Whirlpool RBD305PDQ8 Electric Oven Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Whirlpool RBD305PDQ8 Electric Oven?

Timer part number 8302967 for Whirlpool RBD305PDQ8

The RBD305PDQ8 Electric Oven uses timer part number 8302967.

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RBD305PDQ8 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Lower oven Parts diagram
RBD305PDQ8 Electric Oven Lower oven Parts diagram
Upper oven Parts diagram
RBD305PDQ8 Electric Oven Upper oven Parts diagram
Lower oven door Parts diagram
RBD305PDQ8 Electric Oven Lower oven door Parts diagram
Upper oven door Parts diagram
RBD305PDQ8 Electric Oven Upper oven door Parts diagram
Internal oven Parts diagram
RBD305PDQ8 Electric Oven Internal oven Parts diagram
Control panel Parts diagram
RBD305PDQ8 Electric Oven Control panel Parts diagram
Top venting Parts diagram
RBD305PDQ8 Electric Oven Top venting Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Orchard Park, New YorkWhirlpoolRBD305PDQ84551991none, top oven no cuUpper oven will not heat. Power supplied momentarily and then ceases. Previously encountered numerous failure erros including 'E6 F2' Lower oven still works. Serial number is XK139053.Repaired
Orchard Park, New YorkWhirlpoolRBD305PDQ8unknown, guessing AP3767567 from web searchnoneUpper oven will not heat. Power not supplied. Previously encountered numerous failure errors including error code 'E6 F2'. Lower oven still works. Would like to keep timer until new one is in place so we can use oven. Therefore, I do not know the timer part number. Can you locate based on model number? Serial number is XK139053. Please advise.Repaired
Costa Mesa, CaliforniaWhirlpoolRBD305PDQ84451991E1 F2Receives error when power on the oven, swapped control panel as wellBeyond Repair

Common problems for Whirlpool RBD305PDQ8 Electric Oven Timer

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Supressor, transient Dr, need a little advice on a Whirlpool Duble Oven Model #RBD305PDQ8 hello from Baton Rouge, La. just recently nailed by Hurricane Gustav....... during the hype of the storm, I think my wifes double oven took a electric surge and started smoking. I visually inspected the damage and saw a badly burnt and scarred flat saucer looking component (supressor, transient)...I have ordered a replacement part and would like to know if you think that replacing this item will be all I will need to do... thanks
On my Whirlpool double oven I sometimes have an F2 code. Other times it beeps and the screen in blank. I searched on the internet and read for an F2 codes that I needed to replace the oven temperature sensor. My husband replaced it and I'm still have problems with the blank control panel or F2 code. If there is an F2 code, I can push start and the clock will come on and the oven will work. Other times, when the screen is blank, I can't get the oven to work. Any suggestions on what it would be??
Replacing touchpad or control panel in our RBD305PDQ8 oven WE keep getting E1 F2 on the display. What does that mean?
We are replacing the control panel on our Whirlpool RBD305PDQ8. The code that comes up on the panel is E1 F2. What does that mean?
I have a Whirlpool RBD305PDQ8. The display is blank, but will beep when pushing the buttons. If I attempt to start the oven, it will not turn the oven on and will have a series of beeps. Do I need to replace the circuit board, or is there something else that could cause this failure? Appreciate the help.
Whirlpool Double Oven with Accubake 1) the alarm does not work 2) The temperature will not set below 350 degrees I installed a new control panel 3 years ago and it worked fine then. What could be the cause of these problems?
How do I remove control panel on Whirlpool model number RBD305PDQ8?

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