Whirlpool GJP84802 Free Standing - Electric Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Whirlpool GJP84802 Free Standing - Electric?

Timer part number 9754261 for Whirlpool GJP84802

The GJP84802 Free Standing - Electric uses timer part number 9754261.

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GJP84802 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Cooktop Parts diagram
GJP84802 Free Standing - Electric Cooktop Parts diagram
Control panel Parts diagram
GJP84802 Free Standing - Electric Control panel Parts diagram
Door and drawer Parts diagram
GJP84802 Free Standing - Electric Door and drawer Parts diagram
Oven chassis Parts diagram
GJP84802 Free Standing - Electric Oven chassis Parts diagram
Oven Parts diagram
GJP84802 Free Standing - Electric Oven Parts diagram
Hidden bake Parts diagram
GJP84802 Free Standing - Electric Hidden bake Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Irricana, AlbertaWhirlpoolGJP848029754261E1 F1Electrical surge and oven/clock will not workReplaced with reconditioned timer
Lucky Lake, SaskatchewanWhirlpoolGJP848029754261E1F1We just want to purchase a new one. Will return old one when stove is running. Thanks.
Oven does not work. ONly top burners and plug-ins. Nite lite doesn't work either.
Replaced with reconditioned timer
chateauguay, QuébecWhirlpoolGJP848029754261no codeChange baking element and still doesnt work.
Just want to know if you have one in stock.
Thank you
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Windsor, OntarioWhirlpoolGJP848029754261N/ABake element does not workReplaced with reconditioned timer
Chesterville, OntarioWhirlpoolGJP848029754261noneLower element of oven will not operate even after it has been replaced with a new oneReplaced with reconditioned timer
Pointe-Claire, QuébecWhirlpoolGJP848029754261N/AInconsistant oven heating, extended warmup times. Bake function seems weak, tested lower element with meter, tested ok.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Tottenham, OntarioWhirlpoolGJP848029754261N/AOven dies not reach it's preheat set temperature setting... A 12 minute pizza took 1/2 hour to cook and still wasn't quite right.Repaired
Kirkland, QuébecWhirlpoolGJP848029754261no heat from ovenno heat from oven bake or broil. tested all with multimeter, element and thermostat and voltage all OKReplaced with reconditioned timer
Kirkland, QuébecWhirlpoolGJP848029754261no heat from ovenno heat from oven bake or broil. tested all with multimeter, element and thermostat and voltage all OKReplaced with reconditioned timer
Dryden, OntarioWhirlpoolGJP848029754261F2-E0SHORTED KEYPADReplaced with reconditioned timer
Richmond Hill, OntarioWhirlpoolGJP848029754261E1 F1Awaiting receipt of timer
Kensington, Prince Edward IslandWhirlpoolGJP848029754261Clean oven timedClean oven doesn't work, door won't lock, oven light always stays on.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Kirkland, QuébecWhirlpoolGJP848029754261oven doesn't heat upoven doesn't heat up enough, not the element, Sears service person told us we need a new timer and we can't afford a new one...obviously.Replaced with reconditioned timer
London, OntarioWhirlpoolGJP848029754261.N/ABroil works fine. Bake elements does not work.
When started it owen is preheated for 5 minutes using top broil element but bake element does not kick in. Replaced bottom bake element which was fried. After that found that relay on timer board which controls bake element is fried (it is black under the board and does not switch on (checked with ohm meter). Broil relay works fine (I have switched baked element to broil relay and this works).
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Kincardine, OntarioWhirlpoolGJP848029754261E1-F1Failure Code E1-F1 following major power failure
clock/oven not longer work

If our defective timer cannot be repaired can we use it for core charge and order a replacement from you?
THUNDER BAY, OntarioWhirlpoolWhirpool Gold GJP848029754261E2-F1-WORKS WHEN OVEN IS UNPLUGGED FOR A PERIOD OF TIME THEN GET THE E2-F1 CODE.Replaced with reconditioned timer
MOUNT FOREST, OntarioWhirlpoolGJP848029754261N/ALower element not cycling on. No power to the element.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Brampton, OntarioWhirlpoolGJP848029754261N/ASpoke with Howard, my board has burning on it under the bake relay, needs to be replaced with a reconditioned one.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Ottawa, OntarioWhirlpoolGJP848029754261NoneBake Element is intermittent and is slow to heat up.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Bowmanville, OntarioWhirlpoolGJP848029754261E1 F1Oven doesn't work. Code remains on. Won't reboot.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Beamsville, OntarioWhirlpoolGJP848029754261N/AOven will not stop heating. Although the off button is pushed, and the screen shows that the oven is off, it remains hot.Awaiting receipt of timer
ST JEAN SUR RICHELIEU, QuébecWhirlpoolOven # GJP848029754261E1 F1Repaired
Irishtown, New BrunswickWhirlpoolGJP848029754261E1 F1I will send my original timer to you once i receive the reconditioned timer.
Can't set clock and oven not working.
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Morin Heights, QuebecWhirlpoolGJP84802 Whirlpool RangePS2325556E1 F1error code flashing E1 F1, stove is not working.Replaced with reconditioned timer
mascouche, QuébecWhirlpoolGJP84802PS2325556N/AOven bake element replaced , it was burnt out.

After replacing element , burner does not heat.

Oven tested with thermometer at 350 degree F & oven heated to 150 F after 5 min preheat.
Kirkland, QuébecWhirlpoolGJP8480234210EN/Asmoke came from it...oven will not heat up properly. Would like to know the price of a new timer.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Brantford, OntarioWhirlpoolGJP848029753639E1 F1display beeps and flashes E1 F1 error codes
all oven functions inoperable
ceramic cooktop burners working
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Montreal, QuebecWhirlpoolGJP848029754261Unknown. Picture avaError code on display. Picture available if needed.Replaced with reconditioned timer
St-Basile le Grand, QuebecWhirlpoolGJP848029754261E1 F1E1 F1 eror codeReplaced with reconditioned timer
Brantford, OntarioWhirlpoolGJP84802WHP:9754261E1-F1`timer flashes E1-F1, ceramic burners work, oven functions inoperableReplaced with reconditioned timer
ottawa, OntarioWhirlpoolGJP84802100-01072-42N/Aheat takes forever to attain 450 degrees and stove stops heating before reaching 450 degreesRepaired
Napanee, OntarioWhirlpoolGJP848029754261no code it started sWe had a brown out and the timer display stopped working. We could still use the oven for a few days without display. One night while cooking dinner black smoke started coming out of the light area. We turned everything off. Took off the face plate and saw black smoke marks in two area on the timer / circuit board. Hope you can fix it! :)Awaiting receipt of timer
mackenzie, British ColumbiaWhirlpoolGJP8480297554261E1-F1oven not workingRepaired
Aldergrove, British ColumbiaWhirlpoolGJP84802WP9754261E1 (in red) / F1 (inTimer failure after power outage. Cannot use oven, but range still works.Awaiting receipt of timer
Courtenay, British ColumbiaWhirlpoolGJP848029754261E1 F1We experience a power outage where one leg of the 120 volt blew a fuse on the hydro pole out side. After the power came back on the stove displayed an E1 F1 code on the digital display. The range top still works but oven does not. Tried a few times to unplug the stove and plug back in to reset but with no luck.Repaired
Varennes, QuebecWhirlpoolGJP848029754261E1F1E1F1Repaired
Gaspe, QuebecWhirlpoolGJP84802PS2325556PFI have the error code PF power failure with my oven! The cook top are all ok! Since i am working in electronics, i open the unit and try to Fix the problem on the timer but it did not Work!Awaiting receipt of timer
County of Grande Prairie No.1, AlbertaWhirlpoolGJP848029754261E-1 and F-1we had a power failure after that it just showed the codes E-1 and F-1Repaired
Pointe-Claire, QuebecWhirlpoolGJP848023191070E1 F1Oven inoperative, unable to set display, E1 F1 error displayed.Repaired

Common problems for Whirlpool GJP84802 Free Standing - Electric Timer

Are you encountering a similar problem as them? Contact us now and we will try to help you fix your GJP84802 timer-related problem.
I own a Whirpool Gold range, Model #GJP84802. The bottom element is not working. This element is hidden. How do you replace this element?
I have a Whirlpool oven (Model GJP84802) with a Ceran cooktop. The oven light, clock and beeper have ceased to function although the oven, all burners, the self-cleaning feature all operate appropriately. I have replaced the oven door switch with no effect. Where do I go from here? Any advice would be appreciated
hello there, i have a whirlpool gold oven and the left front element - which has an inner and outer element - the inner element does not heat? is there a fuse problem or the element needs replacement? appreciate the help
i have a whirlpool range model gjp84802 and the clock board is fried.i am on a small disability and can not afford 300+for a new board.could you maybe help me out as i would hate to have to throw it away
have purchased an oven element and wish to replace myself. i have taken side panel off and am looking at insulation.How should i proceed
Problem with left front large dual element. When using either in single or dual element mode, element/elements are always fully on. Control knob does function to shut element/elements off. Seems like a possible thermostat problem. Is there a themostat that can be replaced? Do I need a new control knob? Or does the dual element need to be replaced?
Small burner on left front dual element will not heat up. I need to see or have someone tell me how to remove and replace the inter element. I would like to see an exploded view of the cooktop showing how it comes apart. Can you help?
Hello, I have a Whirlpool Electric cooktop ser# XT1210668. Mod GJC3634RB01. Suddenly 4 of the 5 burners do not work properly. 4 elements will begin to heat but then I hear a faint click at the control switch and the element goes cold, like it has a short or like it shorts out when it reaches or exceeds a certain tempature. With the heat control on, it will attempt to cycle up to heat again in a few seconds but will again fail at a certain point, with an audible click and go cold again. I live in Costa Rica and it is difficult to communicate with the repair people here. Language and culture. Your customer service people have give me the correct part numbers for the infininty switches that correspond to my cooktop and heating elements. I am ready to purchase and have figured out a way to get the swicthes here from the USA. My question is this? Based on what I have described, are the infinity switches the likely solution? Is it typical that 4 of 5 burners would all have the exact same pro
Hello and help!! Cooktop continues to click as if I am attempting to start burner. I have already replaced the spark module and it did not fix the problem. What would be the next probable cause for the clicking sound? Jaquie
Hi, Can someone please tell me how to replace the Hidden Baking element in my range. It is an Electric Whirlpool Gold Accubake oven. The Bottom Element is not visible (it's hidden). How do I access the baking element to check or replace it ? Are there any instructions how to do this ? Everything else in the oven or up top works fine, there are no error codes. It just stopped producing heat half way thru cooking a turkey ! Steve
My Whirlpool built-in single oven (model #RBS275PDQ6) would not heat. When I select the options "Bake and Start", it ask the question Start? Could some one enlighten me as to what hte problem might be and what part (number) it might need.
I have a whirlpool gold accubake # GJP84802, when I was using the broil on 500 F, it tripped the breaker. When I turned it back on, the lower element is not producing heat (top working). Is there a fuse for it or is there a way to see if it needs to be replaced?
could you solve my problem in whirlpool gold gjp84802 , it was lock show on E1F1 ON TIMEER, HOW CAN I SOLVE THIS PROBLEM THANKS SARAH
Broken glass on oven door for model GJP84802, and don't know how to replace it. Jay
I have a Whirlpool Gold Self Cleaning, Accubake System Electric oven/oven. Model GJP84200, Serial # IMK1256200, Type 30P, 250V, 45.5 Amps, 60 Hz. All of the digital controls appear to still all work fine, the top cooking elements all still work, so does the Broiling element inside the oven. While cooking a Turkey, it appears that the bottom element ? or maybe the Thermal Fuse on the back of the oven blew ? How can I detect what the problem may be ? You can still turn the oven on and it will pre-heat and look like it's working fine, but if you stick your hand inside just above the bottom of the oven, it's not scorching hot like the top element is.
whirlpool gold accubake GJP84802 I fried the bake element, changed it but does not turn on. Everything else works but the bake element. Can you help?

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