Thermador SC301 Built-In Electric Oven Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Thermador SC301 Built-In Electric Oven?

Timer part number 492067 for Thermador SC301

The SC301 Built-In Electric Oven uses timer part number 492067.

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SC301 are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Bosch SC301 Built-In Electric Oven, SC301T

SC301 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Oven assembly Parts diagram
SC301 Built-In Electric Oven Oven assembly Parts diagram
Back, side and trim Parts diagram
SC301 Built-In Electric Oven Back, side and trim Parts diagram
Convection motor assembly Parts diagram
SC301 Built-In Electric Oven Convection motor assembly Parts diagram
Module lamp assembly Parts diagram
SC301 Built-In Electric Oven Module lamp assembly Parts diagram
Top plenum control module Parts diagram
SC301 Built-In Electric Oven Top plenum control module Parts diagram
Mid plenum, 27 diagram
SC301 Built-In Electric Oven Mid plenum, 27 diagram
Oven module, non-convection 27 diagram
SC301 Built-In Electric Oven Oven module, non-convection 27 diagram
Oven module, convection 27 diagram
SC301 Built-In Electric Oven Oven module, convection 27 diagram
Base module 27 diagram
SC301 Built-In Electric Oven Base module 27 diagram
Door components (s272t) (sc272t) (scd272t) Parts diagram
SC301 Built-In Electric Oven Door components (s272t) (sc272t) (scd272t) Parts diagram
Door components (s301t) (s302t) (sc301t) (sc302t) (scd302t) Parts diagram
SC301 Built-In Electric Oven Door components (s301t) (s302t) (sc301t) (sc302t) (scd302t) Parts diagram
Wiring diagram Parts diagram
SC301 Built-In Electric Oven Wiring diagram Parts diagram
Schematic diagram Parts diagram
SC301 Built-In Electric Oven Schematic diagram Parts diagram
Wiring diagram, s301t and sc301t (s301t) (s302t) (sc301t) (sc302t) (scd302t) Parts diagram
SC301 Built-In Electric Oven Wiring diagram, s301t and sc301t (s301t) (s302t) (sc301t) (sc302t) (scd302t) Parts diagram
Schematic diagram, s301t and sc301t (s301t) (s302t) (sc301t) (sc302t) (scd302t) Parts diagram
SC301 Built-In Electric Oven Schematic diagram, s301t and sc301t (s301t) (s302t) (sc301t) (sc302t) (scd302t) Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
citrus heights, CaliforniaThermadorSC301 ZS492067DIM READ OUTDIM TO NO READ OUTAwaiting receipt of timer
Lake Worth, FloridaThermadorSC301ZS492067Screen BlankDisplay BlankAwaiting receipt of timer
Norwich, New YorkThermadorThermadore SC301ZP/01492067noneDisplay has gone too dim to see. All functions still work.Repaired
Lihue, HawaiiThermadorSC301ZS14-38-994no lightTimer has no back light works but can't see displayRepaired
Brownsville, TexasThermadorSC301ZP492067N/APanel started fading and finally went dark. The oven works.Repaired
Richmond, VirginiaThermadorSC301ZP/01702450N/ADim DsiplayRepaired
Adams, TennesseeThermadorSC301TS702450n/aThe display on the front is so dim you can't see the numbers.Repaired
Amarillo, TexasThermadorSC301TB14-38-901NONEVacuum Fluorescent Display gradually dimming to unreadable over the last few months. All other oven functions normal.Repaired
Calgary, AlbertaThermadorSC301ZP/01485785F7 - New touchpad onOven stopped heating on bake cycle during operation. Broil function had been working intermittently for some time. Bake and Broil no longer heat and display shows 100F when these cycles are selected.

The touchpad is being replaced independent of this repair due to an F7 error that occurred during diagnosis of above problem.
Adams, TennesseeThermadorSC301TS486785n/aThe display on the front is so dim you can't see the numbers.Repaired
East Troy, WisconsinThermadorSC301TB14-38-901NONEThermador wall oven. Touch pad seems to work / beeps when most "buttons" touched. Blank screen / clock with ?burn mark top left corner inside glass. Oven won't turn on. Oven light turns on when door open. Fan works. Repairman said clock timer is broken and part no longer available.Repaired
Edmonton, AlbertaThermadorSC301TW00702450/486785 (Original Part #)NoneThe LED Clock on the display is not working (it faded off a few months back). The wall oven works perfectly, there is just no display for time or temperature anymore.

Model number SC301TW. Ser# 980030125
Mount Hope, OntarioThermadorSC301T48334 I thinkN/aDisplay was hard to see then stopped working all together. The buttons on touch control still work, just no display.Repaired
BATON ROUGE, LouisianaThermadorSC301TB492067N/ADISPLAY WILL NO LITE UPRepaired
Danville, CaliforniaThermadorSC301TS14-38-994No failure codeThere is no LED display. All of the functions of the oven work perfectly.Awaiting receipt of timer
brooklyn, New YorkThermadorTHERMADOR SC301TB single oven relay & display boarsc301TBN/AWe can no longer use broil or convection roast, and the oven no longer heats and cooks as well as it once did when the timer was working. Again, the part we need is THERMADOR SC301TB single oven relay & display board kit 00702450.
I found a repairman who says he can fix it if you have the part, now discontinued, in stock
Awaiting receipt of timer
CALGARY, AlbertaThermadorSC301ZP00486792n/ano power to the cooling fanRepaired
North Vancouver, British ColumbiaThermadorSC301T (oven)CN: 14-38-994NONE.Display does not work, however, the rest of the oven functions normally. With the display not working, we cannot set temperature or perform other functions.Repaired
MARKHAM, OntarioThermadorSC301TS702450N/ADisplay numbers have dimmed- hard to readAwaiting receipt of timer
West Vancouver, British ColumbiaThermadorSC301T1: 492069 and 2:702450no1, faded read out
2. oven controls stopped functioning
Awaiting receipt of timer
MArblehead, MassachusettsThermadorSC301TW/01492067noneDisplay is unreadably dim. Possibly not displaying anything at all. Oven works. Buttons beep, heat happens.Repaired

Common problems for Thermador SC301 Built-In Electric Oven Timer

Are you encountering a similar problem as them? Contact us now and we will try to help you fix your SC301 timer-related problem.
I have a single oven sc301. It is about 4.5 yrs old. The oven temp and clock light are unreadbly dim. What can I do to fix this?
I have a Thermador SC301. It doesn't preheat on Bake beyond 175 degrees. On Convection Bake it preheats to the selected temp and seems to functions OK.
Thermadore sc301 no heat on any mode, bake, broil, convection... Replaced relay board and control board but still having same problem. Hear clicking sound and getting power from "bake" terminal, but no power from "dlb" terminal. At times between some of the clicking I read about 60V from ground to neutral. Is there a short somewhere possibly causing this, or is the board bad again?
Got an F7 error on Thermador sc301. How do I get it to turn off
Our Thermador SC301 oven door will not close completely and the light stays on. I don't see any adjustments for the door. Is there a fix? Is it the gasket?
I have a Thermador SC301 Wall Unit Oven. I ran the self clean - which seemed to run ok for a while - then screen went black. I flipped breaker and let the unit cool down completely. I reset breaker - set clock etc. Tried "bake" on not action. The display shows 100F and bake - but the element does not heat. I took the element out and examined it - no visible problems. Tried convection and broil - they display ok but there is no heat.
I just moved into a new apartment and there's a Thermador SC301 TS. The oven top works just fine, but nothing happens when we press touchpad to start the oven. We get a small beep when we press "off", but otherwise nothing. This is my first time with a thermador. Is there some trick I'm missing? Thanks, Alan, Brooklyn, NY
I have a SC301 wall oven, display is now blank and recently the unit no longer heats up. what are options to fix?
I have an Aficio 1085 Copier. About half way through a run of 500 double sided copies the copier suddenly stopped and displayed the error code SC301. I've turned off the machine and turned it back on and the same code shows immediately. I've gotten around the error code and into the service menu but as soon as I exit the service menu it errors immediately again. When looking at the drum after the error occurs, the entire surface of the drum is covered in toner. The book tells me there are three possible causes for SC301; poor charge corona unit connection, charge/bias/grid power pack defective, dirty or worn charge corona wire. How do I test to figure out which one is the cause of the SC301 error code?
Dim LED on SC301 Thermador repairing dim or blank LED clock
Self-clean turns off after 5 minutes with F2 error message The self clean feature of my Thermador built-in oven, model sc301, turns off after about 5 minutes with an F2 error message. I have not used the self-clean in a few years - I don't bake too often.
The other day the broiler on a Thermador electric oven got left on with the door closed. Next thing I know the oven was beeping non-stop and non of the pressure sensitive button controls would function. I called the company and they told me to trip the circuit breaker, leave it off for 5 minutes and try again. Now the controls work, but when I turn on the oven, only the fan runs and it does not heat up. What's the likely problem and can I order parts and repair it myself?
I have a Thermador SC301 wall oven and the display has faded out. Thermador says I need to replace the whole control unit ($500 for the part!) Any cheaper fix?

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