Whirlpool RBS275PDQ16 Built In Oven - Electric Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Whirlpool RBS275PDQ16 Built In Oven - Electric?

Timer part number 8301919 for Whirlpool RBS275PDQ16

The RBS275PDQ16 Built In Oven - Electric uses timer part number 8301919.

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RBS275PDQ16 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Oven Parts diagram
RBS275PDQ16 Built In Oven - Electric Oven Parts diagram
Control panel Parts diagram
RBS275PDQ16 Built In Oven - Electric Control panel Parts diagram
Oven door Parts diagram
RBS275PDQ16 Built In Oven - Electric Oven door Parts diagram
Internal oven Parts diagram
RBS275PDQ16 Built In Oven - Electric Internal oven Parts diagram
Top venting Parts diagram
RBS275PDQ16 Built In Oven - Electric Top venting Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Ranburne, AlabamaWhirlpoolRBS275PDQ168301919N/ANew timerAwaiting receipt of timer
Connelly Springs, North CarolinaWhirlpoolRBS275PDQ168302994N/Agoes into self clean mode and locks door then will not shut downAwaiting receipt of timer

Common problems for Whirlpool RBS275PDQ16 Built In Oven - Electric Timer

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Whirlpool oven (mod RBS275PDQ16) won't heat up at all. Took thermostat off and straight wired it and it still won't heat up. Any suggestions?
Hello Friends, I have little over a year whirlpool Built-in Electric Convectton Oven. This is called Whirpool Gold and model number is GBS307PRS. I used self cleaning yesterday and now it won't heat up. Everything else (light bulbs, control panel) seem to be working fine but oven. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
This the the second time(in a row) this has occurred while attempting to use our self-cleaning mode on our built-in oven. The model # XXXXX RBS275PDQ16. Serial # XXXXX Looking this problem up on the internet, revealed several other people had experienced the same problem. I don't understand, there is no mention of this on you FAQ's under the product help portion of this website.
Whirlpool accubake system, model rbs275pdq16, series xp4406539. I turned to system off after the first cycle of cleaning. Although there is electric to the oven I cannot get either bake or broil to work. The elements do not heat up at all. Help!
I have a whirlpool Built-in electric oven. My wife used the self cleaning cycle for 3.5 hr. Four hours later she went to use it but the oven did'nt get hot. The fan comes on but no heat. I think it's the thermostat or heat senor. What do you think?

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