Thermador RDSS30RS Range Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Thermador RDSS30RS Range?

Timer part number 486752 for Thermador RDSS30RS

The RDSS30RS Range uses timer part number 486752.

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RDSS30RS are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Bosch RDSS30RS Range, RDSS30Q

RDSS30RS Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Gas burner box assembly Parts diagram
RDSS30RS Range Gas burner box assembly Parts diagram
Main oven liner and module Parts diagram
RDSS30RS Range Main oven liner and module Parts diagram
(slide-in) main body Parts diagram
RDSS30RS Range (slide-in) main body Parts diagram
Downdraft and vtn30rq blower Parts diagram
RDSS30RS Range Downdraft and vtn30rq blower Parts diagram
Main oven door assembly Parts diagram
RDSS30RS Range Main oven door assembly Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
sarasota, FloridaFrigidairethermador RDSS30RS318010100N/Adim display

Howard - please purchase new part
Awaiting receipt of timer
sarasota, FloridaFrigidairethermador RDSS30RS318010100N/Adim displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Drexel Hill, PennsylvaniaThermadorRDSS30RS486752F1Electric oven unit will not work, unit makes a loud intermittant beeping soundRepaired
Oakton, VirginiaThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/AOven is not working and a repairman checked it out and mentioned that is the Clock/control panel that needs to be replaced / repaired.Awaiting receipt of timer
Manorville, New YorkThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/ADigital display is blank. Able to press bake/broil/clean and hear click but nothing displays and we are able to cancel as well hearing another click. ERC also locked the oven and starts the fan. I have to manually take a hanger and depress the latch to open oven and turn off fan. But it seems relay is still in on position because when I close the oven again it locks.Repaired
Cleveland, MississippiThermadorRDSS30RS/01486752N/APlease sell me a NEW 486752 ControlReplaced with new in-stock timer
manhasset, New YorkThermadorRDSS30RSunknownunknownTimer does not work, oven does not work, the burners work.Beyond Repair
Nashville, TennesseeThermadorThermodor RDSS30RS486752N/ADim dispay
Sicky buttons
Clock and temp settings run out of control
Replaced with new in-stock timer
rancho palos verdes, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/ADisplayed is dimmedAwaiting receipt of timer
CALGARY, AlbertaThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/Ano bakeRepaired
san rafael, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/ATime & temp control blankReplaced with reconditioned timer
Raleigh, North CarolinaThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/AElectric oven only reaches 285F after an hour of pre-heating. Tested element and it is fine.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Beverly, MassachusettsThermadorThermador RDSS30RS486752Dim Display, IgnitioDim Display, Random ignition clicks.Replaced with reconditioned timer
gustine, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/ACant read temp very dim.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Tulsa, OklahomaThermadorRDSS30RS486752NACan no longer read the digital display.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Auburndale, MassachusettsThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/AThe oven doesn't work...The broiler works, but NOT the ovenReplaced with reconditioned timer
Richmond, VirginiaThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/ACLEAN CYCLE WORKS ONLYAwaiting receipt of timer
Jersey City, New JerseyThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/ADisplay is very dim, beeps for no reason, touching the whole panel activates somethingAwaiting receipt of timer
Cardiff, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RS486752noneThe oven will not heat but broiler works. It tried to heat (clicking sound) and it gets to about 160 degrees very slowly and then stops heating. A factory repairman looked at it and said the timer needed to be replaced.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Northborough, MassachusettsThermadorRDSS30RS486752F1Very dim display, broiler button sticks, shows F1 codeAwaiting receipt of timer
San Jose, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RS486752NoneDisplay readout is very dim, especially the red oven temperature readout.Repaired
Flowery Branch, GeorgiaThermadorRDSS30RS486752dim displaydim display, everything else functions. I cannot do without my oven for weeks, so if I purchase a new one and sent in my old one, will you refund the old one?Repaired
Afton, MinnesotaThermadorRDSS30RS486752DimDim displayRepaired
Nutley, New JerseyThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/Aoven does not work, broiler does, timer starts beeping at tines and gets F1, cleaning cycle doesn't work. sometimes timer doesn't workRepaired
Reynoldsburg, OhioThermadorRDSS30RS486752NoneThe oven was set at convection bake 375 degrees for 7 minutes. It was baking fine until 3 minutes were left on the timer. All of the sudden, the broiler kicked itself on and burnt the cookies that were in the oven.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Jersey City, New JerseyThermadorRDSS30RS486752F1F1 code
very dim display, cannot be read unless kitchen is dark
broil at times turns off by itself
Awaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaThermadorRDSS30RS486752No codeOven will not heat, Broiler does work, bottom heating element checked out O.K., burners work and the display still works. The temperature stays at 100 F, oven keeps clicking on but heat does not increase. Had a repair person take apart oven, do diagnostics and stated he was certain it was the circuit board control panel, but no parts were available from Thermador therefore unfixable. Same part was replaced 3 years ago when the display dimmed and was unreadable.Replaced with reconditioned timer
SHELBY TOWNSHIP, MichiganThermadorRDSS30RS486752oven temp not visibloven temp dim to not visibleAwaiting receipt of timer
San Jose, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/AOur Thermador RDSS30RS oven element does not heat. Traced problem to our Control board Part #486752. Would like to purchase a new/reconditioned unit.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Niagara on the Lake, OntarioThermadorRDSS30RS486752F3Oven overheats - broiler does not turn off when oven temperature is reachedReplaced with reconditioned timer
Perkasie, PennsylvaniaThermadorRDSS30RS486752F1No oven function at all.Awaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/AThis is a return of the original timer we have just replaced with a reconditioned one you just sent us. We are sending this one in for the refund. New one works great!Awaiting receipt of timer
Tiburon, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/ADisplay is very dim and flickers slightly. All functions work but it is very hard to read.Repaired
Calgary, AlbertaThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/ALCD display no longer lights up and the oven intermittently turns on and off. Temperature display no longer lights up as well.

(NOTE: Upon removal from the oven a resistor was shorted out and hence the burn marks on the board)
Richmond Hill, GeorgiaThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/AMissing timer and face coverReplaced with reconditioned timer
Morton Grove, IllinoisThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/AThe oven broiler works, but the bake does not. The back heating element works. The time on the clock is dim and the temperature is almost not readable. Repair man said everything else on the over is in good working order. Repair man said clock module/board was no longer available.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Escondido, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/ADisplay is dim and not readable. If reconditioned display is not available, please send new. If you have instructions on how to remove/replace, that would be appreciated.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Blainville, QuébecThermadorRDSS30RS14-33-347F-1We had a power failure 2 weeks ago. When power came back the error code was flashing with the bip bip. Try the cancel button, try to put the power off nothing would do. please fix the problem and have it return if possible by this friday it would be greatly appreciated. ThanksRepaired
Renton, WashingtonThermadorRDSS30RS-F-D14-33-347N/ADOES NOT GET UP TO TEMPReplaced with reconditioned timer
Barnesville, OhioThermadorRDSS30RS14-33-347timer works, readoutOven temperature readout so dim it is almost unreadable, clock dim but readable.Repaired
Capistrano Beach, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RS14-33-347N/ANo lights, no ovenReplaced with reconditioned timer
Kansas City, MissouriThermadorRDSS30RS14-33-347F1/F31) Broil comes on when bake is selected. Probably a sticky relay will work if tapped on.
2) Display is dim and barely legible.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Roswell, GeorgiaThermadorRDSS30RSnew 486752N/ADim display - would like to purchase a new one.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Bethesda, MarylandThermadorThermador RDSS30RS486752 Bosch/Thermador Range/Stove/Oven TimerN/AI am sending in a dim timer so I'm assuming it cannot be repaired. However, I would like to get the $50 refund for sending it in applied to the cost of the new timer I am purchasing.

Replaced with new in-stock timer
Calgary, AlbertaThermadorRDSS30RS00486752N/AoVEN DOES NOT HEATRepaired
Calgary, AlbertaThermadorRDSS30RS00486752N/AoVEN DOES NOT HEATRepaired
Mobile, AlabamaThermadorRDSS30RS00486752N/Aconstant beeping; oven won't heatAwaiting receipt of timer
Shrewsbury, MassachusettsThermadorRDSS30RS00486752Dim display for tempDisplay for oven temperature is dim and unreadable except in dark room. Purchase reconditioned unit and will return failed unit when removed.Awaiting receipt of timer
Winnetka, IllinoisThermadorRDSS30RS00486752N/AWhen you push any buttons, it just says 'OFF' instead of the temperature. Service man told us the control board needs to be replaced.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Getzville, New YorkThermadorRDSS30RS100-796-00N/ANo display whatsoeverAwaiting receipt of timer
Rancho Palos Verdes, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RS486752DIM DISPLAYoven temperature display is very light and hard to read in daylightAwaiting receipt of timer
Falls Creek, PennsylvaniaThermadorRDSS30RS486752Dim Display, Bake TeDim Display, Incorrect Bake Temp, Broil Not Working.Repaired
Port Townsend, WashingtonThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/ADisplay is dim, particularly the oven temperature.Repaired
Shaker Heights, OhioThermadorRDSS30RS486752?oven not heating or takes a long time to heat. Service man identified problem as "bad oven control board".Repaired
Shrewsbury, MassachusettsThermadorRDSS30RS00486752Dim display unable tDisplay for oven temperature is dim and unreadable except in dark room. Purchase reconditioned unit and will return failed unit when removed.Awaiting receipt of timer
Lawton, MichiganThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/AJust bought a house with a Thermodor Gas top stove w/electric convection oven. The oven comes on but we cannot read the temp and therefore have no good way to control. Please assess and call with estimateAwaiting receipt of timer
Chestermere, AlbertaThermadorRDSS30RS00486752OFF1-bake and broil did not work. It showed OFF when pressed either bake or broil
2-Display was too dim
West Chester, PennsylvaniaThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/Ayou previously repaired this on your invoice #105765Repaired
Bronx, New YorkThermadorRDSS30RS486752no fail codesOven does not heat to selected temp. ( example: oven set to preheat 350 and not even reach 185) Checked heating element and temp sensor, all ok. Called in and spoke to gentleman, he suggested it was the relay board that needs replacement. Please inspect and replace the display as well. It's functional however.Awaiting receipt of timer
Chestermere, AlbertaThermadorRDSS30RS00486752OFFpress any key, the timer will show OFF messageBeyond Repair
Nutley, New JerseyThermadorRDSS30RS486752None1) Bake Element will not heat up, Only gets slightly warm.
Bake element tests good.

2) Display seems to be getting dim.
Brewster, New YorkThermadorRDSS30RS486752no failure codes at Temperature display (orange) is very dim, and in some lighting conditions cannot see it at all. Sometimes the oven does not get up to temperature. In the past, have seen F1 error codes, but that has not happened in a long time. The clock display (green) is good.Awaiting receipt of timer
Santa Cruz, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RS14-33-347f1oven not working.Awaiting receipt of timer
Libertyville, IllinoisThermadorRDSS30RS00486752NoneBroiler comes on during bake and convection modes. Also the oven trips the circuit breaker.Awaiting receipt of timer
Ridgewood, New JerseyThermadorRDSS30RS14-33-349N/ADisplay blanks out, oven and broiler turn off.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Lebanon, New JerseyThermadorRDSS30RS486752F1rdReplaced with reconditioned timer
Raleigh, North CarolinaThermadorRDSS30RS1433347N/ALower element is not getting hot. Checked connunity of lower element and it reads 25 ohms.Repaired
Raleigh, North CarolinaThermadorRDSS30RS10079600/. 14-30-347NoneLower element will not heat. Checked resistance in element and it measured 25 ohms.Repaired
Lebanon, New JerseyThermadorRDSS30RS486752F-1Please reserve this part for me as soon as it becomes availableReplaced with reconditioned timer
Lakewood, ColoradoThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/AOven bake element not heating, broiler element working (heating). Oven bake element has continuity, good resistance (~21 ohms). According to your webpage (and testimonials), the timer (486752) is not functioning properly. Additionally, the display is loosing fidelity and is very dim. I want to see if replacement is available, cost, and if not, send in my timer for repair.Repaired
San Jose, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RS486752F1Food was burning on top and not cooking through. Oven overheated one time so door locked. Food was not baking properly.Repaired
Toronto, OntarioThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/AOven only heats partially. Lower element coldAwaiting receipt of timer
SOCIAL CIRCLE, GeorgiaThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/ACan not read oven temperature, too dim.Awaiting receipt of timer
ALEXANDRIA, VirginiaThermadorRDSS30RS00486752N/ADim displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Staples, OntarioThermadorRDSS30RS00486752N/AOven does not work on bake or broil. Display screen is fine.
Thermal fuse and double line relay have been previously replaced.
Briarcliff Manor, New YorkThermadorRDSS30RS486752noneDisplay is functional (all buttons work) but the LEDs are dim, especially for the temperature when using the oven.Repaired
Barnesville, OhioThermadorRDSS30RSUNKNOWNNONEOVEN TEMPERATURE VERY DIMAwaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaThermadorRDSS30RS00486752N/ALED Oven temperature reading no longer can be read. extremely dim.Awaiting receipt of timer
Trussville, AlabamaThermadorRDSS30RSAP2836528noneWhen an eye is turned on, oven turns off.
Temperature display can hardly be seen.
Beyond Repair
Edmonton, AlbertaThermadorRDSS30RS486752F1Oven bake element will not heat. F1 error code comes on intermittentlyRepaired
Burnaby, British ColumbiaThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/ALed is very dim and hard to read.
Lately oven temperature too hot with top burner kicking in burning food.
Santa Clara, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RS14-33-347F1Oven controller beeps and displays F1. Previously I was able to clear this condition by pulling out the pushbuttons. This fix no longer works.Repaired
Rochester, New YorkThermadorRDSS30RS14-33-347See SymptomsDim display
Sometimes control needs to be reset (Power removed) in order to operate oven. (I think the previous owner said the code was F1, but not sure)
Terra Cotta Ontario, OntarioThermadorRDSS30RS97110076N/AThe electronic range control board is unreadable. Setting the oven temperature is difficult (best guess). The oven works fine but it doesn't hold the temperature very well due to issue with the controls. It is the original stove version 000, purchased 11/1/98, delivery taken 11/1/99. I have emailed Howard Simons about this unit and he has been very helpful.Repaired
RAHWAY, New JerseyThermadorRDSS30RS486752 ERCN/Aoven not heating up past 200 degreesAwaiting receipt of timer
Lakeville, MinnesotaThermadorRDSS30RS486752no failure codeeverything works. just have a dim display.Awaiting receipt of timer
Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaThermadorRDSS30RS486752N/ADim displayRepaired
Santa Rosa, CaliforniaThermadorRDSS30RS486752F1oven quits working after initial warming, shows F1 codeRepaired
Columbus, OhioThermadorRDSS30RSPart #486752N/AN/AAwaiting receipt of timer
Woodbury, ConnecticutThermadorRDSS30RS00486752N/ADisplay very dim, possible poor oven temp controlAwaiting receipt of timer

Common problems for Thermador RDSS30RS Range Timer

Are you encountering a similar problem as them? Contact us now and we will try to help you fix your RDSS30RS timer-related problem.
We have already been charged $200 to 'fix' the burner. Basically, the technician said that in order to fix it, he would have to take everything apart and we were risking making all the burners.. not just the slow one .. not work. We are very frustrated as we love the range, but cannot seem to (a) find anyone to repair it (b) anyone who even knows what part it needs (c) we need help from Thermador to see what are our next steps as we are stuck in that the range is in a penisula with a downdraft so don't have alot of choices unless we want to redo our kitchen configuration which we do NOT want to do. The model is RDSS30RS . Thanks for any advice.. Marianne in Chattanooga, TN
I have a Thermador Model Number RDSS30RS, Serial Number 99040137 that has a defective control unit part Number 486752. Apparently that part is no longer in production. My range is only 11 years old. Is there any way to repair it or do I just have to discard the oven. This just seems crazy to purchase the BEST oven on the market only to find out Thermador does not provide parts for repair!
we have a ten year old thermadore Model RDSS30RS gas/electric oven. The indicator light for temperature control is extremely dim. Can you tell me if this is adjustable? Also, thermadore does not make this control and directed me to CoreCentric, they will rebuild the part, can you tell me how to disassemble the front panel and and remove this indicator section. Thanks
We are unable to use the self-cleaning feature on our Thermador freestanding oven, model RDSS30RS. We follow the instructions in the care and maintenance manual that came with the oven, and the word "door" unexpectedly comes on and the oven cleaning fails to start. The book refers to a page 47 on "solving operational problems," but explanation of our problem is not dealt with. What should we be doing? We purchased the oven in 2000 and have used the self-cleaning feature many times since then without any problem.
I have a thermador RDSS30RS. The front left (XLO) burner doesn't operate I can't read the digital readout-it is too dim
thermador rdss30rs xlo burners don't light and right side burners don't light either. can light right side with lighter. while burners are on igniter spark continously.
Hi everyone, Another year, another appliance to fix Seems like lots of posts on Thermador XLO burners -- had the back right go out maybe a month or so ago, and now the front right doesn't work. By not work, I mean I turn on the burner (knob), hear clicking/see spark, but the gas valve isn't opening. After combing the forums here, it seems a typical problem and quite likely the potentiometer kit, possibly solenoid. The plan will be to attempt to remove the grill top venturi tubes, see if I can eliminate the solenoid as the culprit (my hunch is that it's the pot). If the solenoid is good, I'll swap w/ the pot kit. Does this sound reasonable? I have two hesitations: one is breaking the venturi tubes, in which case the wife will be irritated that there would be NO working burners , the other is that the kit indicates modification may be necessary. (Kit is AP3872616) Anyone who has done this: Are we talking pinpoint precision modification or duct tape and bailing wire? I can handle some sim
digital display won't light up... RDSS30RS I can't get the digital display(clock,oven temp, ect.) to come on. when I push the bake button I hear a click and then another. is there a fuse to replace? Thanks.
The display on the control module of our RDSS30RS oven is too dim to read. Thermador says the replacement is no longer available. Where can I get a replacement?

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