General Electric JGBP80MEV4BC Gas Range Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the General Electric JGBP80MEV4BC Gas Range?

Timer part number 191D1001P020 for General Electric JGBP80MEV4BC

The JGBP80MEV4BC Gas Range uses timer part number 191D1001P020.

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JGBP80MEV4BC are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers


JGBP80MEV4BC Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Gas burner Parts diagram
JGBP80MEV4BC Gas Range Gas burner Parts diagram
Cooktop Parts diagram
JGBP80MEV4BC Gas Range Cooktop Parts diagram
Body Parts diagram
JGBP80MEV4BC Gas Range Body Parts diagram
Door & drawer Parts diagram
JGBP80MEV4BC Gas Range Door & drawer Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
DOVER, New JerseyGeneral ElectricJGBP80MEV4BCWB12K19F1F1Awaiting receipt of timer
LEBANON, New JerseyGeneral ElectricJGBP80MEV4BCWB12K19N/AFI CODEAwaiting receipt of timer
Colts Neck, New JerseyGeneral ElectricJGBP80MEV4BC191D1001P020F3With start up from cold stove, displays F3 and shuts oven (or broiler) down only some time after oven has warmed up. Nevertheless, with start up from cold oven but hot stove top, will display F3 almost immediately. Although cold oven sensor measured 1100 ohms, I have already replaced the sensor with a brand new one, and that did NOT solve the problem. I have also very carefully inspected the wiring and tested the connectors between the sensor and the control board, and those items show no evidence of fault. Thus, the trouble seems to correlate well with heating of the control board itself.Repaired
Shoreline, WashingtonGeneral ElectricJGBP80MEV4BC191D1001P020Unit is dead - No diNo display, thus no control of oven or timer. Surface units are independent of this timer which is made by Robertshaw.Replaced with reconditioned timer
clifton park, New YorkGeneral ElectricXL44 JGBP80MEV4BCWB12K19 (AP2020547)no code (blank displGE XL44 gas range - digital clock/timer/oven control display is black - no error codes, just went blank so I cannot turn on oven or set temps, etc.. Cooktop works fine. Part is "no longer made" according to other sites.

I do not know if you have a reconditioned control board for the above model - I am willing to return my control unit if you want to refurbish it.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Huntington, New YorkGeneral ElectricJGBP80MEV4BCWB12K0019Doesn't work at allDoes not work at all.
Possibly stopped after power outage.

Common problems for General Electric JGBP80MEV4BC Gas Range Timer

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Touch pad doesn't work, cannot use the oven or set the clock, I believe the clock is shot, need instructions to replace the clock
Burners won't ignite without lighting them with a match. While all burners are lit I can turn one off and it will ignite itself, but when I turn them all off I have to start with a match. Everything is clean, nothing clogged or spilled on them. I'm thinking I might need to replace the Spark Module but want to make sure before I do.I do get them to spark and light themselves after I light them with a match but after their turned off, no spark or ignition.
I have a GE Profile oven model JGBP80MEV4BC s/n RS241937P and the oven is baking hot about 50 degrees. How is the oven temp adjusted.
can i rewire the oven temp display into the control panel on a gas ge profile dad has trouble seeing the small oven temp display

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