Whirlpool GY396LXGQ4 Electric Range Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Whirlpool GY396LXGQ4 Electric Range?

Timer part number 9753633 for Whirlpool GY396LXGQ4

The GY396LXGQ4 Electric Range uses timer part number 9753633.

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GY396LXGQ4 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Cooktop Parts diagram
GY396LXGQ4 Electric Range Cooktop Parts diagram
Control panel Parts diagram
GY396LXGQ4 Electric Range Control panel Parts diagram
Door and drawer Parts diagram
GY396LXGQ4 Electric Range Door and drawer Parts diagram
Oven chassis Parts diagram
GY396LXGQ4 Electric Range Oven chassis Parts diagram
Oven Parts diagram
GY396LXGQ4 Electric Range Oven Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Troy, MissouriWhirlpoolGY396LXGQ49753633E1 F1oven does not operarteReplaced with reconditioned timer

Common problems for Whirlpool GY396LXGQ4 Electric Range Timer

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REPOST I looked at all the answers to this same question, but they were all for double ovens, and this is a single oven and the person in Customer Service said that there is no "Thermal Fuse" for this oven Model. Please Respond. We have a Whirlpool Gold, Accubake system. Tried the self-clean a while ago and toward the end of the cycle the oven just shut down. The door is still locked and none of the control panel button's work. The oven works fine. I tried the other suggestions on this forum, but they were all for the Double oven wall units. I looked at all the diagrams for this model and pulled apart the control panel, but did not see the thermal fuse. Please suggest away.
I have a side by side with freezer on the bottom. The freezer works with no ice build up. The frige is not cold except for the fruit/veggie and meat tray. When I open the left side door, the slim retractable door feels very warm. HELP!
Our fridge temp is in the mid 50's I read a post about warm fridge temp and the freezer seems to be ok. There is frost build up on the back of the freezer covering half of the the air flow vents. I searched for the defrost clock as per other posts and cannot find it. Can someone point me in the direction I need to go please,
I seem to have a defrost problem. There is frost on the back panel of the freezer compartment and the upper section stays warm. Earlier in the week the entire freezer compartment was frosted (I thought it had been left open), and almost all of that frost went away. But a couple of days after that the upper section was warm and will not warm up. I know the first step in checking this out is to turn the clock, but is there a defrost clock in this model? How else can I check the defrost system?
I have a Whirlpool Gold with bottom freezer and french doors. The evap coils freeze up on a fairly random interval. I am sick of defrosting this thing. I figured one (or all) of my 5 kids cant remember to shut the doors, but my wife insists thats not the problem. We have tried using the forced defrost mode and it doesnt seem to help. I pulled the back cover off the freezer for the 100th time and decided to check the defrost t-stat and the element. The defrost cycle is adjusted by the circuit board for "optimum" defrost cycle. So I dont have a traditional defrost cycle clock. As I heated up the defrost thermostat it went from continuity to open as it should. Then I checked the heating element at the terminations. It had continuity. It was in the 29 ohm oven and looked fine. I checked continuity between the element lead and the evap coils and also had continuity. This made me think that the current was not passing through the heating element, but could have a path to ground through the c
We have a Whirlpool Gold, Accubake system. Tried the self-clean yesterday and toward the end of the cycle the oven just shut down. The door is still locked and none of the control panel button's work. The oven works fine. I tried the other suggestions on this forum, but they were all for the Double oven wall units. I looked at all the diagrams for this model and pulled apart the control panel, but did not see the thermal fuse. Please suggest away.
My freezer is icing up and I'm having trouble locating the defrost clock to check it. I understand that is the first step from reading other threads. Any help on locating this part on my model would be appreciated.
We have a Whirlpool Gold Accubake slid in oven with glasstop and self-cleaning. It's a little over 6 yrs. old. My husband accidentally spilled juice from crab legs and it went inside the door. I can see streaks from the spillage on the inside of the front glass of the door. It smells and has to be cleaned. How do I remove the door to clean it on the inside?
Have a 30in dropin unit which is currently in the LOC posit after a pf today. Cannot locate instructions and cannot get unit out of LOC posit. Would appreciate info on how to unloc so we can use the range. Thanks!
I have a whirlpool oven, model GY396LXGQ5, that I have cracked the range top. I have purchased a new cooktop but am having trouble removing the old top. Do you have a manual that shows the screws that need to be removed to replace the top and disconnect the front controls?
I am getting error message on Whirlpool Accubake control panel. When I pushed Bake it said LOC and then when I pushed cancel, it said E1 F1. I turned it off and then on again and it came up with the same. Debbie
My whirlpool gold accubake system oven is stuck on LOC with picture symbol of the lock which is also on start button. I have pressed all buttons and the stop button numerous times. I also turned off my breaker & back on because I think this happened after my power was temporarily off. HELP?????

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