Thermador RDFS30 Range Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Thermador RDFS30 Range?

Timer part number 486752 for Thermador RDFS30

The RDFS30 Range uses timer part number 486752.

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RDFS30 are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Bosch RDFS30 Range, RDFS30Q

RDFS30 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Gas burner box assembly Parts diagram
RDFS30 Range Gas burner box assembly Parts diagram
Main oven assembly Parts diagram
RDFS30 Range Main oven assembly Parts diagram
Cooling and electrical control Parts diagram
RDFS30 Range Cooling and electrical control Parts diagram
Main oven door assembly Parts diagram
RDFS30 Range Main oven door assembly Parts diagram
Storage drawer and base Parts diagram
RDFS30 Range Storage drawer and base Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Draper, UtahThermadorRDFS30QS486752NONEWAITING FOR REBUILT TIMER. OUR TIMER IS NOT REPAIRABLE DISPLAY IS DIM.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Nepean, OntarioThermadorRDFS30QW486752LED Lights are very LED lights are very dim or not working
Require NEW timer.
Replaced with new in-stock timer
Nepean, OntarioThermadorRDFS30QW486752LED Lights are very Require a repaired/reconditioned serviceable timerReplaced with new in-stock timer
Nepean, OntarioThermadorRDFS30QW486752LED Lights are very LED lights are very dim or not working
Require NEW timer.
Replaced with new in-stock timer
Nepean, OntarioThermadorRDFS30QW486752LED Lights are very Require a repaired/reconditioned serviceable timerReplaced with new in-stock timer
Butler, IndianaThermadorRDFS30QW486752N/ABoard will be mailed from customer K. Swaim. Original diagonsis from CoreCentric Solutions was the "relay board arced to the logic board" beyone drpair.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Morristown, New JerseyThermadorRDFS30QS486752N/ABuying new timerReplaced with new in-stock timer
Staten Island, New YorkThermadorRDFS30486752F1Surge in the house occurred and the display went out. When it came back it displayed an F1 code and began beeping.Repaired
Minnetonka, MinnesotaThermadorRDFS30Q486752N/ALED lights are dim. Will not be shipping the timer.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Bearsville, New YorkThermadorRDFS30 / RDSS30486752nonebake factor in oven ceased to work. element was replaced without effect. Unit was checked by a local tech who found timer to be defective in the bake functionRepaired
Garden Grove, CaliforniaThermadorRDFS30QW486752N/ADigital display is very dim. Able to press bake/broil/clean but cannot read the temperature.Awaiting receipt of timer
Gilette, New JerseyThermadorRDFS30486752N/ADim DisplayReplaced with new in-stock timer
Durham, North CarolinaThermadorRDFS30QW486752nonedisplay is dim. irratic oven temperatureReplaced with new in-stock timer
Detroit, MichiganThermadorRDFS30QB486752F1Oven turns on by itself.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Thornhill, OntarioThermadorRDFS30RS486752N/AOven bake element stopped working.
Repairman said new element and timer/board needed.
Replaced new burner however new timer/board is no longer available.
Manchester, MassachusettsBoschThermador RDFS30RS486752Dim LED'sDim Timer lightsRepaired
Manchester, MassachusettsBoschRDFS30RS486752Dim LED'sDim LEDRepaired
Jackson, WyomingThermadorRDFS30QS486752 ?N/ADim Display
Will not allow self clean mode
Thornhill, OntarioThermadorRDFS30RS486752F1F1 code flashes. both broiler comes on even when bake is selected. no control of temperatureAwaiting receipt of timer
Clay, MichiganThermadorThermadore RDFS30QS486752N/AAll functions work, but readout display has been gradually growing dimmer with time. Cannot see oven temp anymore.
It never showed a failure code.
Salem, OregonThermadorRDFS30QW486752N/ADigital numbers of oven temperature are fading and difficult to see. We want to replace the unit with a new unit before it fails completely.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Rochester, New YorkThermadorRDFS30RS486752?not workingReplaced with reconditioned timer
Santa Rosa, CaliforniaThermadorRDFS30RS486752noneActually I am sending in the timer, but if it can't be fixed I want to buy a rebuilt timer.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Fairport, New YorkThermadorRDFS30QW486752N/AOven temperature cannot be controlledReplaced with reconditioned timer
Mountain View, MissouriThermadorRDFS30QW486752N/ATemperature is erratic. Seems to reach low temps (350 & below) fine. However, when setting board to higher temps, board doesn't want to reach temperature. You can set board to 400 degrees it will get to 360-375. If you set board to 550, control never reaches over 400 degrees.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Jackson, WyomingThermadorRDFS30QS486752 ?N/ADim Display----
Will not allow self clean mode
Chicago, IllinoisThermadorRDFS30RS486752N/ADisplay is dimReplaced with reconditioned timer
Island Heights, New JerseyBoschRDFS30486752N/ABroiler works intermittently and turns on during over cycle. Readout is dim.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Franklin, MassachusettsThermadorRDFS30QB486752F1The oven temperature would not get above 250 degrees even after hours of operation. The next time we went to use the oven the bake element would not get hot at all. The broil element still works, but not the bake element. I have replaced the bake element, but it still does not work which leads me to believe that the problems is with the oven control panel.Replaced with new in-stock timer
GARDEN GROVE, CaliforniaThermadorRDFS30QW486752NOVERY DIMAwaiting receipt of timer
Mukilteo, WashingtonThermadorRDFS30486 752N/ADim clock and oven temp display.Repaired
Southampton, PennsylvaniaThermadorRDFS30QB486752N/ABroiler stays on whenever the oven turns on and does not turn off until cancelled. The lower element appears to work correctly.Repaired
North Vancouver, British ColumbiaThermadorRDFS30RS486752N/AWill not heat oven to proper temp.Repaired
Dearborn, MichiganThermadorRDFS30486752None - Just dimDisplay is dim. Sometimes oven will not heat to set temp, but if I unplug the range and replug it it will function.
I have a core that I can send in after I get the replacement. I don't want to be without an oven for two weeks.
Thanks in advance,
Kevin Skazalski
Libertyville, IllinoisThermadorRDFS30QS486752N/Atemp control,time control,fadeAwaiting receipt of timer
North Vancouver, British ColumbiaThermadorRDFS30RS486752N/AWill not heat oven to proper temp.Repaired
West Chester, PennsylvaniaBoschRDFS30QB486752N/Ascreen is blank , nothing worksAwaiting receipt of timer
Portland OR, OregonThermadorRDFS30QB486752Faded displays F1 ocWill send core when have installed the replacement. Original unit has faded displays especially for oven temperature which is unreadable. Has given F1 error twice, have eliminated error by pretending to program cook time and canceling.Awaiting receipt of timer
Oakville, OntarioThermadorRDFS30RS486752none1 - lower element not heating up; repair technician has checked the element for continuity and electrical wiring were both found to be in working order

2 - temperature display dim and difficult to read
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Cumming, GeorgiaThermadorRDFS30486752N/ANo Bake ElementReplaced with reconditioned timer
Concord, MassachusettsThermadorRDFS30486752N/AOven does not work (Part missing)Replaced with reconditioned timer
Concord, MassachusettsThermadorRDFS30486752N/AOven does not work (Part missing)Replaced with reconditioned timer
Niskayuna, New YorkThermadorRDFS30486752F1loud beeping / oven does not work at all / convection oven does not work properly / burner and broiler work fineAwaiting receipt of timer
Windsor, CaliforniaThermadorRDFS30RS486752N/ALower oven element will not get hot. Broiler element does work. Was told by technician that the relay was bad and part needed to be replaced. In addition, the digital clock can barely be seen.Repaired
goodlettsville, TennesseeThermadorRDFS30RS486752naVFD displa yis dim, a few segments not working. Otherwise functions properly. Prefer to buy a new one, or get a rebuilt one. Would be nice if I could cross ship mine for exchange. If I cna't do that, I need instructions on how to get the old one out please.Awaiting receipt of timer
HOWELL, MichiganThermadorRDFS3014-33-347N/AReplaced with new in-stock timer
Howell, New JerseyThermadorRDFS3014-33-347N/AUnit does not energize bake elementAwaiting receipt of timer
Sunderland, MassachusettsThermadorRDFS30 RS14-33-347None.Lower element won't heat (element has been replaced). Display dim and fragmentary.Repaired
Ottawa, OntarioThermadorRDFS30RS14-33-347-F1--F1- error with periodic beeping (1x1Sec Beep per 3 Sec interval)
Gas Range works, Oven does not.
Kinston, North CarolinaThermadorRDFS30486752 RebuiltDimm display & burnI understand currently out of stock, please hold until you get one.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Columbus, New JerseyThermadorRDFS30QS486752 CONTROL UNITN/ALight is dim and the Oven will not shut off.Replaced with new in-stock timer
Long Beach, New YorkThermadorRDFS30Q00486752tech service cfmd uncuts out repeatedly, will not maintain serviceRepaired
Burbank, CaliforniaThermadorRDFS30QW00486752Main element no warmThe main heating element does not warmup or reach temperature.
Possible relay problem in board....for bottom heating element.
This has occurred several years ago & it was repaced with a rebuilt board then.
The heating element in the bottom of stove is & temperature sensor are 100% functional & new.
Please advise if you have a replacement available or.. you dont have item in stock...If I need to send the defective part for repair first.
In the past I've returned the defective board after receiving a rebuilt board.
Dearborn, MichiganThermadorRDFS30SS00486752None - Just dimDisplay particularly temperature is dim. Also intermittent heating issue... some time oven will not stay on or get up to temp.Repaired
Cherokee, IowaThermadorRDFS30RS00486752N/Aoven will not shut off when it reaches the requested temperature. (set for 350 and still heating to 550+)Repaired
Reston, VirginiaThermadorRDFS30RS00486752N/ATurns off oven when burners are on intermittent operation. May also be a transformer and spark moduleAwaiting receipt of timer
Traverse City, MichiganThermadorRDFS30RS00486752N/ADISPLAY VERY DIM.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Bellbrook, OhioThermadorRDFS30QW00486752N/AVery dim displayRepaired
New Westminster, British ColumbiaThermadorRDFS30RS14-33-347 100-796-00cannot see anypanel not litAwaiting receipt of timer
Farmington, MichiganThermadorRDFS30AP2836528-F1-Press bake, broiler sometimes comes on, will continue to do so for a random period of time. May last for days.Awaiting receipt of timer
Ft Wayne, IndianaThermadorRDFS30AP2836528N/AThe oven temperature ran away hotAwaiting receipt of timer
La Grange, IllinoisThermadorThermador RDFS30RS100-796-00FConvection oven works, we get an f code when using regular oven and the stone beepsTimer inspected, no repairs necessary
Sunderland, MassachusettsThermadorRDFS30 RS100-796-00None.Lower element won't heat (element has been replaced). Display dim and fragmentary.Repaired
Tulsa, OklahomaThermadorRDFS30100-796-00N/APanel light is dim
Automatic Clean does not work
Dollard des Ormeaux, QuébecBoschRDFS30486752 DisplayDisplay not WorkingDisplay not workingReplaced with new in-stock timer
Calgary, AlbertaThermadorRDFS3014-331347. 100-796-00. 02207N/AI sent in my timer recently, when my service man put it in it wasn't working. He said no power to double line relay. However myself and my dad tested lines 1 and 2, we found power on contact # 2 during bake, broil ect. 9.16vDC. WE DID NOT HAVE POWER FOR contact # 1. Could you please fix and test for me. Also please ship via ground as the shipping is getting expensive.Beyond Repair
Sunderland, MassachusettsThermadorRDFS30 RS82165None.Lower element won't heat (element has been replaced). Display dim and fragmentary.Repaired
Traverse City, MichiganThermadorRDFS30RS000486752N/ACan't see the numbersAwaiting receipt of timer
LOS ALAMOS, New MexicoThermadorRDFS30robert shaw 14-33-347NADisplay is very dim.
Broiler does not work; Broiler element has continuity, no voltage measured on element--suspect relay.
Walpole, MaineThermadorRDF30 or RDFS30It says 14-33-347 on itF1 and F3The oven fan blows whenever the unit is plugged in. The broil and propane range work fine. Using the bake function, the F1 and F3 errors show on screen.Repaired
Toronto, OntarioThermadorRDFS30100-796-000N/ADisplay is dimRepaired
Ancaster, OntarioThermadorRDFS301433 347 100 796 00 585/920 F 02263None1. Bake element on stove just stopped working

2. If oven is on and you then turn on one of the gas burners, it shuts off the power to the timer. Then you have to set the clock again and set the oven process again
Spring Lake Park, MinnesotaThermadorRDFS30RS486752N/AThe display doesn't light upAwaiting receipt of timer
somerville, MassachusettsThermadorRDFS30RS00486725N/ABroiler will not turn on.Awaiting receipt of timer
Boise, IdahoThermadorRDFS3000486752noneDisplay doesn't work and oven won't turn on. The gas top still works.

You've repaired this timer once and it worked beautifully. I think I cooked it again when I cleaned the oven. Won't do that again! Hope you and fix - I love the range top temp controls.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Lenexa, KansasThermadorRDFS30RS486752N/ABake element only receiving 120 volts. Display dim.Awaiting receipt of timer
Port Byron, IllinoisThermadorRDFS30RS14-33-347N/ADisplays "locked" in lower right corner of display. Oven controls non-functional. All other features work, i.e. timer, burners, clock. Input from door lock mechanism may have had a shock due to contact with ohm meter with power on. Door lock switches tested and are functional and providing correct signals to timer.Repaired
Sudbury, OntarioThermadorRDFS30QW486752F1error f1 cleared by power off then on. lights dimRepaired
Watertown, MassachusettsThermadorRDFS30QB00486752NABottom heating element is not getting up to temperature, but element continuity is good.Repaired
Rohnert Park, CaliforniaThermadorRDFS30Q14-33-347Oven inop/broil okOven inop
Broiler & timer functions seem ok
Heating element tested good continuity @22 ohms.
Rohnert Park, CaliforniaThermadorRDFS30Q100-796-00Oven inop/broil okOven inop
Broiler & timer functions seem ok
Heating element tested good continuity @22 ohms.
BIrmingham, MichiganThermadorRDFS30486752N/Adim and also oven not heatingAwaiting receipt of timer
Montreal, QuebecThermadorRDFS30QW bought in 1999486752F-1The clock / timer shows the code F1, and there is an alarm sound emitted every few seconds. As stated in the owner manual, I closed the electricity and restarted it, and gigled all the buttons with no avail. Now, the oven (electric) does not work, but the two standard burners do (but not the 2 XLOs). Everything was working fine before the clock / timer started displaying the F1 code, except for the rather dimmed display.Awaiting receipt of timer
Flint, MichiganThermadorRDFS30QSi dont know for sure but looks like 00486752Blank LED displayNo LED Display the oven works as everything does too.Repaired
Toronto, OntarioThermadorRDFS30RS00486752F-1F-1 code
oven shuts off
broiler stays on hi when bake, or convection is on.
send refurbished if not fixable
Farmington Hills, MichiganThermadorRDFS30 RS486752N/A1.)Display has been dim.
2.) Now Bake will not warm oven although active (relay?)
clicking can be heard.

Notes: a.)Broil works.
b.)Oven temperature value seems correct. During bake
=100. After turning on broil function = 350.
Chilliwack, British ColumbiaThermadorRDFS30QB486752N/ADisplay too dull to readRepaired
Kansas City, MissouriThermadorRDFS30QB486752F1F1 code - oven doesn't workAwaiting receipt of timer
Edina, MinnesotaThermadorRDFS30RS00486752N/ADisplay on front of range is dim and difficult to see.Awaiting receipt of timer
Loveland, ColoradoThermadorRDFS30QWBosch OEM # 00486752No code, LED are dimDim LEDs, can't see numbers. Checking to see if you have a replacement, new or one with LEDs repalced with new LEDs.Repaired
TAOS, New MexicoThermadorRDFS30RS00486752none, just too dim ttimer control works but the digital display is faded outRepaired
Howell, New JerseyThermadorRDFS3014-33-347n/aUnit fails to come to tempRepaired
andover, MassachusettsThermadorRDFS30QS35-00-571N/ADim displayRepaired
Vancouver, British ColumbiaThermadorDual Fuel RDFS30QW 20110023Not KnownF1 F3Button gets stuck - this time trying to press for high temperature in Convection Oven. I have removed the button at this time. The read-out is also very hard to see, and has been for some time! The F1 and F3 have happened several times over the last several months. I turn off the stove at the breaker and it is then able to be used again. However, this time, I removed the "up" button completely.
I have really appreciated your explanations!
Richfield, MinnesotaThermadorRDFS3014-33-347can't read displayThe liquid crystal display is so dim that it can't be read. Every thing else seems to work fine.Repaired
Richfield, MinnesotaThermadorRDFS3000486752can't read displayThe liquid crystal display is so dim that it can't be read. Every thing else seems to work fine.Repaired
Port Arthur, TexasThermadorRDFS30RS100-796-00No codes availableNo display, improper oven operation.Repaired
Calgary, AlbertaThermadorRDFS30RS14-33-347NoneBake element won't come onRepaired
AMHERST, New HampshireThermadorRDFS30RS14-33-347noneNeed refurbished Timer/ Control boardAwaiting receipt of timer
Seattle, WashingtonThermadorRDFS3014-33-347nonedisplay is very very dimRepaired
Carmel, IndianaThermadorRDF30Q or RDFS30Q14-33-347n/aDisplay is dim.Awaiting receipt of timer
Arlington, VirginiaThermadorThermador RDFS30QB00486752N/ADisplay faded and unreadable.Repaired
Southampton, MassachusettsThermadorRDFS30QS man. 08/9514-33-347 100-796-00N/ADim display - not sure all buttons are responding, bake seems to work fine, but broil and convection may not work, etc. - since display can hardly be read, we have no way of knowing more. Range works fine as far as cooktop and "bake" seems to work, although hard to use with no displayAwaiting receipt of timer
Renton, WashingtonThermadorRDFS30RS486752N/ATimer Oven Temperature display has faded out. Clock and timer display still normal display quality. All control functions OK.Awaiting receipt of timer
Seattle, WashingtonThermadorRDFS30RS14-33-347 (or 100-796-00)N/ADisplay is very dim. Please restore to full, original brightness, if possible.Repaired
Toronto, OntarioThermadorRDFS3014-33-347 100-796-00 585/928'F 02193OFFcontroller does not operate... The unit only shows "off"when pressing a buttonRepaired
Issaquah, WashingtonThermadorRDFS30QsunknownnoneOven won't heat. Display has been dim for years.
Repairman said it's probably the control board.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Athens, OhioThermadorRDFS30RS??The display is dim and. difficult to read.Awaiting receipt of timer
Talent, OregonThermadorRDFS30QW486752N/AToo faded to see well.Awaiting receipt of timer
Waynesville, North CarolinaThermadorRDFS30QB497235Won't accept temperaOven won't heat.Repaired
Waynesville, North CarolinaThermadorRDFS30QB497235Can't read clock or Can barely read clock numbers and can not read oven temperature numbers at all.Repaired
Goodlettsville, TennesseeThermadorRDFS30486752DimTimer VFD is too dim to read. I wanted to price a refurb, if one available, price to recondition mine.Repaired
Lisle, IllinoisThermadorModel: RDFS30RS Serial #: 9606005300486752 (I think)Not sure - display iTimer display is out. Bake, Convect, Cancel, + and - buttons do work since oven will turn on.Repaired
Grantham, New HampshireThermadorRDFS30486752N/Acannot read the tempAwaiting receipt of timer
Troy, MichiganThermadorRDFS30Q486752Dim DisplayDim DisplayRepaired
Nashville, TennesseeThermadorRDFS30100-796-00dim ledstimer and temp lEDs are dim. Otherwise the unit works as it shouldRepaired
Belmont, MassachusettsThermadorRDFS30486752NoneDisplay is DIM / UnreadableAwaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaThermadorRDFS30486752noneDoes not heat the oven well. The top coil only turns on for a very brief amount of time. The bottom coil doesn't turn off at all. Test heating coils with 220V and both work. The thermister is also working properly. Problem likely exists in the two Omron relays (that control the power to the two coils), which need to be replaced on the board.Repaired

Common problems for Thermador RDFS30 Range Timer

Are you encountering a similar problem as them? Contact us now and we will try to help you fix your RDFS30 timer-related problem.
I disassembled my Thermador oven to replace capacitors that are causing the oven control display to go dim and finally to go out almost completely. While doing this a wire slipped out of the J1 connector. I am not sure which slot it goes back into. I believe it is pin #1, 2, or 3. Judging from wear on the pins of the connector it looks like it goes to pin #3. However, I would like to confirm this with a wiring diagram or a picture. Can anyone find a diagram for this unit? It uses a Robertshaw Controls unit. When I called Robertshaw they said they did not have the diagram since it is an OEM part. Thermador is hopeless.
how do i open my Thermador oven (model RDFS30) Recessed Spillwell/Cooktop lid and get inside the front control/clock panel? I have cockroaches inside (I can see them inside the clock window or they come out of the controls whenever I'm using the oven (not that often). It's in excellent condition and I DO keep the range top and oven clean. I have had Terminix out here twice and they said that this is the next step.
I have a Thermador RDSS30 Oven. The Bosch Electronic Regulator Control unit (486752 - ERC)'s Display has become progressively dimmer and dimmer until now we don't see it. THis is the temp display, not the time display. I'm seeking either advice as to which component on the board needs replacing, or the schematic and parts list so I can fix it myself. I'm an electrical engineer capable of swapping out parts on a PC board. Thanks.
I have a Thermador Convection Thermal Oven, purchased in 2001 or 2002. When I push the button for Oven, Convection or Broil, the display reads 'OFF'. How do I turn the oven back on?
I have a Thermador RDFS30 S/N 37 2 07 008113200057 and the baking element will not come on. I recently replaced the element with a new one and the problem still remains. The igniters work, the broiling element works, just nothing to the bake element. Any ideas?
We have a Thermador 30" Dual-Fuel oven (Gas range/electric oven) and the display on the face of the unit does not light up - the oven will not heat, either below or the broiler, but the light in the oven comes on and the burners on the range work. The breakers were not tripped and there is no sign of corrosion on any of the elements. When we push the buttons on the front of the unit to attempt to Bake, Broil, Cancel, clock, clock, Convection there is no response where usually ther is a tone when the buttons are pushed. What repairs do you think we need done to the unit?
when I try & turn on my oven, it says "off" on any button I press. The oven lights are on & the top is working. I cannot get the oven to turn on
I have a thermador oven rdfs30wq and need help to remove the side panel. I have opened thetop of the oven and removed the 3 screws from the side wall. The side panel feels loose but still seems to be attached to the oven about half way down. Can you provide any guidance? Is there a way to get a manual online? Thanks in advance for your thoughts! David
Is the tempered glass back splash costmetic or do we have to have it. Ours shattered tonight and i am trying to figure out whether i have to replace it or if we can just take the shattered glass out and continue to use our range
My RDFS30 left front burner starts and runs well for about 7 mins, at which time the flame goes out and starter begins to spark without restarting the flame. When I turn the burner off and back on again, it will only spark, not start the flame. After about 10 min. I can restart the burner, but it will go through the same process.
Left two burners do not have gas flow and ignigator does not spark
Drip pan I would like to replace my drip pan - has anyone ever done this and how hard it is to do.  Any suggestions?
clock very dim, oven works but shuts off periodically I think when this happens, the clock resets as well.
One of the Burners does not light. The left rear burner does not work and it is not the electronic igniter as there is spark there. The burner is not getting gas. All the other burners work fine. The left front burner sparks and doesn't light. From what I have read, it's probably the potentiometer assembly (Bosch-497235) which replaces the origianl part. The part is expensive and it is recommended that a professional install it. I would like to know more details about installation, as to whether a handyman can do it. My product is the RDFS30 with the later SN. Thanks, Michael
Oven lock is engaged so door cannot be closed. clock and oven are not working and I think the problem involves the clock/clock. Any ideas??

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