Whirlpool RM280PXBQ3 Electric Range And Oven Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Whirlpool RM280PXBQ3 Electric Range And Oven?

Timer part number 3184943 for Whirlpool RM280PXBQ3

The RM280PXBQ3 Electric Range And Oven uses timer part number 3184943.

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RM280PXBQ3 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Cabinet Parts diagram
RM280PXBQ3 Electric Range And Oven Cabinet Parts diagram
Control panel Parts diagram
RM280PXBQ3 Electric Range And Oven Control panel Parts diagram
Magnetron and air flow Parts diagram
RM280PXBQ3 Electric Range And Oven Magnetron and air flow Parts diagram
Cavity and turntable Parts diagram
RM280PXBQ3 Electric Range And Oven Cavity and turntable Parts diagram
Door and latch Parts diagram
RM280PXBQ3 Electric Range And Oven Door and latch Parts diagram
Microwave cabinet and air flow Parts diagram
RM280PXBQ3 Electric Range And Oven Microwave cabinet and air flow Parts diagram
Lower oven Parts diagram
RM280PXBQ3 Electric Range And Oven Lower oven Parts diagram
Electric oven door Parts diagram
RM280PXBQ3 Electric Range And Oven Electric oven door Parts diagram
Wiring harness Parts diagram
RM280PXBQ3 Electric Range And Oven Wiring harness Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
F1 failure code within several minutes after power up of appliance
Awaiting receipt of timer

Common problems for Whirlpool RM280PXBQ3 Electric Range And Oven Timer

Are you encountering a similar problem as them? Contact us now and we will try to help you fix your RM280PXBQ3 timer-related problem.
I have a combo oven microwave unit, the Whirlpool RM280pxbb2. the oven continues to work perfectly but the microwave will not run. The lights come on, the clock counts down but there is no heat or activation of the microwave unit. Everything appears to be in order but there is just nothing happening. Looking for some guidance on how to fix myself. Have taken faceplate off and looked at hardware but do not know where to begin. Looking for assistance. pete
Freezer side not working. I get the 98 flashing when i do the self diagnostic. I believe this is an error code 25 but not sure what i need to order to fix it. Please help if possible,
Gibson Market Master refridgerator. The light doesn't go on. I changed the bulb and still no light. I checked the bulb in another socket and it works. I checked the switch at the bottom of the door with a current tester and there is a (weak) current coming to the swithch. I bought a switch from you and replaced it, still nothing. Before I move the fridge away from the wall and start following the wire around with a tester I thought I would ask you if this is a common problem with an easy solution. Is their a reset for the light circuit? Do you have a diagram of the wiring for the light? The rest of the fridge works fine.
Does not cool lower than 60 degrees. also coil in back is warm at the top and cool at the bottom, compressor is running and hot, inside fan is blowing .
Woke up to find the oven beeping with an error code F24. Turned the oven off then on per manual, checked the ribbon connectors and wiring for losseness or evident shorts and still receive F24. The touchpad is totally unresponsive to any commands. Needless to say the wife is not real happy right now with Bill
Been looking through all the past threads and didn't see any full response to dead MWave. I have the panel off and the switches on my door latch mechanism aren't the same as in the parts list. I don't have a switch with a fuse attached. Instead of two "door switches" I have three. Top to bottom here is what they read: Switch - Door Open - Door Closed Top ----- open --------closed Mid ----- closed -------open Bottom - open -------closed Have the same problem as many others have lights and control panel functions with no fans or magnatron. Clint Finally got the Tech Spec sheet and found the "door Switches" are actually sensing switch on top; Monitor switch in center; and secondary switch on bottom. All appear to be functioning correctly as to tech sheet. Next question is: Is the 20 amp fuse a slow blow or a simple fuse? I am getting continuity end to end.
To Experts outhere - Please help. I got this Samsung 4 door model RM255BA RB/XAA. Its about 1.5 years old. The problem is that the unit is freezing everything in the fridge section, and the temp is too low everywhere else as well. I have it set for -2 in the Freezer and 44 in the Fridge. Everything is frozen solid. Readouts show the correct temperature. I can hear the fridge working, though the temperature at the setting. I tried to troubleshoot. When i unplug it - and then plug back in the dashboard shows the temperature to be -18 in the freezer, and abou 15 in the Fridge. Right before i unpluged it - it shows -2 and 44. Temperature appears to climb up, based on the control dashboard, and it gets to where it should be, visually, but actually its still low. When i unplug and re-plug back in - same thing. Degrees are varried but in the oven i listed above Please Hlep with your expert advice. Gene
I have a Samsung RM255LABP refrigerator that has stopped cooling and freezing. I have tried unplugging for a day for a hard reset to no avail. I have also done the self-diagnosis test and get a blinking 98 88 in the freezer part and a solid 88 on the fridge part. I have also made sure it isn't in demo mode. I have a repair person coming in two days but would rather fix it myself. Could this be the PBA going out?
i would like some assistacne to repair my microwave /oven rm280pxbq3 whirlpool could you help me?
Whirlpool Electric Oven M# XXXXX gives a F-3 error code, the owner already replaced the temp probe. The oven still gives the error code. The thermal fuse looks like a one and done fuse. What would cause this. (the oven does work intermittantly for a few hours).

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