Thermador SCD302 Built-In Electric Oven Timer

SCD302 are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Bosch SCD302 Built-In Electric Oven, SCD302T

SCD302 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Oven assembly Parts diagram
SCD302 Built-In Electric Oven Oven assembly Parts diagram
Back, side and trim Parts diagram
SCD302 Built-In Electric Oven Back, side and trim Parts diagram
Convection motor assembly Parts diagram
SCD302 Built-In Electric Oven Convection motor assembly Parts diagram
Module lamp assembly Parts diagram
SCD302 Built-In Electric Oven Module lamp assembly Parts diagram
Top plenum control module Parts diagram
SCD302 Built-In Electric Oven Top plenum control module Parts diagram
Mid plenum, 27 diagram
SCD302 Built-In Electric Oven Mid plenum, 27 diagram
Oven module, non-convection 27 diagram
SCD302 Built-In Electric Oven Oven module, non-convection 27 diagram
Oven module, convection 27 diagram
SCD302 Built-In Electric Oven Oven module, convection 27 diagram
Base module 27 diagram
SCD302 Built-In Electric Oven Base module 27 diagram
Door components (s272t) (sc272t) (scd272t) Parts diagram
SCD302 Built-In Electric Oven Door components (s272t) (sc272t) (scd272t) Parts diagram
Door components (s301t) (s302t) (sc301t) (sc302t) (scd302t) Parts diagram
SCD302 Built-In Electric Oven Door components (s301t) (s302t) (sc301t) (sc302t) (scd302t) Parts diagram
Wiring diagram Parts diagram
SCD302 Built-In Electric Oven Wiring diagram Parts diagram
Schematic diagram Parts diagram
SCD302 Built-In Electric Oven Schematic diagram Parts diagram
Wiring diagram, s301t and sc301t (s301t) (s302t) (sc301t) (sc302t) (scd302t) Parts diagram
SCD302 Built-In Electric Oven Wiring diagram, s301t and sc301t (s301t) (s302t) (sc301t) (sc302t) (scd302t) Parts diagram
Schematic diagram, s301t and sc301t (s301t) (s302t) (sc301t) (sc302t) (scd302t) Parts diagram
SCD302 Built-In Electric Oven Schematic diagram, s301t and sc301t (s301t) (s302t) (sc301t) (sc302t) (scd302t) Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Las Vegas, NevadaThermadorSCD302ZP492071N/ADisplay is DIm and unable to read itRepaired
Las Vegas, NevadaThermadorSCD302ZP492071N/ADisplay is DIm and unable to read itRepaired
Grosse Ile, MichiganThermadorSCD302TP1025927N/ADim display panelRepaired
McCalla, AlabamaThermadorSCD302TW369126N/ALower oven failureAwaiting receipt of timer
Downers Grove, IllinoisThermadorSCD302TS14-38-995N/ADisplay is dim. Clock is barely visible. When oven is in use, the display gets even dimmer and the temperature reading isn't visible at all.Awaiting receipt of timer
Leesburg, VirginiaThermadorSCD302TP14-38-995F7Convection oven not working on the upper ovenAwaiting receipt of timer
San Ramon, CaliforniaBoschThermodore SCD302T14-38-995Display BlankDisplay is Blank even though the touch controls work and we have been using the oven BlindlyAwaiting receipt of timer
San Ramon, CaliforniaBoschThermodor SCD302T14-38-995N/ADisplay is Blank even though the touch controls work and we have been using the oven BlindlyAwaiting receipt of timer
San Ramon, CaliforniaBoschThermodore SCD302T14-38-995Display BlankDisplay is Blank even though the touch controls work and we have been using the oven BlindlyAwaiting receipt of timer
San Ramon, CaliforniaBoschThermodor SCD302T14-38-995N/ADisplay is Blank even though the touch controls work and we have been using the oven BlindlyAwaiting receipt of timer
Winnipeg, ManitobaThermadorSCD302T (see below)00702451N/ATimer/clock have stopped working. Double Ovens work ok. Not certain of model # but it's one of SCD302T, SCD272T, SC302T, SC272T, S302T, S272T, according to the manual supplied. I will be sending the panel (front display board) to you in about two weeks.Repaired
Ocean Springs, MississippiThermadorSCD302TP702451 Control BoardN/AThese parts were removed by a technician because the top oven was not heating up. He replaced them with 702450 (for single oven). Now the bottom oven has no display. I would like to see if these parts are repairable. I am sending both boards but I think the display is functioning ok.Repaired
Ocean Springs, MississippiThermadorSCD302TP702451 Display BoardN/ASee aboveRepaired
Oxford, ConnecticutThermadorSCD302T14-38-902NoneDisplay is dim and you can hardly read it.Awaiting receipt of timer
Virden, ManitobaThermadorSCD302ZP369126N/ALower Oven not heatingRepaired
Snohomish, WashingtonThermadorSCD302TS14-38-902no ideadisplay got lighter and lighter until now you can't even see the time or tempRepaired
Santa Clara, CaliforniaBoschSCD302TP1438902NoneRequest new timer or rebuilt for Thermador double ovenRepaired
Park Ridge, IllinoisThermadorSCD302TP14-38-902N/ATimer becomes dim once the oven is in useAwaiting receipt of timer
Miami, FloridaThermadorSCD302TP1438902no displayno display completely darkAwaiting receipt of timer
PICKERINGTON, OhioThermadorSCD302ZS/01369126N/Abottom oven will not heat up.Awaiting receipt of timer
Higgins, TexasThermadorSCD302tsUnknownUnknownLights on timer control no longer light upBeyond Repair
Harriston, OntarioThermadorSCD302TPSN3790801164no displayno displayRepaired

Common problems for Thermador SCD302 Built-In Electric Oven Timer

Are you encountering a similar problem as them? Contact us now and we will try to help you fix your SCD302 timer-related problem.
The display on my Thermador Double oven is not working. Can I fix it myself?
I have a Thermador Built in double wall oven model # XXXXX Recently it makes a noise when its turned on. It sounds like a fan that is out of alignment. Can i repair this?
We have a Thermador SCD302 double oven. We had to move the oven whilst we had some building work done and now the top oven no longer works. The light and the fan in the top oven still come on but none of the three heating elements come on. One other thing: I think the oven did work after it was reinstalled as I put it on a self clean cycle....I'm 80% sure that it heated up on the self clean cycle but it hasn't worked since then Thanks Chris
Circuit board for oven accidentally became disconnected and ripped off a pin on one of the connections. We reconnected (soldered) the area, but now we have nothing, no power at all. Is there an internal fuse, etc. we need to reset??
Double built-in oven scd302 control panel is dim
Thermodor SCd302 wall oven.Top showing code f34 which is coolong fan swith.Do I need to temove the oven and where are these switches as hte bottom oven showed a code 64
I have a scd302 oven and it just starting asking me to remove the probe. I have no probe and thus it is trying to read from the probe and i can not use the oven. How do I shut off the probe feature
Thermador SCD302 NO Illumination on Display window
thermador scd302 double oven problem: on the touch pad assembly. The rear of the pad has a large circuit board on it the studs which accept two connectors from the main oven are broken off near the points P2 and R45 on the board. Does this have anything to do with the display being dim on display panel. I guess i need a new whole touch pad or can those items be reattached with solder. If I buy the whole touchpad will it solve the problem of display being very dim Thanks for any feedback
I have a GE JTP45W0(or o)A1WW double electric wall mount oven. The upper oven gives code F2 shortly after beginning the self clean process. (the lower oven works fine). From what i can tell, this may be the temp. sensor? I attempted to remove, with the two screws inside the oven, but it seems that you have to access the back to unplug this part? Any advice? Also, i cannot seem to find this particular model anywhere, which model does it cross reference with? Second problem, the clock randomly changes time. I set the clock, and it just randomly will change to various times. Everything else seems to work fine. Any suggestions for this?
The touch pad (group of buttons) for the lower oven does not work. Only the off button makes a beep when pressed. The other buttons in this grouping are unresponsive?? All other buttons are working. I also noticed that there is a 5 second delay for the oven lights to come on when oven doors are opened (Incidentally, I fixed the dimming display with a very easy 3 capacitor relaplacement on the display circuit board. I came across that fix on a different forum) Any ideas what I need to fix or replace next? Any ideas for trouble shooting?
Thermador Built in oven scd302 not heating upper oven, lower oven fine. Heating element not glowing red as the oven below it does.
I had the usual problem - display dimmed slowly since 2000 (model SCD302). I replaced only the 68uf capacitor, using a 22uf and 47uf pigtailed in parallel (soddering negative and positive leads to each other, cutting one's leads short and one set of leads left long to insert into the circ board holes). I used 50v 85 degC caps from radio shack (which doesn't stock 68uf unless you are lucky enough to find one rated 35 or more volts in their grab bag assorted caps bag). I used Radial lead capacitors. I couldn't find the 105deg rating but will replace again if need be... Taking the cover off is easy - just undo the 2 phillips screws at the bottom edge of the control panel and lift it up and off - carefully. It will fall down and stress the connectors - so slowly lean it back 90deg and tape/wire in place in a hanging position while you work on the display. Next undo the 3 screws holding the display and pull it out - then take off the 3 wire harness connectors carefully - using a small flat

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