Whirlpool RBD305PDB6 Electric Oven Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Whirlpool RBD305PDB6 Electric Oven?

Timer part number 4452242 for Whirlpool RBD305PDB6

The RBD305PDB6 Electric Oven uses timer part number 4452242.

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RBD305PDB6 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Lower oven Parts diagram
RBD305PDB6 Electric Oven Lower oven Parts diagram
Upper oven Parts diagram
RBD305PDB6 Electric Oven Upper oven Parts diagram
Lower oven door Parts diagram
RBD305PDB6 Electric Oven Lower oven door Parts diagram
Upper oven door Parts diagram
RBD305PDB6 Electric Oven Upper oven door Parts diagram
Internal oven Parts diagram
RBD305PDB6 Electric Oven Internal oven Parts diagram
Control panel Parts diagram
RBD305PDB6 Electric Oven Control panel Parts diagram
Top venting Parts diagram
RBD305PDB6 Electric Oven Top venting Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Mustang, OklahomaWhirlpool RBD305PDB64448876NoneWe used the Self cleaning feature on the oven and it blew the Thermal overload on the back, We replaced that overload and still have no power on the main board, I have checked the power at the connectors and have 110V on each one!Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Ashland, KentuckyWhirlpoolRBD305PDB64448876?Oven locked down in self clean mode, could not turn off. Had to shut off oven from circuit breaker box. Now, totally dead. Local repairman says he can not get this part - that it has been discontinued. Do you have this piece in stock? If not, as a last resort, I would send you the old timer for repair, but would prefer first getting a new one if available. Thank you.Awaiting receipt of timer
little rock, ArkansasWhirlpoolRBD305PDB64448876not sureI used the self clean option and after about 3 hours the panel went blank. I replaced the temp control fuse, which had blown, and that did not fix the problem. my repair person said that i had a bad board.Timer inspected, no repairs necessary

Common problems for Whirlpool RBD305PDB6 Electric Oven Timer

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my oven died durring a "self-clean" and now the upper door is locked closed. can I replace the thermal fuse with a locked upper door? I presume I will need to replace the thermal fuse located behind the control panel.
I have a whirpool oven serial no>rbs305pdb6. I did the clean cycle the other day and it worked. I went to use the oven today and it does not heat up at all. the lights and gauges all work and it sounds as if it is working but coils do not heat up
My Whirlpool Selfcleaning Oven (#RBD305PDB6) stopped during selfcleaning cycle...no power. How do I unlock door to remove oven. This happened before about 5 years ago...replaced blower & front/back fuses but I forgot how to inlock door. Help!

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