Whirlpool RB270PXBQ2 30" Electric Built-in Double Oven Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Whirlpool RB270PXBQ2 30" Electric Built-in Double Oven?

Timer part number 3169257 for Whirlpool RB270PXBQ2

The RB270PXBQ2 30" Electric Built-in Double Oven uses timer part number 3169257.

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RB270PXBQ2 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

WHIRLPOOL 30 diagram
RB270PXBQ2 30" Electric Built-in Double Oven WHIRLPOOL 30 diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Omaha, NebraskaWhirlpoolRB270PXBQ23169259N/AThe control board makes a whining noise when turned on. The lower element of the upper oven does not heat. Found burnt wires on the back of the element and repaired. Tried new heating element and same problem. Removed the control panel and found charring around where the wires for the lower element of the upper oven connect. Please repair, or if unrepairable please sent a refurbished unit if available.Repaired
Omaha, NebraskaWhirlpoolRB270PXBQ23169259N/AThe electronic control makes a whining noise when oven is turned on. The lower element in the upper oven does not heat. Tried new element, same problem. Found burnt wires leading to the element and repaired. Removed control panel and where the element wires connect into the control panel have burn marks around them. Everything else seems to work fine.Repaired
Bovina, TexasWhirlpoolRB270PXBQ23169259nonethe timer still works while self cleaning the relay melted and now when I turn it on the relay smokes and i turn it off I just need the relay changed outRepaired
Carlsbad, CaliforniaWhirlpoolRB270PXBQ23169259N/ADIGITAL NUMBERS ARE FADED MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE TO READ IN THE DAYAwaiting receipt of timer
Bennington, NebraskaWhirlpoolRB270PXBQ253411741N/AThe man tried to hook up the oven with a three wire outlet but the oven is a four wire hookup. He said it " popped and smoked".Repaired

Common problems for Whirlpool RB270PXBQ2 30" Electric Built-in Double Oven Timer

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Our Oven is not working. It is original to the house so that means about 12-15 years old. The front digital control panel buttons do not respond. The digital clock is on and I think it still is keeping time, but no control over it. We lost power the other day in our house. When it came back on I am pretty sure that is when it stopped working. When I turned off the circuit breaker to it and then turned it back on (Trying to reset it) it came up with what I think is an error code. It said something like 8-or, or something close to that. I can't find any error code readings of that type. What can I do next?
my oven is giving me a problem. First of all it takes 20 minutes or more to preheat and then both broiler element and oven element comes on at the same time burning the tops of my cakes before they have time to bake. Can you tell what replacement part would solve this problem?

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