Jenn-Air CDE850 Timer

What is the timer/clock part number for the Jenn-Air CDE850 Range?

Timer part number 712024 for Jenn-Air CDE850

The CDE850 Range uses timer part number 712024.

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CDE850 are also sometimes referred to using these Alternative Names/Model numbers

Maytag CDE850 Range, Whirlpool CDE850 Range

CDE850 Schematic and Wiring Diagrams

Control panel Parts diagram
CDE850 Range Control panel Parts diagram
Grill, filter, element & rock plate Parts diagram
CDE850 Range Grill, filter, element & rock plate Parts diagram
Conventional cartridge Parts diagram
CDE850 Range Conventional cartridge Parts diagram
Oven door assembly Parts diagram
CDE850 Range Oven door assembly Parts diagram
Door assembly-lower Parts diagram
CDE850 Range Door assembly-lower Parts diagram
Front, door lock & hinges Parts diagram
CDE850 Range Front, door lock & hinges Parts diagram
Oven cavity w/convection fan Parts diagram
CDE850 Range Oven cavity w/convection fan Parts diagram
Oven cavity, elements & racks Parts diagram
CDE850 Range Oven cavity, elements & racks Parts diagram
Basic body assembly Parts diagram
CDE850 Range Basic body assembly Parts diagram
Air duct & grill pans Parts diagram
CDE850 Range Air duct & grill pans Parts diagram
Back panel assemblies-accessory Parts diagram
CDE850 Range Back panel assemblies-accessory Parts diagram
Solid element cartridge (cae13) Parts diagram
CDE850 Range Solid element cartridge (cae13) Parts diagram
Ceramic cartridge-accessory Parts diagram
CDE850 Range Ceramic cartridge-accessory Parts diagram
Griddle & storage tray - accessory Parts diagram
CDE850 Range Griddle & storage tray - accessory Parts diagram
Accessory - wok & element Parts diagram
CDE850 Range Accessory - wok & element Parts diagram
Deep cooker - accessory Parts diagram
CDE850 Range Deep cooker - accessory Parts diagram
Side panels - accessory Parts diagram
CDE850 Range Side panels - accessory Parts diagram
Venting materials Parts diagram
CDE850 Range Venting materials Parts diagram
Cooling fan Parts diagram
CDE850 Range Cooling fan Parts diagram
Blower Parts diagram
CDE850 Range Blower Parts diagram

Recent Service Requests

CityManufacturerModel NumberPart NumberFailure CodeProblem DescriptionResolution
Johnstown, PennsylvaniaJenn-AirCDE8505-70056N/Anoisy clockAwaiting receipt of timer
House Springs, MissouriMaytagCDE8505-70056N/AThe timer is actually still running but does not keep the correct time. Every so often it makes a winding noise so hopefully it is not beyond repair as the rest of the components to the oven/range seem to be working just fine.Beyond Repair

Common problems for Jenn-Air CDE850 Timer

Are you encountering a similar problem as them? Contact us now and we will try to help you fix your CDE850 timer-related problem.
The dryer will not start. There is power to the unit, I have replaced the door switch and the thermostat control but still will not run. When unit is plugged into power there is a "clicking" noise from the clock unit that doesn't stop regardless of the postion. Suggestions?
The dryer won't automatically shut off when the clothes are dry. I changed the clock but the problem remains. Is there a sensor or something that needs to be changed?
maytag cde850 glass outer for oven door
My dryer suddenly will not turn on. I went to use it and there seems to be no power. I have checked the plug, and the breaker, this is not the problem. Is there a reset button? What else could be wrong?
used the dryer it got real hot then tryed to use it again and it want start but can hear the clock running
Replaced clock purchased from yall, Ive replaced power cord,check breakers.ok .what next?
We have a model CDE850 (Serial # XXXXX) electric oven bought in 1986 The prongs on the cooktop cartridges are burned and the burners don't always work...can we buy just 2 sets of the prongs or do we need to buy whole cartridge units/w burners? Either way, is it necessary to buy the porcelain plug-ins for the prongs? If so, can we buy them? Also, can we still use the oven cleaning feature since the clock has stopped working?
Russ, On the Maytag cde850 it has 3 glasses on the door. Inner, intermed., outer. The one i call outer may be called trim glass or something else. the OE# XXXXX XXXXX & the diagram # XXXXX believe is 5-80220. The glass @ Repair Clinic is(NNN) NNN-NNNN(their #) is not what I need, it sounds intermediate. thanx fred
IOWN A mAYTAG oven Model #cde850 & need an outer oven door glass. does anyone have one?
I have a Maytag Grill-oven Oven model CDE850. The right side of the cook top turns on high when you plug in the cartridge (model CAE1000) or the grill element. Also the fan inside the oven in the back does not work. The self cleaning function does not work either.
I have a Maytag oven Model # XXXXX I am unable to control the oven temp. I am looking for the part #000298PC. I have had a Maytag technician look at my range and have been told this part is no longer available since Maytag has been taken over by Whirlpool. Would I be able to purchase this part in the US since the range was purchased in the US?

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