Frigidaire CGEB27S7CB1 Electric Walloven Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Frigidaire CGEB27S7CB1 Electric Walloven?

Timer part number 318010701 for Frigidaire CGEB27S7CB1

The CGEB27S7CB1 Electric Walloven uses timer part number 318010701.

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CGEB27S7CB1 are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Electrolux CGEB27S7CB1 Electric Walloven, CGEB27S7CB2, CGEB27S7CS2

CGEB27S7CB1 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Control panel Parts diagram
CGEB27S7CB1 Electric Walloven Control panel Parts diagram
Body Parts diagram
CGEB27S7CB1 Electric Walloven Body Parts diagram
Door Parts diagram
CGEB27S7CB1 Electric Walloven Door Parts diagram
Wiring diagram Parts diagram
CGEB27S7CB1 Electric Walloven Wiring diagram Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
BIBLE HILL, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/Aoven not heating.Repaired
Fredericton, New BrunswickFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/ABake element sometimes heats for a short time (2-3 minutes) and then the oven just stays at the same temperature. The broil element does throw some heat during the cycle but just enough to keep the temperature constant. If the oven is on broil, the broil element does glow. I checked the element for continuity and resistance and it is good. I checked for power to the oven and I do get 240V. With the oven partly pulled out, I noticed that the bake element does sometimes start glowing when I tap on the bake relay behind the board. (I wish I could just swap that relay for a new one to check!)
This symptom does seem to be quite common. By the way, I did check the thermal breaker and there is no problem there (except no power reaching it when the bake element is supposed to be on)
Dartmouth, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701n/aDoor lock motor remains energized and door is locked and cooling fan running all the time. Oven probe resistance measured at 1082 ohms (room temperature / 20C). A few weeks ago the wife noticed a audible "beep" intermittently sounding from the oven accompanied with a Fxx code. Like many other woman, she can't remember what code it was !!!! I'm guessing it had to do with over temperature?

Thanks for your help,

Mike Henri
Zone Manager - Honda Canada Inc.
Halifax, NS
Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Warkworth, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701Has none.Bottom element is not working. Had a service tech look at the oven. Timer / clock has failed.Repaired
Carleton Place, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701n/aBroiler doesn't work. Have had it diagnosed that the timer/relay is the problem. I would be interested in a reconditioned one if new is not available.Repaired
Fort Vermilion, AlbertaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701NONELower element not heating. Timer had a blackened and disconnected contact which I re-soldered. This did not resolve the issue. everything else works fine.Awaiting receipt of timer
BIBLE HILL, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/Aoven won't heat
Customer - Samantha Gallant
Richmond, British ColumbiaElectroluxCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/AOven does not heat. Clock works but when oven button pressed it shows the temperature selected but does not heat then displays 100F oven on. A clicking sound can be heard but no heating is noted.Repaired
Coquitlam, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/Aheating up slowly (sometimes) Relay element is suspectReplaced with new in-stock timer

Chicoutimi, QuébecFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701NONEThe bottom element didn't work . When i click on the bake button, i can see on the wallplate bake is on and i can set the temperature and i can hear the click inside the control but the element refuse to heat. If i cancel the bake operation and start broiling. I can see on the wallplate broiling is on, then hearing the click inside the control and the broil element heat correctly. After (contact us) by e-mail, your answer was : In order to confirm the diagnosis,disconnect the wire from BA put it on BR and activate broil.Ir the bake element comes on then you know that the board is bad. The result is : Exactly like you said, the bake element come on, so the board is bad. Can you repair my board please. Thank You !Repaired
EMBRO, OntarioElectroluxCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/ABottom element does not come on. Everything else works.
Please repair & return if possible.

I will return the (replacement) part I received on Oct 5 after I install the repaired item.
(re Invoice 104908)
Prince Albert, SaskatchewanFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701noneboth Bake and Broil elements not heating.
Convection fan, door lock working, and light working
Replaced with reconditioned timer
Drummondville, QuébecFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701F-1Code F-1 with a bip sound.Awaiting receipt of timer
Mayne Island, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701n/aThe bake relay is faulty. Also the display is dimming.Repaired
Richmond, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/AOven won't heat up, control panel clicks, broil worksRepaired
Jemseg, New BrunswickFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701none were displayedHad a appliance repair man in to inspect, elements were not heating up. Repair man checked over everything and found there was no damage to any parts that just the oven timer/clock was not putting out power to the relays. He checked and found that frigidaire does not make these parts anymore and there are no substitutes available.Awaiting receipt of timer
Oak Bay, New BrunswickFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701Broiler does not worBroiler does not work.Repaired
Barrie, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701F1Try to start oven and it comes up with F1 codeRepaired
Richmond, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/ABroiler works. Oven won't heat. control unit clicks.Repaired
Anglemont, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/Ano voltage to broil element there is voltage to the relay and I hear it click but no output to the elementRepaired
Brossard, QuébecFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701no failure codeit's not heating anymore.
first Broil went off and a couple of months later bake is not working neither.
I checked elements: it's fine
I checked relays: BR BA L1 and the tests failed.
Selkirk, ManitobaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701not showing anyoven stopped heating to proper temperature, and took a long time to heat at first, then stopped heating altogether. bottom element stopped working first, then broiler element also stopped. clock and oven light continued working. no failure codes ever showed.Repaired
Thornlea, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland and LabradorFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/Ano power being delivered to the elements. everything else works, you can still hear the oven clicking like the temp. is rising. service man said it was the thermal switch/breaker but replaced that one and when I changed it out I tested the old one and it was still good, so he wasted my time and money. so I tested everything else with the meter and everything seemed o.k. except the temp probe, would that cause this problem, if not I guess it is the timer. Tried to call you guys today but got the machine and left a message. the oven isn't showing any codes at all. BEFORE YOU GUYS SEND ME ANYTHING CAN YOU LET ME KNOW IF YOU GUYS THINK THAT THIS IS THE PROBLEM OR NOTAwaiting receipt of timer
New Hamburg, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701NoneMain oven element will not turn on or heat up the oven. We had a repair man test the oven and he determined that the element was ok, and therefore isolated the problem to the control panel/timer.Repaired
Burnaby, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/AFailure on broiler elementRepaired
Seddons Corner, ManitobaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/ABake and convection element not workingAwaiting receipt of timer
Miscouche, Prince Edward IslandFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/AOven does not reach temperature. sometimes it works but most times it doesnt.Repaired
Carp, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010700N/Ano heat in lower element. Sears service was out and declared the board dead but they don't stock it anymore. I likely have the original 318010701 but that was supposed to be replaced with the 318010700 according to Frigidaire but it never was.Repaired
Stratford, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701 100-755-02 585/920fN/ABroiler element quit working--next day the bake element quit working--tested both elements--okRepaired
Bowser,, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1EOC #318010701N/AOven element does not go on.Temp does NOT increase,stays @ 100 degrees. Element checked out and found to be OK. Broiler function appears to operate.
All other features appear to be functioning.
Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland and LabradorFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1316418577? (see part enclosed)N/ATop element not working. Element tested good. Please replace or repair.Repaired
Oxford Station, OntarioElectroluxCGEB27S7CB1318010701 100-755-02 ELECTRIC 585/920F 07005NIL. No code displaSome months ago, broil element stopped working, although it passed continuity test. Bake element worked until recently. Recently, when convection bake was on, at some point the whole oven stopped working. Neither element works now. Timer can be heard clicking when oven is turned on, but no heat from either element.Repaired
Mirabel, QuébecFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB131810701N/AHe burnsAwaiting receipt of timer
Lower Coverdale, New BrunswickFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010700None shownBake element not working, checked element, checked Heat Probe, both OK . Traced the problem to the electrical power to the element when powered on I have 124 volts to one side and 4.84 volts to the other side. Trace back to control board.Repaired
Lower Coverdale, New BrunswickFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010700None ShownChecked the power at the element and found one side at 124 volts and the other side was 4.5 volts.Repaired
Ancaster, OntarioElectroluxCGEB27S7CB1318010701NoneBake element will not energize.Repaired
Ancaster, OntarioElectroluxCGEB27S7CB1318010701NoneBake element will not energize.Repaired
Keswick, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701noneno heating, checked temp prope over 1 k ohm, temp thermal breaker reset, both elements good, and door lock switch ok. board moduals making noise but releases after start on shows on screen. It started failing with one element failing and now after a few months both elements do not heat up.Repaired
Humboldt, SaskatchewanFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701noneOven does not heat up on bake or broil settingAwaiting receipt of timer
ST ANDREWS, New BrunswickFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701318010701NoneBottom element not heatingRepaired
Sudbury, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/ABroil works, Bake and convection d not. Element check ok. Power check okAwaiting receipt of timer
LIttle Harbour, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701No code, no powerStove was fully operational , baking cookies then nothing, complete power failureBeyond Repair
Ajax, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701F1On start up of bake or broil F1 code is given. There appears to be damage(de-soldering) to the underside of the control board at the bake and broil relays.Repaired
Cardigan, Prince Edward IslandFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701F1The F1 Code appears, there is no power to either the Broil or Bake option. The F1 code appears within the first 1-2 minutes. No Preheat action as well.Have checked several cold solder joints but to no avail. Unit may have been repaired or re-soldered previously. Customer has only owned this house for several years and the Wall Oven was there previously.Repaired
Orillia, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701Just shows 100 FJust shows 100 F and does not heat.Repaired
Tottenham, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701F1Intermittent F1 failure code, however now appears to be premanentRepaired
Windsor, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701NoneBake element won't heat up ,broil element works no codesAwaiting receipt of timer
Belleville, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/ABROILER DOES NOT WORK
Varennes, QuebecElectroluxCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/ANo error code. Oven won't heat. Control unit clicks. Elements are good. Display is alright too.Repaired
black diamond, AlbertaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/AI would like to have a reconditioned or new timer -- do you want the old timer sent to you?
Do you have reconditioned or new in stock ? If not what is the delivery time?

I will phone you Monday to discuss this with you to see what you recommend. Fred Cuthbert
Awaiting receipt of timer
black diamond, AlbertaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/AI would like to have a reconditioned or new timer -- do you want the old timer sent to you?
Do you have reconditioned or new in stock ? If not what is the delivery time?

I will phone you Monday to discuss this with you to see what you recommend. Fred Cuthbert
Awaiting receipt of timer
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010700CPN/ABake doesn't work. Broil works. Repair shop diagnosed faulty timer.Repaired
Vancouver, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701No alarm code.NO heat from bottom element. also in Convection mode the fan will run but no heat. Can measure resistance in the bottom element (after I removed it from the oven). Broil element does work.Repaired
RR1 Pain Court, OntarioElectroluxCGEB27S7CB1318010701NoneNo output to the broil element.Repaired
Sudbury, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701Not apparentThe display is showing all 8888 and some functions all lit up at same time... Like it is confused.Beyond Repair
Oakbank, ManitobaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/AELEMENTS ARE OK BUT DON'T FUNCTION CORRECTLY. They don't turn on.Awaiting receipt of timer
Keene, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/ABottom element/Bake function does not workRepaired
BEETON, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701F1Oven gave F1 error which i cleared by Cancel button. This repeated twice more before display went out and now no functionBeyond Repair
Toronto, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701noneThe bake element doesn't turn on, but it has connectivity when tested.Repaired
ST. BASILE-LE-GRAND, QuebecFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701F1After selecting BAKE or CONV or BROIL, heat will start but will soon (1-2 mins.) stop and display an F1 code. By restarting continuously until the oven temperature gets to more or less 200 degrees, the timer will then start working properly for any selection. Even after cancelling the selection or leaving the appliance unused for some time, it will restart easily as long as the internal temperature of the oven is averaging 200 degrees.Awaiting receipt of timer
Roseneath, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/Awife was cooking dinner at 350 degrees and after a while display went blank and she noticed element was on and very hot. Unable to turn it off from control panel so isolated breaker at electrical panelBeyond Repair
Guelph, OntarioElectroluxCGEB27S7CB1318010701NoneBroil not functioning. Continuity on the element is okay.
Bake and convection are working so I am guessing the main relay is okay.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Roseneath, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701display completely bwhile cooking at 350 the display went completely blank but the upper element was on a very hot. unable to turn it off so went and turned of breaker at electrical panel.Beyond Repair
Lantz, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/Aoven heats up to about 240deg but will not go any higher. No errors are shown on the clock. Lower element 1053ohms tests ok. Broiler element glows red. temp probe tests ok. Assuming clock timer is the issue.Repaired
Toronto, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701NoneNo error code. Timer seems to be functioning fine but elements do not turn on.Awaiting receipt of timer
Woodburn, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701F1F1 code then took it to get repair, now there is no numbers, just hear click when trying to set oven temp.oven not heating.Beyond Repair
Margaree Harbour, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/ANo heat - oven stopped heating; clock & timer not working; no readout on faceplateBeyond Repair
Margaree Harbour, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/ATimer is/was presently in for repair at Chicoutimi depot. Unable to be repaired, and is being returned.
Now, checking if your parts dept. would have a re-conditioned/repaired timer available for purchase.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Hantsport, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701n/aBroil element is not receiving any electricity - will not heat at all.Repaired
Montreal, QuebecFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701F1error code F1 with bipping...Timer inspected, no repairs necessary
Roblin, ManitobaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB131801071N/ABake will not turn on. Convection fan not runningAwaiting receipt of timer
coquitlam, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/Abroiler not working

oven was working fine but now its not working either
Kamloops, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701None- no powerRepair or replace:
During baking, heat element clicked on, then control board went blank. No power to control board. Tried shutting off breaker and resetting, no power showing on board at all. Only thing still working is the oven light.
Awaiting receipt of timer
Spruce Grove, AlbertaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/ABake element is not heating up. I believe broil still works but didn't confirm before sending. I have replaced the bake element but the problem was not repaired. No code is being displayed.Repaired
Moncton, New BrunswickFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701 ??F1?Convection Oven started acting up December 2019, it would would heat up to preheat temperature, then lose heat. I could play with temperatures, off On nd sometimes get the oven to heat. As of last week, Convection would not heat.
LCD display has been fading for years.
Bake has not worked for ...years, because it became disconnected in back from element.
Broil is working as of last week
Avonport, Nova ScotiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1 convection self cleaning wall oven318010701 manufacturer # for control panel??My baking element will not work. The broiler element, clock and convection fan all work wellRepaired
Cornwall, OntarioElectroluxCGEB27S7CB1SER #NF64307319N/AWall oven will not produce heat.Repaired
Portuguese Cove, Nova ScotiaElectroluxCGEB27S7CB1??no code seenOven heats but temperature will not make greater than 300F. I've replaced the temp sensor and bake element. Problem is persistent.Repaired
St-Colomban, QuebecFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701NONEOVEN WORKS 1 ON 3 TIMESAwaiting receipt of timer
Pontypool, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/ABroiler stopped working a few months ago
Bake element stopped working last week.
Elements have no bubbling etc
You can select bake but element will not heat up and temp gauge will not read higher than 100.
Kamloops, British ColumbiaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701No code visibleI was cooking at 400f, heard a pop and all the lights went onto the oven control panel and cooking stopped.Beyond Repair
Stony plain, AlbertaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/ANo power at allAwaiting receipt of timer
Vanier, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/ABroiler does not come on. Electrics in oven all check OK.Repaired
Brossard, QuebecFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/ABake element does not heat while the broil element works. Service man checked and and identified the electronic board as being the problem. If possible, I would like to purchase either a new one or a reconditioned one.Awaiting receipt of timer
Guelph, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701None, “CLN STOP”Failure started after excessive moisture in upper area due to vent coming dislodged. Display now constantly shows “CLN STOP” and no option (bake, broil, conv bake) will heat up the oven. It allows you to set bake temp of 350, then it goes to the initial 100 and nothing happens. Prior to the failure, at this point the oven would “click” once as the elements engaged, now that doesn’t happen.Awaiting receipt of timer
Kitchener, OntarioElectroluxCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/AEverything functions but no heat on bake or broil.Repaired
Hamilton, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010700NoneOven will not come up to temperature.Repaired
Lethbridge, AlbertaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/ABake function element not heating. Broil element works.Repaired
Calgary, AlbertaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/aOven will not heat up. Have checked element and no issues; Broiler still works.Repaired
brandon, ManitobaFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB131801070N/ANo broil elemnet working. It is newAwaiting receipt of timer
Saint-Basile-Le-Grand, QuebecFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701none. Does not heatTop heating element has not been working for a few years. Bottom heating element stopped working a month ago. Local repair person said the problem was the timer (and he could not source a replacement with his business partners). After putting the oven back in place, the bottom element worked. It has not failed again.Repaired
Listowel, OntarioFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701N/ADisplay does not come onBeyond Repair
Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QuebecFrigidaireCGEB27S7CB1318010701F1Problem started as oven was functionning for over 1 hour. It stopped heating and start locking the door. Cancel button wouldn't do anything. I shut off the breakers and when I restarted the oven, it worked for 5 minutes and now code F-1 appears with intermittent alarm on and off.Awaiting receipt of timer

Common problems for Frigidaire CGEB27S7CB1 Electric Walloven Timer

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Hello. I need help !!!! My digital wall oven ( Frigidaire - Electrolux) Model : CGEB27S7CB1 stop broiling. The bottom element work well. When i click on the bake button i can hear the click inside the control and the element start heating. If i cancel the bake operation and start broiling i can see on the wallplate broiling is on, then hearing the click inside the control but the broil element refuse to heat. I take the broil element outside the oven the check it with my ohm meter. The reading is 16.7. All wires and terminals are ok. No What could be wrong ??? Gilles
Our wall oven heats VERY slowly. When checked, the top element heats but the bottom element is stone cold. The clock is working fine. We can hear the oven clicking on and off frequently. We replaced the temperature sensor. No change. We replaced the terminal block. No change. We replaced the bottom element. Still no change. We have check all the wiring on the back of the oven and in the junction box and they appear intact. No sign of burn marks or arcing around any of the wires. Could the problem be the control panel? If so,what is the best way to approach this problem. Any other ideas? Help!

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