Dacor CPS230 Oven Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Dacor CPS230 Oven?

Timer part number 62439 for Dacor CPS230

The CPS230 Oven uses timer part number 62439.

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CPS230 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Door assy Parts diagram
CPS230 Oven Door assy Parts diagram
Non-conv oven Parts diagram
CPS230 Oven Non-conv oven Parts diagram
Conv oven Parts diagram
CPS230 Oven Conv oven Parts diagram
Cabinet Parts diagram
CPS230 Oven Cabinet Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Norway, IowaDacorCPS23062439N/ABake element does not work, convection and broiler elements do.Awaiting receipt of timer
Norway, IowaDacorCPS23062439N/AThis one was shorted out by the light bulb fixture, obvious burn area on circuit board.Awaiting receipt of timer
Norway, IowaDacorCPS23062439N/ABake element does not work, convection and broiler elements do.Awaiting receipt of timer
Norway, IowaDacorCPS23062439N/AThis one was shorted out by the light bulb fixture, obvious burn area on circuit board.Awaiting receipt of timer
Norway, IowaDacorCPS23062439N/AMain upper oven element does not operate, broiler and convection element are workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Hingham, MassachusettsDacorCPS230624391If not repairable, I will purchase oneBeyond Repair
Marion, IowaDacorCPS230RMR#62681F2F2 CODE already replaced relay board MR#1159214. Disconnected bubble switch and lower oven. Still F2 fault.
(Serial # VB4510061) {Board ID Robarshaw ka-ro Date 42-94}
Beyond Repair
MIAMI, FloridaDacorCPS2305 (Build 07/96)13291 (?)NoneOven or broiler (upper and lower) will not heat. Fans, etc., functional.No error codes.Awaiting receipt of timer
Dallas, TexasDacorCPS23062439F1Will get F1 error message intermittently. Have shut off power via circuit breaker for extended periods but upon reconnecting the problem persists. If I hit the cancel button, the F1 message (and accompanying beeping) goes away but is liable to return 20 seconds later or a week later.Awaiting receipt of timer
Richmond Hill, OntarioDacorCPS230R62681No error codeLower oven turns on and after a few seconds turns right off. No error code, just goes back to stand by mode.Repaired

Common problems for Dacor CPS230 Oven Timer

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Two Questions: 1. my Dacor CPS230 double electric, single convection ovens were both in use last night when they shut off (on their own) and the display board displayed "OFF" for both ovens. I turned the circuit breaker off, waited 30 seconds and turned breaker back on and both ovens worked again .......for about 3 minutes. Do I need new circuit breakers or is this an oven problem? 2. I have been having difficulty removing the lens cover from oven to replace light bulb. I have tried to loosen by hand but the lens cover won't budge. I have sprayed a liquid degreaser at lens but that doesn't appear to help. (The oven is very clean, not greasy).
I have a CPS230 Dble electric, single convection 30". i went to change the light bulb, did not realize the glass unscrewed, i removed the 2 screws and lowered the housing when i heard a pop. i shut the breaker put the housing back, unscrewed the glass, changed the bulb and now neither light upper or lower works. is there a fuse or circuit board that could have blown?
I have a Dacor CPS230 that probably has a bad upper oven relay board. Instead of tossing $250 right away to replace it, we started using the lower oven. Now after 8-9 months the lower oven won't heat to more than 350 degrees. The broiler does work. The upper oven bake element quit working, broiler and convection elements continued to work. I have found a company that will repair the relay boards ($90 each, savings of $170 over new), and since I have 2 upper relay boards ( I kept one from a prior $600 repair, just couldn't bear to throw away such an expensive worthless piece of circuitry) I am thinking of having them both repaired to have one as a backup. Question is, should I send in the lower board now too, given its new symptoms, or could it be some other problem? I have all of the boards out of the oven, so hopefully that doesn't limit any testing that can be done. Thanks Bill T
I have purchase a Dacor double 27-in oven model cps230. I cleaned it with clorex 2 before I read about not cleaning it directly with a spray....I have damaged it I think....the F1 error code ic constant.....what can I do to fix this...
I have a Dacor double oven #cps230, f1code was displaying. I changed the E.R.C. the main relay board, the lower relay board and the two wire harness from the relay boards to the E.R.C. Still get the F1 code when oven preheats to 250 degrees. Also the oven latches engage when oven is on and will not disengage until in self cleaning mode. Oven latches seem to be working opposite of how they are supposed to. i tried switching the wires on the relays com.and black
Dacor ovens cps230 double electric,single convection 30" sound and show the f1 errror???
I have a Dacor double wall oven model CPS230 and the alarm and "F1" is going off. Larry, in a previous post, said the oven needs a new control board. The oven is about 13 years old. How much does it cost to replace the control board? Is it worth it?
Dacor CPS230 upper oven bake element quit working. I made the assumption that it was bad and bought a new one to replace it. Still doesn't work after installing new element. Broiler element works, I think the convection element works but am not positive. Could this be a control board problem or is there a simpler fix?Thanks
I have a dacor CPS230 double oven. The lower oven quit working, so I replaced the element, but it still won't heat. What else could be going on?

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