Frigidaire GPG35BPMX1 Range - Gas Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Frigidaire GPG35BPMX1 Range - Gas?

Timer part number 5303269513 for Frigidaire GPG35BPMX1

The GPG35BPMX1 Range - Gas uses timer part number 5303269513.

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GPG35BPMX1 are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Electrolux GPG35BPMX1 Range - Gas, GPG35BPM1, 5995208864

GPG35BPMX1 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Cover Parts diagram
GPG35BPMX1 Range - Gas Cover Parts diagram
Backguard Parts diagram
GPG35BPMX1 Range - Gas Backguard Parts diagram
Cooktop Parts diagram
GPG35BPMX1 Range - Gas Cooktop Parts diagram
Drawer Parts diagram
GPG35BPMX1 Range - Gas Drawer Parts diagram
Door Parts diagram
GPG35BPMX1 Range - Gas Door Parts diagram
Burner, manifold and gas control Parts diagram
GPG35BPMX1 Range - Gas Burner, manifold and gas control Parts diagram
Body Parts diagram
GPG35BPMX1 Range - Gas Body Parts diagram
Burner Parts diagram
GPG35BPMX1 Range - Gas Burner Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Pottsville, PennsylvaniaFrigidaireGPG35BPMX15303269513N/AMy father said he smelled an odd smell, then the clock went blank, and then the smell went away. There was no code. He told me the timer was replaced once before. After the failure, the oven itself would not work, but the stove top burners still worked without manually lighting them. This timer may or may not be the number I have listed. I think it is a different maker than the original part.Beyond Repair

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