AlbertaFrigidaireCPLCF489DC3318010102N/ATimer made a small "poof" display showed all zeros then made another poof and went blackBeyond Repair
Schuylkill haven, PennsylvaniaFrigidairePlef489ccc318010102N/ATotally non responsive. Nothing on the display, oven non functionalAwaiting receipt of timer
Chelsea, AlabamaKenmore79075503207318010102No codeIt wouldn’t heat up. We changed Eli mate and didn’t repair. Called appliance repair man he said the brain was bad.Awaiting receipt of timer
Hanover, OntarioKenmoreC970-330035318010102NO SCREEN OPERATIONTimer was previously repaired in April. After we got it back there was a delay in starting the oven (I did speak to someone and can forward the conversation), we were told to try the relays, both were ok. We put up with the delayed start until suddenly the oven would no longer start, the problem was traced back to #8 and #9 pins on left side of module, and corresponding wires. When testing, two wires connected by accident and the module no longer works. I would like to purchase a spare module as well, if our module cannot be rebuilt we would like to purchase a rebuilt moduleAwaiting receipt of timer
Wausau, WisconsinFrigidairePLEF489CCD318010102N/ATop and bottom heating elements do not heatAwaiting receipt of timer
Montreal, QuebecFrigidairecpeb30s8cc1318010102All lights are onControl not responsive anymore. All lights went on and tried to reset the system without success.Beyond Repair
Schuylkill Haven, PennsylvaniaFrigidaireplef489cc318010102n\ano power or indicator lights at all.
if not repairable, i would be happy with a remanufactured EOC.
Beyond Repair
Black Diamond, WashingtonFrigidairePLEF489CCE318010102F1 with horn alarmdisplays only F1 with beeping horn, control buttons do nothing, oven is deadBeyond Repair
Harrisburg, IllinoisKenmorekenmore elite 75603318010102F1Heard a pop, smelled electrical burn, F1 displayedAwaiting receipt of timer
Waconia, MinnesotaFrigidaireplef489cce318010102no failure codeoven will not heat and oven lights will not come onAwaiting receipt of timer
Pine Bluff, ArkansasKenmoreKenmore elite 790.75503208318010102NoneBake function will not heat oven. Tested bake element. GoodRepaired
Staunton, VirginiaKenmore790.75503207318010102none, tech said boarOven does not heat up past 200 even when set to 350. Had Sears technician out to house and he said "control was bad" and added that it was no longer being manufactured.Awaiting receipt of timer
waconia, MinnesotaFrigidairePLEF489CCE318010102noneoven will not heat and oven lights will not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Maplewood, New JerseyFrigidairePLCF489CCD318010102Oven does not heat uOven does not heat up, keeps clicking.Awaiting receipt of timer
Denver, ColoradoKenmore790.99513302318010102N/ATimer/Oven Control is beyond repair, replacement needed. If new is unavailable reconditioned is fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
Centreville, MarylandKenmore79075503207318010102N/AOven won't heat up.Awaiting receipt of timer
Walla Walla, WashingtonKenmore790.75503207318010102noneThe power panel feeding the range was replaced. The common and one hot leg were reversed in the new panel (temporarily - this is fixed). The voltage on common has apparently let the smoke out of the transformer in the module. A different vendor will not even attempt to repair it.Awaiting receipt of timer
Ripon, CaliforniaFrigidairePLCF489CC318010102N/ANot repairable.Awaiting receipt of timer
Hazleton, PennsylvaniaKenmore318010102NoneBurned relayRepaired
Douglasville, GeorgiaFrigidairePLCF489CCG318010102UNKNOWNTIMER NO LONGER WORKS, NO DISPLAY INFOBeyond Repair
Medford, New YorkFrigidairePLEF489CCE318010102F1Main oven not working.Repaired
Toronto, OntarioFrigidaire79075503204318010102F1The oven will not heat up. Within 90 seconds of turning it on (in broil, bake, convection modes), the oven starts to beep and F1 appears on the display.Repaired
Fond Du Lac, WisconsinKenmore790.75503202318010102oven no heatOven not heat fron=m bake side on timerAwaiting receipt of timer
Forest Lake, MinnesotaKenmore79075503200318010102N/Aoven not getting up to temp and time and oven temp display very dim can barely read it.Repaired
HamiltonFrigidairePLCF489CCD318010102N/AOven is not working on the bake setting. Broil function works but maximum temperature achieved on bake is 200FRepaired
Walla Walla, WashingtonKenmore790 75503 204318010102N/AOVEN WILL NOT OPERATE ..CAN NOT SET CLOCKRepaired
TUCKERTON, New JerseyKenmoreKenmore dual-fuel Elite range oven318010102NoneControl deadAwaiting receipt of timer
UNIONTOWN, PennsylvaniaFrigidairePLEF489ACD318010102NO ERROR CODENO OUT GOING POWER TO BAKE OR BROIL ELEMENTSAwaiting receipt of timer
Redondo Beach, CaliforniaFrigidairePLCF489CCC318010102Oven doesn't heat upThe oven just stopped heating up. 5/4/18 we sent you our timer for repair when it first stopped. The new/repaired timer has been working great, but now it doesn't heat up. An hour after putting it at 350, it was only 200. Hoping you can repair it again or have the part I need. (Thanksgiving is in two weeks. Ugh! )Beyond Repair
Nashville, GeorgiaKenmore79075503208318010102N/AThe oven will not heat over 250 degrees , We sent this part to you and it was delivered Nov. 8, 2019 at 9:22 a.m. Could you please let us know what is happening with this part!

Thank you,
William and Mary O'Connell
Awaiting receipt of timer
Nashville, GeorgiaKenmore79075503208318010102N/AOven won't heat over 250 degreesAwaiting receipt of timer
corrales, New MexicoFrigidairePLCF489CCG318010102noneThe yellow LED segments which indicate the current baking temperature are failing and we can not see what the baking temperature is set at.Awaiting receipt of timer
Fort Wayne, IndianaFrigidaire318010102F-1Need ASAP OvernightAwaiting receipt of timer
Acton, OntarioKenmoreC970-330036318010102F1Oven temperature overuns to max (550?) and then beeps with F1 error. Prior to this, the oven would not properly heat up to 350F. Digital temp display is really dim.Repaired
Fall River, Nova ScotiaKenmoreC970-330033318010102Not Known - Screen iThere was a Pop Sound while using the Oven and the Timer and Oven shut down, and the screen is totally blank.Beyond Repair
Brecksville, OhioKenmore790.99513307318010102NoneOven is not heating.Neither upper or lower elements.Repaired
Bear Lake, MichiganKenmore74403318010102faint displaydisplay is not brightAwaiting receipt of timer
Pawtucket, Rhode IslandFrigidairePLCF489ACB318010102NoneLed lights up and buttons on right side of timer work, it's when bake or any button on the left is pushed. The screen fades away and the oven doesn't turn on. We sent it to another company and was told half the board was fried and couldn't be repaired.Awaiting receipt of timer
Springfield, OhioKenmore79075503207318010102N/AOven range bake element not working; broiler, side oven and clock works fineAwaiting receipt of timer
Whitby, OntarioKenmoreCN330031318010102N/AOven does not heat up to maximum temperatureRepaired
Whitby, OntarioKenmoreCN70330031318010102N/AThe oven does not heat up to maximum temperature.Repaired
Whitby, OntarioKenmoreCN70330031318010102N/AThe oven does not heat up to maximum temperature.Repaired
Richmond, British ColumbiaFrigidaire318010102N/ASeemed to be a burnt relay. Owner tried to solder the board and made a mess out of it.Awaiting receipt of timer
Bradford, PennsylvaniaKenmore79075503207318010102N/Abake element wont heat, relay not closingAwaiting receipt of timer
Jasper, AlabamaKenmoreELITE318010102N/AOven does not come up to tempAwaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireBFEF386AS4318010102n/aOven will not heat beyond 220-250F; display is getting dim and hard to readAwaiting receipt of timer
grand valley, OntarioFrigidairecplcf489dc4318010102noneOven will not heat beyond a certain temp. both in bake and convection. Works great in broil.....Repaired
Galloway, New JerseyGeneral ElectricPLEF489ACA318010102F1F1 CODE WILL NOT CLEARAwaiting receipt of timer
Lac La Biche, AlbertaKenmoreC970-330036318010102N/AOven won't heat up past 200FRepaired
Manteo, North CarolinaFrigidaire79075503202318010102N/ATest proved control board part 318010102 was not fully functional. Lower element not able to power.Awaiting receipt of timer
MINNEAPOLIS, MinnesotaFrigidairePLCF489CCD318010102noneThe red lettering in the display have gradually faded to where we can't see the temperature setting anymore.Awaiting receipt of timer
Sherwood Park, AlbertaKenmore318010102N/AOven and brouler not working. Digital display stopped working shortly afterBeyond Repair
McHenry, IllinoisSears790.74503992318010102no codedoesn't reach set temperatureAwaiting receipt of timer
Mount Wolf, PennsylvaniaFrigidairePLCF489CCF318010102NAMain oven heating element does not heat - all other oven elements work fineRepaired
LASALLE, OntarioFrigidaireCPLCF489CD4318010102N/ALower oven element does not heat up.
All other functions still work properly.
Maywood, IllinoisKenmore318010102f1oven is not working after replacing heating element and probeAwaiting receipt of timer
Portage, PennsylvaniaKenmore79099503993318010102N/AOven not heatingAwaiting receipt of timer
Central Point, OregonFrigidairePLEF489CCC318010102N/ALower oven element will not heat. Have replaced element and temp sensor.Repaired
Fair Lawn, New JerseyKenmore790 99503318010102N/AClock and temperature lights are dimAwaiting receipt of timer
New Lexington, OhioFrigidairePLEF489CCA318010102N/ALower element will not heat up.Awaiting receipt of timer
Priddis, AlbertaKenmoreC970-330035318010102N/ALower element does not come on.
oven will not reach set temperature(broil element still works)
i changed element and oven sensor.
Central Point, OregonFrigidairePLEF489CCC318010102NoneLower oven element will not heat. Have replaced element and temp sensor. BA terminal on the control board does not supply power.Repaired
CORPUS CHRISTI, TexasKenmore790.99513307318010102n/ano oven bakeAwaiting receipt of timer
CORPUS CHRISTI, TexasKenmore790.99513307318010102n/ano oven bakeAwaiting receipt of timer
Aztec, New MexicoKenmore709.75503204318010102NoneOven not heating. Panel blankAwaiting receipt of timer
Royal Oaks, CaliforniaFrigidairePLEF489CCA318010102N/ALower oven element not heating. Repair tech tested it OK and concluded we need a new main board. Want to buy a new board if possible, or refurbished?Awaiting receipt of timer
Stamford, ConnecticutKenmore790.75503202318010102N/AMain oven will not heat above 160 degrees. Sears Technician diagnosed a defective electronic control board.Repaired
Royal Oaks, CaliforniaFrigidairePLEF489CCA318010102N/ALower oven element not heating. Repair tech tested it OK and concluded we need a new main board. Want to buy a new board if possible, or refurbished?Awaiting receipt of timer
China, MaineFrigidairePLEF489CCD318010102n/aThe main oven stopped working. My small 120V oven and burners work fine. None of the buttons on the timer work.Beyond Repair
Ireton, IowaKenmore79099503993318010102N/AOven will not heatRepaired
Surrey, British ColumbiaKenmoreKenmore Elite 79075503208 range318010102N/A. Unit has no powDigital Display appears to have no power.Beyond Repair
Oldcastle, OntarioFrigidaireCPLCF489DC3318010102Heard pop and timer One relay was replaced it was working fine for one cycle then it made a pop and went out. Please verify the relay is proper if the unit is repairable.Beyond Repair
Mays Landing, New JerseyKenmore790.99513301318010102N/ANo power from the board. It switchesAwaiting receipt of timer
Fulshear, TexasKenmore79075503318010102F1F1Awaiting receipt of timer
Cantley, QuebecKenmoreC970-330035318010102N/AOven doesn’t heat up broiler not functioningRepaired
Alton, OntarioKenmoreC970-330033318010102none1) oven will not warm up. Bottom element replaced and no change. Temperature probe ohms at 107.5 at room temp.
2) oven temperature leds are very faint
3) I broke the lock clips on the circuit board removing it. (dooh)
Cincinnati, OhioFrigidairePLEF489CCH318010102N/ABig oven doesn’t workAwaiting receipt of timer
Lexington, KentuckyFrigidairePLCF489CCG318010102N/ALEDs are very dim and temp led cannot be seenAwaiting receipt of timer
Winona Lake, IndianaKenmore790.74503318010102N/ACurrent display is dim, difficult to read, especially the oven temperature display areaAwaiting receipt of timer
Lexington, KentuckyFrigidairePLCF489CCG318010102N/ALED display is dim especially the red temperatureAwaiting receipt of timer
Adamstown, MarylandKenmore790.74503100318-010-102N/AOven Burner shorted out, now neither the oven or the broiler element will turn on. There is still continuity through broiler element. When controls are pressed to start Broiler, the display just flashes then just goes back to showing the time. I have obtained a new bake element but it does not come on either. display just flashes and then goes back to showing the timeAwaiting receipt of timer
Dorset, VermontKenmoreDuel fuel318010102N/AFailed control panelAwaiting receipt of timer
Mansfield, PennsylvaniaFrigidairePlcf489ccc318010102N/AOven does not heat to set temperatureAwaiting receipt of timer
LAGUNA VISTA, TexasFrigidairePLEF489ACA318010102N/AClock/Oven Temperature lights too faint to readRepaired
Cincinnati, OhioFrigidairePLEF489CCH318010102N/AMain over does not workAwaiting receipt of timer
PInecrest, CaliforniaKenmore79075503202318010102N/APower surge damaged our current timerRepaired
Olympia, WashingtonKenmore79099513305318010102N/Aoven does not heat. Sears repair tech says clock failedAwaiting receipt of timer
Belle Plaine, IowaKenmore79075503202318010102N/Amain oven would not heat up over 250-had our locale repair person come out to fix, thought it was a heating element. He tested it and said it was the oven control board.Awaiting receipt of timer
Idaho Falls,, IdahoFrigidairePLCF489CCD318010102all segments on dispBake element not heating. Relay on control panel cycles on and off.
Please advise if you have a reconditioned in stock and will send our in as core.
If none in stock will send in ours for repair.
Beyond Repair
Charlottesville, VirginiaKenmore790.75503204318010102NoneWon’t heat bottom bake element.Awaiting receipt of timer
Richmond, British ColumbiaKenmorec970-330033318010102no code. bake doesntbake doesn't get 240v. bake relay perhapsRepaired
South Lake Tahoe, CaliforniaKenmore79075503200,318010102N/AOven does not work, get's warm. We can't send in the clock for refurbishing because we still need to use the range and small oven. We prefer to purchase a refurb then send in the assembly we have so you can have it for the next customer.Awaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaKenmore318010102nonefading display but everything works no error codes replaced 4 capacitors myself but no effect on display light/dark linesRepaired
Taneytown, MarylandKenmore790-75503318010102N/Alower oven (main) element won't heatAwaiting receipt of timer
HAZLEHURST, GeorgiaAmanaelite amana318010102N/Adisplay will not light up, oven will not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Nanaimo, British ColumbiaKenmoreC970330036318010102No fault codes preseinsufficient voltage present at lower (bake) element. 240/1/60 VAC present at upper (broil). No other noticeable problems with timer found.Awaiting receipt of timer
Duluth, MinnesotaFrigidairePLEF489CCD318010102N/ABake element does not heat. Bake element has continuity. Broiler element heats as does side oven.Repaired
Pickering, OntarioKenmore75603318010102none, display is dimThe display is very dim. Also I noticed the round black component on the board which I believe is the buzzer is loose and not soldered on properly.

Had to correct the shipping/billing address. This one is correct.
Minden, OntarioKenmore318010102N/Abake not workingRepaired
N. Chesterfield, VirginiaKenmoreKenmore Elite 790.99513307318010102no codesBottom element heat very slowly. Top broiler element was working fine. Replaced bottom element same problem persisted. Could hear relay clicking on at 60 second intervals. Display is weakRepaired
Waupaca, WisconsinKenmore790.75503206318010102NAPart was lost when shipped in for repair. Do not have part to repair. Need to purchase complete refurbished unit. Do not have a core.Awaiting receipt of timer
Washington, District of ColumbiaFrigidaireFGF379WECE318010102N/ADim light on readout. Controls work OKAwaiting receipt of timer
Don Mills, OntarioKenmore75603318010102none, display is dimThe display is very dim. Also I noticed the round black component on the board which I believe is the buzzer is loose and not soldered on properly.Repaired
Albuquerque, New MexicoKenmore790.75503318010102NoneAll circuitry and heating element tested successfully. Bench tested bake element and it operates normally but will not heat when connected to controller. Howard Simmons from your company talked with my father, Bob Healy, via email about symptoms and has additional documentation if needed.Repaired
Savannah, GeorgiaKenmore790.75603318010102NAOven will not heatAwaiting receipt of timer
Danville, VermontKenmore790.75503207318010102none, it burnt upDim display and bake not working.Repaired
Saskatoon, SaskatchewanFrigidaireCPLCF489DC4318010102don't knowoven does not reach the desired temperatureRepaired
Zachary, LouisianaKenmore790.75503206318010102dim display, oven noI checked continuity of oven heating elements and found no problem there. Neither heating element heats up.Repaired
Zachary, LouisianaKenmore790.75503206318010102dim display, oven noI checked continuity of oven heating elements and found no problem there. Neither heating element heats up.Repaired
Squamish, British ColumbiaFrigidaireC970-330036318010102NoneEverything on this stove works minus my bake element. We checked the bake element and that’s not what’s broken.

The broiler works. My secondary side over works. The clock works. The gas cooktop works. Just the bake element in the main stove won’t work.

With the new element we got it to work a tiny bit but it wouldn’t get past 210 degrees
Carlton, MinnesotaKenmoreElite Range318010102Oven dead - nothing Oven shut off with no warning - no clock, no timer, Controller still has power to it.Awaiting receipt of timer
Schomberg, OntarioKenmoreC970-330033318010102N/Aonly upper element is working, not bottom.
Oven doesn't reach temperature
Wolcott, New YorkFrigidairePLCF489ACA318010102N/ABroiler will not turn onRepaired
Orlando, FloridaKenmore790.99503.990318010102N/AWhen using oven, the temperature display is too light to read.Awaiting receipt of timer
Kamloops, British ColumbiaKenmoreC970-330033318010102N/ABake element will not heat. Broiler element does heat. Bake element itself checks out fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
Kilgore, TexasKenmore790.75503204318010102nadisplay is dimAwaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireFrigidaire CPLCF489DC2318010102NaThe bake element doesn’t heat. According to the technician the control board was failed.
I will consider all options you offer me - rebuild, repair, mb new part.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Akron, OhioFrigidairedouble oven electronic318010102N/ADisplay is dimm, and everything works except for the bake in the big ovenRepaired
madison, AlabamaKenmore790.99513301318010102N/AMain oven will not come up to temperature.Repaired
Torbay, Newfoundland and LabradorKenmore318010102N/AOne of the relays stuck and burnt out.Repaired
Drums, PennsylvaniaKenmore79075503206318010102F1Lower oven element does not heat upAwaiting receipt of timer
Drumheller, AlbertaKenmoreC970-330033318010102N/ABottom element will not heat. Relay above E7 connection appears to have failed.Repaired