Maytag SVE47100 Electric Slide-In Range Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Maytag SVE47100 Electric Slide-In Range?

Timer part number 71002331 for Maytag SVE47100

The SVE47100 Electric Slide-In Range uses timer part number 71002331.

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SVE47100 are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Whirlpool SVE47100 Electric Slide-In Range, SVE47100W, SVE47100B, SVE47100BC, SVE47100WC

SVE47100 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Control panel Parts diagram
SVE47100 Electric Slide-In Range Control panel Parts diagram
Top assembly Parts diagram
SVE47100 Electric Slide-In Range Top assembly Parts diagram
Body Parts diagram
SVE47100 Electric Slide-In Range Body Parts diagram
Oven Parts diagram
SVE47100 Electric Slide-In Range Oven Parts diagram
Door Parts diagram
SVE47100 Electric Slide-In Range Door Parts diagram
Access panel Parts diagram
SVE47100 Electric Slide-In Range Access panel Parts diagram
Blower assembly (plenum) Parts diagram
SVE47100 Electric Slide-In Range Blower assembly (plenum) Parts diagram
Wiring information (sve47100b/w) Parts diagram
SVE47100 Electric Slide-In Range Wiring information (sve47100b/w) Parts diagram
Wiring information (sve47100bc/wc) Parts diagram
SVE47100 Electric Slide-In Range Wiring information (sve47100bc/wc) Parts diagram
Wiring information (sve47100b/w-ser 15) Parts diagram
SVE47100 Electric Slide-In Range Wiring information (sve47100b/w-ser 15) Parts diagram
Wiring information(sve47100bc/wc ser 14) Parts diagram
SVE47100 Electric Slide-In Range Wiring information(sve47100bc/wc ser 14) Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
North Royalton, OhioJenn-AirSVE47100W71002331N/ATerminal at relay brokenAwaiting receipt of timer
Morgan Hill, CaliforniaJenn-AirSVE4710071002331N/AAwaiting receipt of timer
West Kelowna, British ColumbiaJenn-AirSVE47100WC71002331F5 and F3When oven gets up to temperature we either get a beeping sound with an F3 error message or an F5 message. I have replaced the temp sensor prop and still the same problem.Awaiting receipt of timer
Cosby, TennesseeJenn-AirSVE47100W71002331NoneOven will not work. Bake and broil elements will not heat. I have replaced same part twice in last 13 years.Awaiting receipt of timer
Fredericksburg, VirginiaJenn-AirSVE47100W71002331F5Neither oven nor broiler will turn on.Awaiting receipt of timer
Ostrander, OhioJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331F2Oven working not reaching proper temperature.Awaiting receipt of timer
Bozman, MarylandJenn-AirSVE47100W71002331N/AYou turn on the oven or broiler, but nothing happens. I believe the 30amp switch is blown on the timerRepaired
Taylors Falls, MinnesotaJenn-AirSVE47100W series 1571002331DeadControl is dead, following a shorted bake element,cooling fan runs 24/7Repaired
Bozman, MarylandJenn-AirSVE47100W71002331N/AOven won't workRepaired
COLUMBIA, MarylandJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331N/Ano oven or broiler heatingAwaiting receipt of timer
Townsend, MassachusettsJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331F3, F5Error codes flashingRepaired
West Monroe, LouisianaJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331N/ADefective control - oven won't turn on for Bake or Broil. Clock, however, does work. Repair technician diagnosed the control as being defective. This will be the 2nd control in this particular oven.Repaired
Linden, AlabamaJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331N/Atimer has burnt place on back, oven not heatingRepaired
LEAWOOD, KansasJenn-AirSVE47100WC71002331bad board, oven not oven not heating up. had checked out and told that no voltage getting to heating element from board. bad boardAwaiting receipt of timer
Dallas, OregonJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331Oven will not heatSelect bake and standard 350 degrees Fahrenheit on clock, but it will not heat.Repaired
Clewiston, FloridaJenn-AirSVE47100W71002331Display not functionDisplay/Control went out following a series of power failures/surges.Repaired
East Helena, MontanaJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331N/AUp bottom for adjusting temp is not working. Please send a reconditioned timer.Awaiting receipt of timer
Whitehall, PennsylvaniaJenn-AirSVE47100W71002331N/AThe exhaust fan does not work. I believe it is shorted out on the control board. Everything else on the oven timer works, i.e., clock, oven temp. display, etc.Awaiting receipt of timer
Frostburg, MarylandJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331N/ANo functions. Leads at transformer are receiving electricity.Beyond Repair
Cincinnati, OhioJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331unknow by customerDigital display no longer lights up. therefore cannot use electronic buttons to turn oven on or off, cannot use ovenRepaired
Xenia, OhioJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331can't tell no clock No clock and cannot set timerRepaired
portland, OregonJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331NAtakes very long to reach temperature. temperature fluctuates. temp sensor tested ok.Repaired
Viroqua, WisconsinJenn-AirSVE47100W71002331F5Shuts off after 10min. at 400deg.Repaired
Hastings, MichiganJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331SLR 11265950SQoven lost control after being turned to 350 degrees, it went to extremely HOT and started smoking within 5 minutes of being turned on. It could not be turned off so I turned it off at the fuse box in the basement. Nothing came on at the light panel to show what was on or off. ( No digital read out)Beyond Repair
Augusta, GeorgiaJenn-AirSVE47100W71002331no codeOven, Broiler and stove top do not work.Repaired
Middleburg, PennsylvaniaJenn-AirSVE47100Bn/anoneOven heat a little but never reaches set tempRepaired
Diana, TexasJenn-AirSVE47100BDON'T KNOWNONEBake and broil inoperable. Range works. There is a burnt spot on clock/timer in left top corner of view windowRepaired
Atlanta, GeorgiaJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331RF2Fault code F2; broiler stays on constantly, can't be shut off; alert sound goes off every 30-90 seconds.Repaired
Seabrook Island, South CarolinaJenn-AirSVE47100W74004746RN/ATimer push button plastic push rod broke off and button will not raise oven temperatureAwaiting receipt of timer
Chicago, IllinoisJenn-AirSVE47100B71003337None KnownPress bake button and then press up arrow to increse the oven temperature and nothing would happen. When I realease the up arrow the temperature would then rise on it's own to 350 degrees and would just get stuck there. The oven will heat up at 350 degrees and I cannot decrease the temp., of the oven. The set clock timer will not work either too.Repaired
Stafford, VirginiaJenn-AirSVE47100B7601P491-60NoneNo oven heat. Broiler also does not work. Clock works. Replaced oven heating element and temperature sensor. No change.Repaired
Newell, IowaJenn-AirSVE47100B7601P491-60DeadOven element opened. Pulled a lot of current and damaged the timer.Beyond Repair
Belton, South CarolinaJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331f3 or f5first thing noticed the self cleaning would not work then f3 error or f5 error while baking. It will restart but you may have to do so3 to 4 times during a 30 to 40 minute baking.Repaired
Tomball, TexasJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331N/ATab that pushes up arrow has broken off from the front case.Awaiting receipt of timer
Foley, MissouriJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331F5 & F3The wife goes to bake and the fan and beeper go off just about the time the temp is up , showing F3 and F5 codes most of the time . I have replaced the temp probe with no help to the problem .Repaired
Eagle, NebraskaJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331nonetemperature switch brokenAwaiting receipt of timer
Armstrong, British ColumbiaJenn-AirSVE47100BC71001799no code showsThe oven elements on my Jenn Air range will not heat up, the clock, timer, etc rest of the stove and top elements work just fine. A repairman told me I needed part 71001799, however I have been unable to find this part, and believe me I have tried everywhere. The repairman said without it he couldn't fix the stove. I hope you can repair the circuit board.Repaired
Carlow, New BrunswickJenn-AirJenn-AIR SVE4710071002331F1Both:

Jenn-Air oven model #SVE47100 - Performed the self cleaning cycle. After it completed, the door was locked shut and the code "F1" appears on the digital screen. Looked at the manual and it recommended to call a service tech.

My Jenn-Air Model SVE47100 oven temperature runs much lower than it reads -- even though I've followed the manual directions for adjusting the temperature and adjusted it up the full 35 degrees that it allows. Still, preheating to 350 only registers 325 on an oven thermometer and baking anything is a guessing game that I mostly lose. Any suggestions?
Humboldt, TennesseeJenn-AirSVE47100B7601P491-60NoneNeither oven or broiler working. Checked elements and temperature sensor, all checked ok.Replaced with reconditioned timer
kingsport, TennesseeJenn-AirSVE4710071002331noneClock & timer both work fine but timer sound is 99.9% gone. So faint, one must be standing over the stove to hear it activate.Awaiting receipt of timer
Sweet Home, OregonJenn-AirSVE47100W71002331noneBake element shorted out and did a melt down now there is no display on clock and fan runs constantly.Awaiting receipt of timer
Saint-Sauveur, QuebecJenn-AirSVE47100BC7601P491-60no codesThe broiler was not working, so I changed the broiler element and the sensor. It worked for a few days then stoppes; there was a loose wire, I connected the wire, worked for 1 hour then nothing at all.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Vancouver, British ColumbiaJenn-AirSVE47100BC7601P491-60F5 and occasionally Error code started as F-3

Within a week to 10 days, it started to go to F-5. After that it would switch back & forth between F-5 and F-3 but in the end it just settled on F-5 in most cases

Small plastic up arrow temperature plastic pin clicking piece has broken away from the control unit - I spoke with Howard who let me know that that shouldn’t be a big issue and can easily be corrected so that is good news


Brian in Vancouver
Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, QuebecJenn-AirSVE47100WC71002331NoneThe control board of my Jennair stove SVE47100WC is broken since I had an overvoltage issue in my house. Do you have a replacement part available? Or do you think it is repairable ?Repaired
Ottawa, OntarioJenn-AirSVE47100WC71002331 (?)NoneAfter power failure stove hummed / buzzed timer display was black clock, oven control did not work... a few hours later display lit up and everything worked perfectly.
This happened again but took a day to come back to life.
Last time after power failure it has been 3 days and has not come back to life... suspect it is dead
Saint Paris, OhioJenn-AirSVE47100W7601P491-60UnknownThe timer is working, but it is not illuminating. There are no lights whatsoever.Repaired
Moseley, VirginiaJenn-AirSVE4710071002331none/blankNo oven control at all. Cooling fan runs constantly. Stove and grill still function.Beyond Repair
Cut Off, LouisianaJenn-AirSVE47100W7601P491-60N/AMost buttons do not work. Display does not work. Removed from unit, one button broken behind key padRepaired
Pollock, LouisianaJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331F-3. F-5.Had F3 and F5 codes. Finally the broiler element stays on when power is applied. Have to turn off breaker to kill broiler.
If this one is unrepairable, please send a rebuilt controller in its place if you have one.
Thomson, GeorgiaJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331N/ANot WorkingAwaiting receipt of timer
Bend, OregonJenn-AirSVE47100W71002331F3 / F5When oven gets up to temperature will begin beeping with an F3 error message or an F5 error code. I have replaced the temperature sensor and still have the same problem.Repaired
Lakeport, CaliforniaJenn-AirSVE47100B710-0233N/AOven does not workBeyond Repair
Lakeport, CaliforniaJenn-AirSVE47100B710-0233ConstantOven
does not work
Beyond Repair
LEBANON, TennesseeJenn-AirSVE47100B10077502N/ABaking element won't work. Was told it is the circuit board.Awaiting receipt of timer
LEBANON, TennesseeJenn-AirSVE47100B10077502N/ABaking element won't work. Was told it is the circuit board.Awaiting receipt of timer
Jackson Center, OhioJenn-AirSVE47100WAP4088717F1Not sure heating correctly. By the time we used oven thermometer, it wouldn't heat at all.Awaiting receipt of timer
Fort Thomas, KentuckyJenn-Air`SVE47100Bdon't knowF-3when trying to use bake cycle the code appears and the intenal fan goes on . I can sometimes get the oven to work after repeat attempts or sometimes it stops working again then I sometimes can restart the oven to finish cooking.Repaired
YORK, MaineJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331N/ATimer and up temp button do not work...Beyond Repair
YORK, MaineJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331N/ATimer's stopped, as well as the up temp control.Beyond Repair
YORK, MaineJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331N/ATimer and up temp button do not work...Beyond Repair
YORK, MaineJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331N/ATimer doesn't work and can't increase temp over 350Beyond Repair
Ocean Shores, WashingtonJenn-AirSVE47100B100-775-02nonethe temp will not increase, the timer will not increase, the clock will not will decreaseAwaiting receipt of timer
Ocean Shores, WashingtonJenn-AirSVE47100B100-775-02nonecannot get the temperature to increase, the same with timer and clock. when you turn the oven on and touch the down arrow it does start at 350 however when you touch the up arrow nothing happens. it will go down but cannot get it to increase even back where it startedAwaiting receipt of timer
Alameda, CaliforniaJenn-AirSVE47100W71002331N/ADoesn't work.Beyond Repair
West Kelowna, British ColumbiaJenn-AirSVE47100BC71002331NoneTroubleshooting indicates the oven controller has failed. Everything else on the range works, just no bake or broil. Elements test okay, as does temperature probe. Appears to be a lead disconnected from one of the capacitors.Repaired
Plymouth, New HampshireJenn-AirSVE47100W71002331N/AThe control board has failedAwaiting receipt of timer
Gatineau, QuebecJenn-AirSVE47100WC71002331N/ATotally blank ( dark) no indication of powerRepaired
Chambly, QuebecJenn-AirSVE47100WC71002331F5When oven gets up to temperature we either get a beeping sound with an F3 error message or an F5 message. I tested the temp sensor prop and sensor is in the values range.Repaired
Newkirk, OklahomaJenn-AirSVE47100B71002331F3,F5Keeps throwing codes when trying to use oven.Repaired

Common problems for Maytag SVE47100 Electric Slide-In Range Timer

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Oven door falls open and will not close tight on my Jenn-air Single oven Model #SVE47100w
I have a JennAire model # SVE47100W with an F9 message. What do I do?
Jenn Air Oven - SVE47100W - removed door to replace glass, gasket, light switch. Replaced door. Getting F9 error- oven will not heat; broiler will not heat. When looking up F9 error on internet indicated was door lock switch problem or ERC problem. I suspect I don't have a door switch connected, but where is it?
sve47100 oven doesn't heat Jenn Air SVE47100B was in the house when we bought it two years ago. On Christmas day when when we were cooking the ham we heard a pop. The clock and digital control was off and the bake element looked as though it was arcing from near the back (not the connections or against the wall, but along the rear section of the actual element). The range top burners were still operable. We unplugged it and the arcing stopped on the bake element, but the element was broken. I replaced the bake element and the clock control (part number 71002331) with new parts from a local supplier. It all fits back together (did lots of surfing and phoning). Put the power back on and the clock comes on, but when I turn on the bake or the broil, the elements in the oven don't get hot. The control unit will click as though it is trying to heat, and the temperature indicator doesn't rise above 100 degrees, the lowest number that it can register (as soon as you press "bake," it automatica
Oven light won't turn off The oven light on my Jenn-Air SVE47100b slide-in oven is on and will not turn off. We have checked the door, and it is closing properly. The light will not go off even when we push the button inside the door by hand. We have tried unplugging it, and the light comes on as soon as we plug it back it. Any suggestions?
My wife cleaned our oven yesterday. Now we cannot open it. The lever appears locked and I see no easy to grasp instructions. It is an older model and we are renting this home. Any help would be appreciated.
This is a duplicate post I forgot the model number on the first post. This is a dual fuel gas top electric oven model. I believe I have a problem with a relay. Every thing seems to be working properly on the clock and display. When you select bake, broil convect bake etc. it shows on the display and the temperature selected also shows up. The display then switches to preheat showing 100 but does not start to heat. I can hear a slight sound like a hum/whistle that comes on approx 15 seconds then goes off for approx 5 seconds and keeps repeating this sequence. The sound seems to be coming from the back side of the oven near the top. The last couple weeks is when it started acting up. Somtimes you could only get it to heat by selecting broil. Other times convect bake wouln't work but bake would and then if you switched it to convect after it started to heat with the bake setting it would continue to work with the convect bake the rest of the cooking time. I would appreciate any advice so
Sve47100 oven doesn't heat Jenn Air SVE47100B was in the house when we bought it two years ago. On Christmas day when when we were cooking the ham we heard a pop. The clock and digital control was off and the bake element looked as though it was arcing from near the back (not the connections or against the wall, but along the rear section of the actual element). The range top burners were still operable. We unplugged it and the arcing stopped on the bake element, but the element was broken. I replaced the bake element and the clock control (part number 71002331) with new parts from a local supplier. It all fits back together (did lots of surfing and phoning). Put the power back on and the clock comes on, but when I turn on the bake or the broil, the elements in the oven don't get hot. The control unit will click as though it is trying to heat, and the temperature indicator doesn't rise above 100 degrees, the lowest number that it can register (as soon as you press "bake," it automatica
The Jenn-Air emits an alarm with FC flashing. The only way to stop the alarm from returning is to cut all electric power, then restore. Help please.
My oven controls seem to be working but the LED clock is blank. How hard is it to replace the clock on the Jenn-Air SVD48600. Also the cooling fan runs shortly after the oven is turned on and stays running long after the oven is off. I suspect a thermal switch is failed. can anyone help and advise.
i have a sve47100 jenn-air grill oven displaying f1 code on clock window grill&burners work fine oven does not clock &time doesnt work either. if you push cancell button f1 clears then comes back on about 15 sec. later and beeps
Hi I have a Jenn Air SVE47100. The control panel seems to be locked completely. I cannot change the time, use the oven, nothing. Any suggestions before I call in a technician?
I ordered a Jenn-Air element B for my oven...model SVE47100. The element arrived and this morning I installed it. It was part number 71002680. One problem was immediate, one of the small legs on the bottom of the element had come off. So, after installing it I simply set the leg beneath the element in it proper position. It far. Then came the next problem. The element is hotter than the old one. Set at 350 degrees, then checking the temp by changing the setting is discovered it was already at 375-380 degrees. Doing it again, setting it at 405 degrees I discovered it was running at 43435 degrees. I have called customer service but was told there was no guarantee, but the male I ordered from had said there was a 90 day warranty...SO IT GOES. I'm ON THE LINE AWAITING THE PARTS DEPARTMENT TO ANSWER...they probably won't.
I have a jenn-air sve47100 electric range. When I turn on one of the surface burners, the other one goes on, too, and vice-versa. Is it a faulty swtich(es)? Please advise! Thanks
My Jenn-Air Model SVE47100 last night experienced a catastrophic failure of the lower heating element. When turning the oven to bake at 390oF the heating element melted on the left side inline with the door opening. The element then began to burn and melt and throw off molten metal not unlike a sparkler. The element then began to melt moving from left to right. The rate of the high temperature melting moved at a rate of about 1” every couple of minutes. The rest of the right side of the element continued to glow red. Of course we immediately turned off the oven but the element continued to burn and melt. Eventually I was able to stop the element from burning into the back of the oven by flipping off the outside circuit breaker. Had the element continued to burn we were convinced that it would cause a fire in the wall directly behind the oven. This oven is 12 years old; however, this type of failure could have had tragic consequences. I took pictures of the ele
Jenn-Air oven model #SVE47100 - Performed the self cleaning cycle. After it completed, the door was locked shut and the code "F1" appears on the digital screen. Looked at the manual and it recommended to call a service tech.
My Jenn-Air Model SVE47100 oven temperature runs much lower than it reads -- even though I've followed the manual directions for adjusting the temperature and adjusted it up the full 35 degrees that it allows. Still, preheating to 350 only registers 325 on an oven thermometer and baking anything is a guessing game that I mostly lose. Any suggestions?
i have a jen air electric sev471oob i replaced the heating element lower and the thermostat some times the oven works and some times not do i need to change the cotrol pannal
Hi, While moving the door glass shattered on my Jenn air oven. The door has been discontinued and is no longer available. What can I do? Do you have specs on the glass dimensions ? The model number is XXXXX serial number 15667804UQ . The part number is XXXXX I will also need side trim for the door 71002082.
Self cleaning Jenn-Air oven - Model # XXXXX Serial # XXXXX Tried to clean oven.... door would not lock after several tries... then it did lock by making gear locking noise..... then F9 appears and we can not get the door to unlock. We have unplugged and hit the cancel button many times.... ????? Is there anything we can do, if not can you recommend a repair person in our area - Oak Island, NC 28465
Hi, I have trying to solve the problem with my electric Jenn air oven. Had the F1 error, replaced the ERC.....still had it.....called in a technician. He said that we needed to replace the power relay board. Bought that. Pulled out the oven, it doesn't have that part on it. I unplugged the oven temp. sensor. F1 doesn't come on until I turn on the oven and then f3 comes on. The fan continually runs when the power is turned on to the oven....any thoughts?
my jenn air model (sve47100B) oven will not heat. When you press broil and F3 code comes up and the cooling fan stays on all the time.
can I order a new door for a jenn air sve47100b as I broke the front glass 71002088 in the door and it is discontinue
When I turn the oven or the broiler on on my Jenn Air SVE47100B range, the control panel appears to be working fine.. However neither the oven or broiler turns on. The panel will say the oven is 100 degrees then stop blinking.
I have model no. sve47100b Jenn Air, the bottom heating element went bad so I replaced it now the computer board [ clock, clock, temp] doesn't come on, whats up? Thanks, Ned
Electronic Display The display on our Jenn-Air oven (SVE47600B) has dimmed to where we cannot read the display. Occassionally we can just barely read it but mostlt not. I replaced the electronic clock board after the control paneled dimmed to nothing. Now the fan and oven light will not go off and the buttons on the front don't work which control the oven.
Jenn Air SVE47100B was in the house when we bought it two years ago. On Christmas day when when we were cooking the ham we heard a pop. The clock and digital control was off and the bake element looked as though it was arcing from near the back (not the connections or against the wall, but along the rear section of the actual element). The range top burners were still operable. We unplugged it and the arcing stopped on the bake element, but the element was broken. I replaced the bake element and the clock control (part number 71002331) with new parts from a local supplier. It all fits back together (did lots of surfing and phoning). Put the power back on and the clock comes on, but when I turn on the bake or the broil, the elements in the oven don't get hot. The control unit will click as though it is trying to heat, and the temperature indicator doesn't rise above 100 degrees, the lowest number that it can register (as soon as you press "bake," it automatically registers "100" regardl
jenn-air oven model SVE47100 keeps displaying F9 then will go into lock mode. What can we do because we have guests arriving in 2 hours. Is there a quick or temporary fix?
clock on Model F120 range Serial 53031577 The clock doesn't work. Therefore I can't use the self cleaning. Can I bypass the clock/clock to clean the oven?
Oven quits after it warms up and clock dies for a few seconds.
An alarm went off last night and it was flashing F7 I pushed the stop cancel button but 30 seconds later it went off again I did this many times. Finally unpluged it
Jenn Air SVE47100W After Self Cleaning, door remains locked and code F3 Thank you.
I have a 1998 Jenn-aire Model SVE47100W oven. It fails intermittently and displays code "F2". I called the Jenn-aire people; they were unable to tell me what the code means (other than that it has something to do with electrical problems). What does it mean, and is there some intelligent way to perform diagnostics on this intermittent problem?
Jenn air SVE47100W slide in electric oven downdraft not working. Switch makes humming noise when turned on. We cleaned vents and blower parts.
Hi - I have a Jenn Air Model SVE47100W oven. It was purchased new in 1999. Today we turned on the self clean. Before time ran out, the cycle stopped and shows a message "F1". The fan stays on. I tried unplugging, but to no avail. Any ideas?
Jenn Aire 30" Slide-in oven Model Number SVE47100W Display Doesn't light. Have turned off power and tried to reset. Still doesn't light up. Is it worth fixing or should I replace? Bill
I have a Jenn-Air sve47100w - the F9 error code is on the panel. I think it's the door sensor on the top right corner (actually I can see it's borken). I'm having a hard time accessing the area to replace it. Do I have to remove the oven box?

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