Frigidaire FGF379WECS Range Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Frigidaire FGF379WECS Range?

Timer part number 316080102 for Frigidaire FGF379WECS

The FGF379WECS Range uses timer part number 316080102.

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FGF379WECS are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Electrolux FGF379WECS Range

FGF379WECS Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Backguard Parts diagram
FGF379WECS Range Backguard Parts diagram
Burner Parts diagram
FGF379WECS Range Burner Parts diagram
Body Parts diagram
FGF379WECS Range Body Parts diagram
Top/drawer Parts diagram
FGF379WECS Range Top/drawer Parts diagram
Door Parts diagram
FGF379WECS Range Door Parts diagram
Wiring diagram Parts diagram
FGF379WECS Range Wiring diagram Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Pittsford, New YorkFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ADisplay is completely blankRepaired
Whittier, North CarolinaFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/AScreen is dimAwaiting receipt of timer
Toronto, OntarioFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ADisplay is very dim and unreadable. Would rather purchase a reconditioned timer than new.

Awaiting receipt of timer
Richmond Hill, OntarioFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ADisplay dimmed over time and is now blank. Oven settings did function while dim, but no longer works since display went blank. No longer beeps when pressing any buttons.Repaired
Los Angeles, CaliforniaFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102F1F1 Code, needs repairRepaired
Lockport, IllinoisFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102No codesTimer functions correctly, however the display LCD is extremely dim where the oven temp and ON indicator are displayed. I had a board technician replace all capacitors but no changes were seen.Repaired
Staten Island, New YorkFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ASTOVE TEMP MELTED KNOBS ON TIMERAwaiting receipt of timer
Milwaukee, WisconsinFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102NoneThe temperature on the oven does not display, only clock works and lights are dim.Awaiting receipt of timer
Chicago, IllinoisFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ATemp display does not workAwaiting receipt of timer
Los Angeles, CaliforniaFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ADim readoutAwaiting receipt of timer
manhattan, New YorkFrigidaireFGF379WECS(316)080-102N/Acant read timer
cant see clearly
Berthoud, ColoradoFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102n/aDisplay for oven not readable. The red display , also check calibration of unit.temps run low on oven.Repaired
Alexandria, VirginiaFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/AFor months, the LED display was very dim (nearly unreadable). Then the display went dead. No sounds emit when pressing buttons to set temp or cancel. Tested the outlet, and the outlet is fine.Replaced with reconditioned timer
Grimsby, OntarioFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102no codedisplay is very dim. Time can be read (green/blue) but oven temp is barely readable (red/orange)

Looking for the most feasible solution of control/timer replacement or repair of display.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Southbury, ConnecticutFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102dim display, no codeThe display is very dim and almost unreadableRepaired
Southbury, ConnecticutFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102no failure codes disThe clock and oven temp displays are very dim and almost unreadableRepaired
Woodside, CaliforniaFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/AI can send failed timer in return after receiving refurbished oneRepaired
Woodside, CaliforniaFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ALCD display out.Repaired
Mobile, AlabamaFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ALights are dim and oven does not heat properlyAwaiting receipt of timer
Epping, New HampshireFrigidaireFGF379WECSMFG Part Number: 316080102N/AFaint lights can only be seen if it's pitch black in the room.Replaced with reconditioned timer
park city, UtahFrigidaireFGF379WECS31608012cannot set oven tempvery faint display
cannot set oven temp
cleaning appears to be ok
oven heats to unknown temperature
Vashon, WashingtonFrigidaireFGF379WECS310628381N/AThe lower buttons no longer work. I can still use the button for broil or bake, clock setting, timer and increasing the temperature. I cannot lower the temperature or turn the oven off.Awaiting receipt of timer
Vashon, WashingtonFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102RN/AThe lower buttons no longer work. I can still use the button for broil or bake, clock setting, timer and increasing the temperature. I cannot lower the temperature or turn the oven off.Awaiting receipt of timer
San Francisco, CaliforniaFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102?display does not light upAwaiting receipt of timer
Almonte, OntarioFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ANo fault codes. Unit is operating but the display is dim and the oven temperature display is very dim.Repaired
Beaverton, OregonFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ADim display, unable to set oven temperature etc...Repaired
LOUISVILLE, KentuckyFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ADisplay is dim and unreadableAwaiting receipt of timer
Pine Brook, New JerseyFrigidaireFGF379WECS316080102N/ADim readout.Repaired
Milwaukie, OregonFrigidaireFGF379WECSUnknownN/ADimmed LCD. Clock still visible, but oven temp is no longer visible.Repaired
Somerville, MassachusettsFrigidaireFrigidaire Gallery Model No. FGF379WECSOEM Part - Manufacturer #316080102N/ALCD Display is very dim. Can barely see the clock time (green) and oven tempertarue setting and operating temp (orange) is impossible to read now. My stove is the gas model.

Please be sure I am ordering the correct part.

Assuming if you don’t have new timer this is for a reconditioned one. Thank you. Great that there is a fix for this issue!
Replaced with reconditioned timer

Common problems for Frigidaire FGF379WECS Range Timer

Are you encountering a similar problem as them? Contact us now and we will try to help you fix your FGF379WECS timer-related problem.
Frigidaire FGF379WECS gas oven: Ignitor ceramic Frigidaire FGF379WECS gas oven: One ignitor ceramic is broken and ignitor no longer works. How do I get access to replace it? This is on one of the small burners.
I have a Frigidaire Gallery Oven Professional Series, I don't have the model number. In trying to self clean my oven, I accidentally pressed something that engaged the oven door lock. Now I can't close my oven door, the panel indicates 'locked' and pressing cancel does nothing. I tried turning off the oven at the was off for 5 minutes. When I turned it back the on, the problem still exists. Any thoughts?
The New clock clock I Purchased Does Not Come Witht He Shafts (buttons) For The Holes. New Shafts Cost Approx $13 Each. How Can I Remove The Shafts From Old One To Place In Newone??? And Why Doesn't It Specifiy You Need These When Purchasing This Part!!!
Model NO. FGF379WECD. Serial NO. VF65008987 I would like to know how old this range is. this is a fridigaire gas range.
Model FGF379WECS - cannot turn off broiler. "Cancel" button not "Cancel" button not working. How do I turn it off.
My oven won't stay lite, it started not reaching the temp I set it at then it goes out after it on for 10 min. Fregidaire Gallery Proff series Model #FGF379WECS

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  • FGF379WECS Range controller
  • clock for FGF379WECS Range
  • FGF379WECS Range clock/timer
  • FGF379WECS control
  • FGF379WECS Range board
  • FGF379WECS Range replacement boards
  • FGF379WECS Range boards repair
  • FGF379WECS Range timers
  • Frigidaire FGF379WECS clock/timer
  • controls for FGF379WECS Range
  • FGF379WECS timers
  • FGF379WECS Range failed erc
  • FGF379WECS Range faulty clock
  • FGF379WECS Range faulty relay
  • boards for FGF379WECS Range
  • Frigidaire FGF379WECS module
  • FGF379WECS Range replacement timer
  • FGF379WECS Range faulty board
  • FGF379WECS Range faulty sensor
  • FGF379WECS Range replacement relay
  • FGF379WECS Range replacement controls
  • FGF379WECS Range faulty erc
  • Frigidaire FGF379WECS display
  • FGF379WECS Range boards
  • module for FGF379WECS Range
  • Frigidaire FGF379WECS timer
  • FGF379WECS clock/timer
  • FGF379WECS Range failed controller
  • Frigidaire FGF379WECS erc
  • erc for FGF379WECS Range
  • FGF379WECS module
  • Frigidaire FGF379WECS controller
  • FGF379WECS Range faulty display
  • FGF379WECS controller
  • FGF379WECS Range failed assembly
  • FGF379WECS display
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